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Law (2014:1020) If Accounting Centres For Taxi Traffic

Original Language Title: Lag (2014:1020) om redovisningscentraler för taxitrafik

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/Entry into force: 01/01/2017

The scope of the law

section 1 of this Act apply to the accounting centres for taxi traffic

According to the taxi traffic law (2012:211).


2 section with a general central "means an activity consisting

to receive, store, and disclose data transferred from


Permits, etc.

Obtain a permit

section 3 authorisation to operate a

accounting central.

Licensing authority

section 4 of the application for authorization be considered by the authority

the Government (licensing authority).

Operations Manager

section 5 Of the accounting centre there shall be one or more

people who have specific responsibility for the activity is exercised

in accordance with the regulations that apply to the business

(Chief Operating Officer).

section 6 a natural person who has a licence to operate a

accounting central is accountable.

section 7 of the legal persons authorised to operate a

accounting central to the legal person appoint the or

those that will be business managers.

Conditions for authorisation

section 8 authorization to operate an accounting central may be given only

to the person having regard to the economic conditions and good

standing are deemed to be appropriate to run the business.

A licence to operate an accounting key must not be used in

a non-profit association or Foundation.

section 9 For a licence to operate an accounting Centre is required to

receipt, storage, and disclosure of taxi meter data

under such conditions which are intended to maintain the

security of information transferred.

10 § only those who are resident in the European economic

area (EEA) may be given permission to operate a

accounting central. If the applicant is a legal entity,

have their registered office in the EEA.

Authorizations to the technical equipment to be

be used for the receipt, storage, and disclosure should be

within the EEA.

section 11 examination pursuant to section 8, first paragraph, refer to it, or

those business managers.

In addition, the examination in the case of a legal person refer to

the legal person as well as the following people:

1. the Executive Director and the other by a

leading position or otherwise has a controlling

influence over the business,

2. the Board members and Deputy Board members as to

as a result of their own or their loved one's economic interests have a

substantial community with the legal entity that is based

on the rights of the participants or substantially equivalent economic interest,


3. General partners in limited partnerships or other trading companies.

As related to a Board member or a

Deputy Director deemed it that according to Chapter 4. paragraph 3 of the first

subparagraph Bankruptcy Act (1987:672) is considered to be related

to the debtor.

section 12 If any of those referred to in section 11 is replaced or if

of any such person, the new person's

suitability is tested.

The accounting Centre is obliged to promptly report such

change in circumstances to the licensing authority.

13 § examination of the applicant with regard to the requirement for good

reputation should the applicant's willingness and ability to carry out its

obligations towards the public, obedience to the law in General and other

circumstances of importance should be taken into account.

Licence validity

section 14 A licence to operate the accounting Centre is valid until


section 15 if the licensee dies or is declared bankrupt,

turns the State into the estate and the estate.

The permit is valid, unless the licensing authority due

special reasons allow longer validity period, for a maximum period of six

months of the death or bankruptcy order.

In an accounting Centre will, after death or bankruptcy,

a Director that has been approved by the licensing authority

be accountable. In the case of the latter, paragraph 8

subparagraph shall apply.

section 16 of the permit shall cease to be valid, unless a

the Director has been notified to the licensing authority within a

month of death or bankruptcy order.

The State shall also cease to have effect, if the Superintendent

not approved and not another Manager is notified within the

time as the licensing authority determines. If another

the Director has been notified but neither he is approved, cease

the authorization to apply three weeks after the decision on the

to not accept him or her.

section 17 When a permit is expired for reasons

shown in section 15 or 16, the estate or the estate,

no later than six weeks after the State ended,

transfer the taxi meter data stored by the previous

accounting Centre to another accounting Centre

the holder of a taxi permit direct or, if it

cannot get such instruction, the accounting central

as the estate or estate elects.

