Regulation (2015:500) Concerning Travel Grants

Original Language Title: Förordning (2015:500) om resebidrag

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Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on travel allowance.

Travel allowance is provided in the form of compensation for travel and accommodation.

section 2 of the travel allowance may be provided to a person who has reached the age of 20 years and in

otherwise complies with the requirements laid down in this regulation.

section 3, for the purposes of this regulation, be regarded as risk for

labour conflict at the workplace does not pose


Act (1969:93) on the limitation of community support for

labour dispute shall apply to the travel allowance. However, this does

No travel allowance granted before the outbreak of a conflict

or applied for prior to the notice about the conflict and travel allowance as in

otherwise it would obviously have been submitted, even if the

the conflict has not occurred.

Conditions for travel grants

section 4 of the travel allowance may be provided for a job-seekers ' visit to a

elsewhere, if the visit is deemed necessary in order that the employment

to come to fruition and employment are registered in

each EU country's public employment service national

database of job opportunities or in European Employment

Services (EURES) database of job opportunities.

paragraph 5 of the travel allowance may only be submitted during such trips that are

Labor politically motivated.

Travel grants may also be submitted to the

1. is or are at risk of becoming unemployed,

2. is registered as a jobseeker with the public

the employment service, and

3. are not deemed to be able to work at or near home.

Even if the conditions laid down in the second subparagraph are not fulfilled,

travel allowance also be provided to those who have a

Polytechnic and seeking employment in the profession at the

an eligible company at a village in a support area

referred to in the Regulation (1999:1382) on aid for certain areas

regional business support, if workers with such training

is not available in the locality.

section 6 of the application for reimbursement of travel and accommodation should be made before

the trip.

Reimbursement for travel may be provided with reasonable cost for a trip

to and from the place where the call takes place. Costs for

travel by private vehicles must be replaced if it is justified to a

drive is done with private vehicles. Compensation will be provided with a maximum of 185

cents per kilometre. The cost of accommodation may be replaced by the

actual cost if it is reasonable.

Compensation for travel and accommodation expenses, however, will be left with no more than 2 500

per occasion.

Caseload management

section 7 of the employment agency examines questions of travel grants.

section 8 of the employment service shall ensure that compensation under

This regulation is being used in the prescribed manner.

Refunds and chargebacks

§ 9 a recipient of compensation under this regulation are

repayment required if he or she by leaving

through false statements or any other way has caused

that compensation has been provided on improper grounds or with a

for high amounts.

If compensation otherwise has been left on false pretense

or with an excessive amount, the receiver

repayment required only if he or she realized or

reasonably should have realized the error.

section 10 if a recipient of compensation is liable to refund

under section 9 of the employment service shall decide to reclaim

the amount unduly paid.

11 § At recoveries according to section 10 of the public employment service may grant

deferred payment or negotiate contracts with the

the repayment obligation on an installment plan.

The employment service should in such cases to charge interest on the

unpaid amount.

Interest is charged from the date on which the deferment was granted or

the agreement on the payment plan was hit, but not for time

before the amount recovered would be paid.

Interest shall be charged after an interest rate at any time

exceeds government lending rate by two percentage points.

section 12 If an amount has been called back on the basis of § 9

is not paid on time, the penalty interest rate

(1975:635) is levied on the amount. The same applies when the

the repayment obligation granted deferred payment

or reached an agreement on a payment plan in accordance with section 11 of the

and payment is not made within the time limit imposed by the decision

If the period of grace or the agreement.

section 13 If the repayment obligation with regard to the

personal or economic conditions or other

circumstances, there is a particular reason for it,

Employment services completely or partially waive

refund under section 10 or 11 to demand interest in accordance with the

or section 12. The authority shall in such a case, the decision

What are the specific reasons are and document the information

that is the basis for the decision.

section 14 At recoveries according to section 10 of the employment service shall, at a

later, the payment of compensation to the

the repayment obligation, may decide to deduct a reasonable amount

in the clearing of what has been paid too much. The same

applies to the obligation to pay interest in accordance with paragraph 11 or 12.

Reconsideration and appeals

section 15 of the employment service's decision under this Regulation shall

be reviewed by the Agency's central unit for reconsideration, if

It is requested by the decision. At the review,

the decision is not rectified to the detriment of the individual.

A request for review must be in writing. The request shall be

to the employment office and must have got in there within three

weeks from the date of the request for reconsideration was part of

the decision.

section 16 of the 22 a of the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223) contains provisions

If the appeal to the administrative court. Other decisions

than the decision on the review of the decision under section 14 shall not, however,

subject to appeal.

If a decision is appealed before it has been examined,

the appeal shall be considered as a request for reconsideration.


section 17 of the employment service may provide for

the enforcement of this regulation.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 september 2015.

2. The regulation repeals Regulation (1999:594) if

the resettlement allowance.

3. The repealed regulation still applies for

financial aid or compensation granted before

the entry into force.