Regulation (2015:404) If Government Subsidies For Small Groups Of Children In Kindergarten

Original Language Title: Förordning (2015:404) om statsbidrag för mindre barngrupper i förskolan

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Introductory provisions

section 1 of this regulation provides for State aid to the principals of preschool for efforts aimed at reducing children group size.

section 2 of the State subsidy is provided for one year at a time (during) in so far as there is access to resources. Grant year beginning on July 1.

Conditions for State aid

3 § State aid be given provided that the premium is used for efforts to reduce the size of the groups of children in kindergarten.

The premium may also be used to counter an increase in child size groups.

The principal shall give priority to groups of children with children born in 2013 or later.

Application for State aid

section 4 of the application for State aid given to the State's latest skolverk on the date to which the agency determines.

In the application to the specified

1. the förskoleenheter applied for,

2. a forecast of the size of the groups of children at the förskoleenheter applied for as of October 15, grant year,

3. how the operator is planning to reduce the size of the groups of children or what measures the operator intends to take in order to prevent an increase in the child group size at the förskoleenheter applied for,

4. what group size to be achieved with the measures that the operator intends to carry out, and 5. how the operator intends to follow up on the development of children's groups ' size.

Decision and payment

5 § skolverk questions about State hearing and pay State premium.

The decision may be subject to conditions. Conditions should be clear from the decision.

section 6 of the State subsidy is left with an amount of SEK 30 000 for any reduction of a group of children with a place. Government subsidies provided by the same amount to an otherwise planned extension of children group size with a place is avoided.

section 7 If it comes in more applications for government subsidies than there are funds to state aid in the first place is allocated to the principals of schools with the largest children's groups and then in descending order.

Statens skolverk may provide for additional assessed when selection takes place.

Monitoring and reporting

section 8 to the State monitor and evaluate skolverk effects of State subsidy.

The National Agency for education to be in the context of his annual report to the Cabinet Office provide an accounting of how the grant has been used.

9 § a recipient of State aid is required to provide such financial and other reporting that the State requesting. skolverk

Refunds and chargebacks

section 10 a recipient of State aid under this regulation is liable to repay, if 1. receiver by providing incorrect information or has otherwise caused to refund is made improperly or with excessive amounts,

2. the grant of any other reasons have been provided improperly or with excessive amount and the recipient should have known this,

3. the premium in full or in part has not been used or has not been used for the purpose for which it has been provided,

4. the accounts referred to in section 9 has not been provided, or

5. the receiver has failed to comply with the terms of the decision on the contribution.

If the forecast submitted pursuant to section 4 (2) if the size of the groups of children turn out to be incorrect, is not obliged to refund if the recipient has done what may reasonably be required to submit a correct prediction as possible.

section 11 of the State should decide to skolverk fully or partially recover a State aid if any is the repayment required under section 10.

The National Agency for education may waive a recovery in whole or in part, if there are special reasons for it.

section 12 of The Government subsidies needed to back interest, starting on the day that is one month after the recovery decisions have been taken and after an interest rate at any time exceeds the State lending rate by two percentage points.

If there are special reasons for it, the State's claims to interest skolverk remit in whole or in part.


13 § skolverk State may provide for the enforcement of this regulation.


section 14 of Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.