Regulation (2014:1105) On Training For Police Officer

Original Language Title: Förordning (2014:1105) om utbildning till polisman

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Introductory provisions

section 1 of the Education to the police officer to be conducted under this


section 2 of the police authorities responsible for vocational education and training to

police officer and decides on admission to the programme.

The authority decides also about curriculum, grades, and

examination, unless otherwise specifically prescribed.

Of 3 a of the Ordinance (2002:760) on contract education at

colleges and universities shows that the Government decides on the

which colleges and universities education may be carried out as

contract training.

section 3 of the police and the security police is responsible for

feature-focused education.

Vocational education and training

paragraph 4 of the basic training to police officer is five semesters and

includes police program and six months of trainee

at the Police Department.

The program of the police authority are deemed to be appropriate may be adopted

to police the program.

The police authority decides, in consultation with the security police,

1. the courses of study include,

2. the detailed requirements for adoption to

Police program, and

3. What is required to get begin aspirant education.

paragraph 5 of The undergoing police program and meets the requirements

as provided for under the third subparagraph of paragraph 3 and 4

is not subject to action under section 11 or 12 may be employed

as a Police Cadet at the police during the time

aspirant education carried out at the Agency.

Feature-focused training

6 § need someone referred to in paragraph 5 of the police regulation

(2014:1104) and shall be appointed by the police authority or

Security police permission as a police officer and he or

She has not undergone police programme or equivalent

education, it shall ensure that he or she gets it

education needed for employment (Special

management training).

section 7 Requires an employee at the Police Department or

Security police permission as a police officer and he or

She has not undergone police programme or equivalent

education, it shall ensure that the employee receives the

training is needed (police training for specialists).

section 8 of the police and the security police decides in

terms of education under section 6 or 7 which courses that the

employee must undergo and which requirements in General that the

employee must meet to obtain permission as police officer.

Disciplinary actions

§ 9 the police authorities may take disciplinary action against a

student at the police program that

1. illicit means or otherwise try to

mislead during examinations or when academic work otherwise,

be assessed,

2. interfere with or hinder instruction, tests or other

activities within the framework of the programme, or

3. exposing another student or employee or

contractors within the police of serious harassment.

Disciplinary measures may not be taken more than two years after

the offence was committed.

section 10 of the disciplinary measures are warning and shutdown.

A decision on the suspension means that the student may not

participate in teaching, testing or other activities in the framework

for the training. The decision shall relate to one or more

timed periods, however not exceeding six months.


section 11 of the police authority may separate a student at

Police application from the training, if the student

1. fails to comply with a warning pursuant to section 9,

2. suffering from a mental disorder,

3. abusing alcohol, drugs or other illegal


4. has committed a crime that is not to

considered as lowly,

5. are absent from education to such an extent that

He or she cannot benefit from it, or

6. otherwise showing themselves unfit for continued


If there is reason to believe that a student

should be separated from policing the program under the first subparagraph 2

or 3, the law enforcement, if necessary, invite

the student will investigate the doctor as directed.

section 12 If a procedure aimed at separating a

student at the police training program,

The police authority, if necessary, with immediate effect, close the

of the student from school in anticipation of the matter

is determined definitively.


paragraph 13 of the Police and security services may, if there are

special reason, grant derogations from the provisions of

education in this regulation.


section 14 of the Police decision in cases under 9, 11, or 12

§ may be appealed to the Police staff disciplinary board.

The Board's decision in such cases may not be appealed. Other

decisions under this Regulation may not be appealed.


section 15 of the police authority, in consultation with the security police

provide for the enforcement of this


Transitional provisions


1. this Regulation shall enter into force on January 1, 2015.

2. The regulation repeals police training regulation


3. in the case of a trainee who started before 1

April 2016 older provisions.

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