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Regulation (2015:502) On Collaboration To Reduce Youth Unemployment

Original Language Title: Förordning (2015:502) om samverkan för att minska ungdomsarbetslösheten

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Introductory provision

section 1 of this regulation is notified pursuant to Chapter 8. 7 §

the Constitution and contains provisions on cooperation

between the employment service and the municipality to reduce

youth unemployment in the municipality.

Cooperation may take the form of local understandings and

training contracts and shall relate to unemployed young people aged

16 to 24 years. Government subsidies may be provided to a municipality for part

promotion of local agreements, on the one hand, the organisation of

work or training within the framework of a training contract.

Local agreements

section 2 of the employment agency may enter into a local agreement with

a municipality if efforts for unemployed youth in order to

long-term unemployment in the municipality.

3 § a local agreement should contain a single

mapping of the extent of youth unemployment in

the municipality.

By mapping should show:

1. the composition of the group,

2. the needs of operations group,

3. the ongoing efforts aimed at reducing

youth unemployment, and

4. the measures covered by the municipal

activity responsibility according to chapter 29. Article 9 of the Education Act (2010:800).

4 § a local agreement must also contain at least

the following tasks:

1. the duration of the agreement shall apply,

2. what new actions to be implemented to reduce

youth unemployment and an assessment of the expected results

of these, and

3. how the actions planned to be documented in order to

able to be followed up.

section 5 Before a local agreement is concluded, the delegation of

young to work (A 2014:06) be given the opportunity to submit observations on

the content of the agreement.

Government grants to municipalities for promoting local


section 6 of the Government subsidies may, subject to availability of funds, are provided to the

a municipality

1. to carry out a survey in accordance with section 3, and

2. for other collaborative efforts to promote the implementation

of a local agreement in accordance with paragraphs 2 to 4.

A condition of the grant is that it must not be used to

perform tasks the municipality under the law or regulation is

required to perform.

section 7 of the Contribution referred to in section 6, provided by the application.

An application for a grant under section 6, first paragraph 1 shall

include information on

1. time of when the local agreement last

is expected to be concluded, and

2. what contribution will be used to.

An application for a grant under section 6, first paragraph 2 shall


1. the local agreement, and

2. indication of what contribution will be used to.

section 8 in a decision on grants shall

1. the information which the grant is awarded and in what

activities, and

2. the financial report which shall be submitted in accordance with section 9 and

a deadline for when it will be disclosed.

§ 9 a municipality which receives the grant is required to provide the

economic accounting of the received funds as specified in

the decision.

10 § Contributions under section 6, shall be decided by the Advisory Board for the young to

work (A 2014:06). Such decisions shall be at least three members


The allowance is paid by the employment service.

Training contracts

section 11 of the training contract is an agreement that aims

to an unemployed youth to study in municipal

adult education or at a folk high school with the goal of

complete a high school education.

A learning contract may be concluded for the

1. the age of 20 but not age 25,

2. lacking a high school diploma or equivalent, and

3. is not entitled to a right of establishment plan according to the law

(2010:197) about start-up efforts for some new arrivals


Training contract is concluded between the public employment service,

Youth and the municipality that youth living in and that have

a local agreement with the employment service under 2-4

§§. The contract does not mean that young people are guaranteed a

training in a training that the municipality


section 12 of the Studies within the framework of a training contract may

be carried out in full or part time. If the studies to be conducted on

part time will be combined with work, internships or other

action within the labour market policy operations in such

extent that the total time corresponds to the individual's

working range.

section 13 of the training contract must show:

1. educational objective, focus and scope,

2. who is the training providers,

3. the planned study period, and

4. the efforts of the employment service and the municipality commits

to provide.

section 14 a training contract ends when the youth

covered by the contract has

1. achieved a high school diploma or the equivalent,


2. under the age of 25.

The contract shall also terminate if other special

circumstances in the parties ' assessment makes

the agreement can not or should be pursued.

Government grants to municipalities for organized by work or

practice within the framework of a training contract

15 § State aid may, subject to availability of funds, are provided to the

a municipality which organises the work or training within the framework for

a training contract in the following circumstances.


1. may only be provided for the time that the studies are combined with work

or training which the municipality has organised,

2. do not relate to work or training which replaces work that

already carried out in the municipality's ordinary activities,

3. may only relate to work or internships carried out within

activities which are not economic activity, as referred to in article

107(1) of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union,

4. must not be submitted for a job where there is also a

wage subsidy, and

5. shall be reduced proportionately if the work or the

practice the municipality organises is on a smaller scale than


16 § Contributions under section 15 shall be decided and paid by

The public employment service.

The employment service shall ensure that the grant is used on

the prescribed manner. A municipality which receives the grant will provide

The employment agency or employment service designates

opportunity to review the operations and supply the information

needed for the review.

Common provisions

section 17 a municipality which received grants under this regulation

the payback is required if

1. the refund entirely or partially unused or not

has been used for the purpose for which it has been provided for, or

2. an accounting under section 9 has not been provided or requirements

concerning review and whistleblowing requirements pursuant to section 16 of the other

paragraph have not been met.

section 18 of the municipality is obliged to refund under section 17,

the Authority decided to grant decide to fully or

partly to recover contribution. The grant will be paid back

to the paying authority.

If an amount has been recovered is not paid in due time, the

penalty interest rate (1975:635) is imposed on


If there are special reasons, the determining authority

decide to fully or partially waive a requirement

repayment or interest.

section 19 of the Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.

Transitional provisions


1. this Regulation shall enter into force on 3 August 2015.

2. For 2015 in lieu of what is stated in paragraph 11 of the third

paragraph, if no local agreement mentioned therein are not

concluded that educational contracts may be concluded with a municipality

State aid has been granted under section 6 of the first paragraph 1 and

that the young people live in.