Regulation (2015:218) Concerning State Aid To Non-Governmental Education

Original Language Title: Förordning (2015:218) om statsbidrag till folkbildningen

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Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on State aid

to the formation.

The purpose of State support to non-governmental education is to

1. support activities that help to strengthen and develop


2. help to allow for greater diversity

people that affect their lives and create engagement

to participate in the development of society,

3. help to equalize educational disparities and increase

education and training level in society, and

4. help to broaden and increase participation

in cultural life.

Government subsidies provided to the extent that the availability of funds.

section 2 of the Folk high schools and adult education association engaged in education,

educational and cultural activities. Student organizations

in the folk high school the student's interests.

section 3 of the Swedish Center SISU Sports trainers engaged in

education-and image-pools.

section 4 of the Education Council is a non-profit organization, in which

organisations representing folk high schools and adult education association

are members. According to the Organization's Bylaws have

Education Council the task of disseminating knowledge about the

people training and monitor the folk high school as an educational form in

the education system. In the document adopted by

Organization provides education Council guidelines for

people needed for its studieomdömen and certificate of competence for

his secondary school and University or Polytechnic studies.

Conditions for State aid

5 § State aid under this Regulation may be submitted to

folk high schools, educational associations and student organizations

in the folk high school.

Education Council decides which ones to get government subsidies and

benefits available funds between them.

6 § State aid under this Regulation may also be submitted to the

study of sport, education and training activities.

Center for SISU Sports tutors to decide which ones to

get government subsidies and advantages available funds between them.

section 7 Of that State aid should be granted for an activity to be

the activities have the direction referred to in § 1.

State aid must not be used for operations with

commercial purposes.

section 8 in order to get government subsidies to folk high schools and

community group also meet the conditions laid down in the 9 – 11

§ § § 12, respectively.

Special conditions for State aid to the folk high schools

9 § a folk high school should have a responsible Board. The Board of Directors

may be common to several folk high schools.

General courses, designed primarily for those who lack

primary and secondary education, will annually provide at least

15 per cent of the business.

To a general course which provides a jurisdiction equivalent to that

can be obtained through the school system, only those who have reached the age of 18

not later than during the calendar year the course starts or older

be adopted. Nevertheless, a folk high school of teaching

adopt a younger student who runs an introduction programme in

upper secondary school.

section 10 of the Instruction should be subject to payment of a fee.

section 11 of a folk high school to have a student judicial

organization that contribute to the student's interests.

Special conditions for State aid to the community group

12 § community group should have a responsible Board.

Studiecirkelverksamhet with common, systematically operated

studies will form the basis for the business.

In each study circle or cultural activity there shall be a

leaders who are approved by a local studieförbundsavdelning.

Decision on State aid

section 13 decision on State aid should contain information on the

the amount of the grant, the conditions associated with the grant and

the order for payment.

Monitoring and reporting

14 § Education Council and Center for SISU

Sports trainers to each year's annual report and

budget information to the Government in accordance with the guidelines

Government Announces.

15 § Education Council and Center for SISU

Sports trainers to continuously monitor and evaluate

activities in relation to the objectives set out in article 1 and

the conditions laid down for that State aid should be provided.

Education Council and Center for SISU Sports tutors

should, in accordance with the guidelines that the Government announces,

leave the Government such facts on the activities and

such verksamhetsredovisning necessary for monitoring and



section 16 of the Education Council and the Center for SISU

Athletic trainers may decide to require

back a State aid if

1. the receiver by providing incorrect information or

otherwise have caused the State's contribution has been provided

improperly or with excessive amounts,

2. Prime the contribution of any reason other than what is said in 1 has

given incorrectly or with too high amount and the recipient

should have known this,

3. Government subsidy is not used for the purpose for which it has

granted, or

4. the conditions in the decision on State aid have not been respected.


section 17 of the State shall be given the opportunity to appoint an accountant in

Education Council and Center for SISU

Sports trainers. Education Council and the Studieför-bound

SISU Sports trainers to replace the State for the cost of

This revision.

Administrative law's applicability

section 18 in cases provided for in this regulation should apply

administrative law (1986:223) provisions of

— 11 and 12 sections of his disqualification,

and 16 and 17 sections of a party's right to receive information,

— section 20 on motivation of decisions, and

– section 21 of the notification of the decision.


section 19 of the Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on May 15, 2015.

2. this Regulation shall apply for the first time for the contribution for


3. This regulation repeals Regulation (1991:977)

If Government subsidies to people formation.