Revocation of authorization

section 18 if the operation of the accounting centre or in other

economic activity that the licensee is engaged in has

serious misconduct or if

the conditions for the authorisation of other reason not

longer fulfilled, the authorisation shall be withdrawn by the

the licensing authority.

If the irregularities are not so severe that the State

should be withdrawn, instead warning is announced.

section 19 a case referred to in section 18 shall not be decided without

the licensee has been given a reasonable time to replace a

Operations Manager, or other person whose fitness

be examined. If the new person is approved to

the permit revoked.

section 20 of The licence shall be revoked

1. If it is not being used and special reasons do not speak against a

revocation, or

2. at the holder's request if the business does not have

carried out or terminated.

section 21 of a withdrawal decision or warning should be communicated to the

which the decision applies.

section 22 where an authorisation is revoked, the

at the time of the recall were business managers,

no later than six weeks after the authorization was revoked;

transfer the taxi meter data stored by the previous

accounting Centre to another accounting Centre

the holder of a taxi permit direct or, if it

cannot get such instruction, the accounting central

as the previous business managers choose.

If the previously participated fails

its obligation under the first paragraph,

the licensing authority may impose this obligation shall

be fulfilled. Such an order may be subject to a penalty.

Accounting Finland's obligations

section 23 of the Accounting Centre will store the information

transferred under 2 (a). taxi traffic law (2012:211) during the

seven years from the end of the calendar year when the transfer

took place.

When tasks with the support of 17 or section 22 has been transferred to a new

accounting central, the central store that data

as long as necessary to the total recording time to

be the same as in the first paragraph.

section 24 of an accounting Centre shall, at the request of the Swedish tax agency

disclose such information is obliged taxi meter Central

to store under section 23. The accounting Centre is also on

request by the Swedish tax authorities issue a statement of non-

transfers and such messages referred to in 2 (a). 4 §

second paragraph taxi traffic law (2012:211).

If the request did not comply with the tax agency's accounting Center

within a week, the Agency shall submit to the

accounting Centre to disclose data. Such

injunction may be subject to a penalty.

A general central to voluntarily provide information about

failure to transfer to the licensing authority.

section 25 G/L Finland shall, on the request of a

licence holders of taxi traffic issue stored

taxi meter data that have previously been transferred by

the holder of the authorization to the accounting centre. The data shall

be provided to the licensee.

Installation and inspection of taximeter equipment

section 26 of the person doing the installation and inspection of

taximeter equipment shall provide the licensing authority data

If the execution of such measures.


paragraph 27 of the licensing authority supervises this law

and the regulations issued in connection to the

are followed.

Professional secrecy

section 28 G/L Central and who belongs to or has

belonged to the staff of such a central should not improperly

clear the taxi meter data, if it can be assumed that there is a

risk that the task is exposed to injury or

But if the information divulged. That unauthorised disclosure are considered not to

any obligation to comply with such law

or regulation.

For the general business terms and

secrecy (2009:400).


section 29 The decision of questions on the

an appeal may be brought before the General Accounting centres

Administrative Court. The same applies to the tax agency's decision in

terms of notice under section 24.

A decision concerning a natural person may be appealed to the

administrative law in whose area of jurisdiction the person is registered

or, if he is not registered in Sweden, to the

administrative law in whose area of jurisdiction the person is staying. In other

cases subject to appeal such a decision to the administrative law in

where the decision was announced.

A decision concerning a legal person may be appealed to the

administrative law in whose area of jurisdiction the company's or

business management is available. In other cases subject to appeal such

decision of the administrative law in whose area of jurisdiction the decision

It was announced.

Leave to appeal is required for an appeal to the administrative court.


a decision under section 30 of this Act or under the regulations

given under the law to take effect immediately, if

unless otherwise decreed.


section 31 of the Government or the authority the Government may

provide for

1. the requirements referred to in 8, 9 and 13 sections,

2. supervision according to this law, and

3. fees for supervision and case management under this

law and in accordance with the regulations issued pursuant thereto.