Regulation (2015:215) If Government Subsidies For The Lower Grades Of Primary School And The Corresponding School Forms And Some Other Education

Original Language Title: Förordning (2015:215) om statsbidrag för de lägre årskurserna i grundskolan och motsvarande skolformer samt viss annan utbildning

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Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on State aid

for the pre-school class and grades 1 to 3 in primary school,

undergraduate programs, special schools and Sami schools. The purpose of the

the grant is to improve the quality of education.

section 2 of the State subsidies provided to the extent that there is access to resources

and for one year at a time (premium years). Grant year beginning 1


Conditions for State aid

paragraph 3 of the State grants may be submitted to the principals of the activities

referred to in paragraph 1 for the cost of

1. reduce the class or the group size,

2. increase the number of teachers or preschool teachers including

special education teacher in relation to the number of pupils,

3. increase the number of staff in the operations in

relation to the number of students if the teachers therefore in greater

extent can carry on teaching, or

4. otherwise extend the amount of time that teachers can devote to

the pupils.

4 § State aid shall not be granted for

1. competence development,

2. actions that Government subsidies provided for otherwise,

3. operations the principal already offer, or

4. training activities carried out under the Regulation (1992:395) if

education within the school system.

Application for Government grants

section 5 an application for State aid given to the Government alone. To

the application shall be accompanied by a statement of the principal's

local recruitment strategy which, mutatis mutandis, to

include such things as how

1. recruitment of staff should be handled in relation to


2. the recruitment of staff should be handled in relation to

the reception of newly arrived children,

3. access to qualified and competent teachers can


4. the principal working with leadership, particularly with regard to

the Presidents, and

5. the purposes under paragraph 3 of which the grant is sought to be achieved.

The statement shall be made after the relevant trade union

organizations have been consulted.

section 6, With new arrival for the purposes of this regulation, the

1. has been resident abroad,

2. now reside in the country, and

3. have begun their training here later than autumn term

the start of the calendar year in which he reaches seven years.

A student should no longer be considered new arrival after four years

schooling in this country.

As resident abroad is deemed to not be considered resident in the country

According to chapter 29. section 2 of the Education Act (2010:800).

Decision on State aid

section 7 of the State's school hears questions about and pay out

Government grant.

In a decision to grant a contribution will be the last day for

accounting under section 11 is specified. The decision may be subject to

terms and conditions. The conditions shall be set out in the decision.

Calculation of State aid

paragraph 8 of the State's premium years shall determine for each school a

grant framework for each principal. The State grant program

the principal may for a premium years pursuant to this Regulation shall

not exceed the grant the principal framework for the grant year.

Grant framework must be set at an amount equal to

the same proportion of the available funds as the number of students at the

activities that the principal can get government grants for according to

This regulation constitute of the total number of students at the

all the activities grants may be provided for under this



§ 9 Since the State's school has dealt with applications from all

Search principals and made decisions based on the grant framework must

authority may decide to allocate the funds that remain or who

have been recovered under section 13 to the principals who have applied for

State aid within the meaning of this regulation, even if the main men's

grant framework thereby exceeded.

Reallocation referred to in the first subparagraph shall primarily be done

for municipalities with a particularly high proportion of young people who, after

completed primary school or equivalent education was not

eligible for a national programme in secondary schools in

2012-2014 or to other principals in those municipalities.

Monitoring and reporting

section 10 of the State's school will monitor how the State's contribution has

been used.

Skolverket, in connection with its annual report to the

Government offices provide an accounting of how the contribution has

been used.

11 § the recipient of State aid is required to make such

financial and other reporting to the State school which

the work request.

Refunds and chargebacks

12 § the recipient of State aid under this regulation are

the repayment obligation, if

1. the receiver by providing incorrect information or

any other way has caused that the contribution has been provided

improperly or with excessive amounts,

2. the grant of any other reasons have been given incorrectly, or

with the high amount and the recipient should have known this,

3. the refund entirely or partially unused or not

has been used for the purpose for which it has been provided for,

4. the report referred to in section 11 has not been submitted;


5. the recipient did not comply with the terms of the decision on the contribution.

paragraph 13 of the State's school will decide to fully or partially require

back a State aid if one is obliged to repay

in accordance with section 12.

If there are special reasons for it, the National Agency for education remit

repayment in whole or in part.

section 14 On Government subsidies required back, interest will be charged from

on the day that is one month after the decision on the

chargebacks have been made, and after an interest rate at each

time exceeds government lending rate with two

percentage points.

If there are special reasons for it, the State's school

waive requirements on interest in whole or in part.


section 15 Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.

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