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Regulation (2015:552) Concerning State Aid To Renovate School Premises

Original Language Title: Förordning (2015:552) om statsbidrag för att rusta upp skollokaler

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/Entry into force: 2015-11-01/

Purpose and scope

1 § State aid under this Regulation may, subject to availability of funds, are left to rehabilitate school facilities in order to give students a better learning and working environment while reducing the environmental impact of the premises.

Conditions for State aid

2 § With school premises referred to in this regulation premises in which a principal school conducts education in pre-school class, elementary school, vocational programs, special school, Sami school, upper secondary school or high school programs.

section 3 Allowance may be provided for actions in school premises in order to

1. improve the learning environment, such as the layout design and usability as well as the experience of security,

2. improve the work environment, such as air quality, sound environment and conditions for cleaning, and 3. reduce the environmental impact, such as reduction in the use of particularly hazardous substances or reduced energy or water use.

Contributions may only be made for measures that meet all the points in the first paragraph.

4 § the total contributions paid during a calendar year to measures in facilities where education in secondary school or high school programs are conducted, a maximum of 25 percent of the funds, as decided during the current year for the purpose referred to in paragraph 1.

paragraph 5 of the Premium is payable only for operations that commence after the grant application submitted to Swedish authorities. The eligible operation shall not commence before 1 January 2015 and should be completed by 30 november 2018.

section 6 of the Contribution is submitted with a maximum of 25% of the total cost of the eligible measures.

Grants are not for measures that total costs less than 100 000 kroons.

section 7 of the Contribution will not be 1. for the purchase of equipment, 2. for measures submitted to the applicant or anyone else to take, 3. to an applicant who has debts of Swedish taxes or fees of the bailiff or are in liquidation or bankruptcy, or

4. an applicant who received other State contribution to the measures applied for.

section 8 Subsidy is payable only if the person doing the work is approved for F-tax or, in the case of foreign entrepreneurs or companies, shows off a certificate or other document showing that the entrepreneur or the company in his home country through registration or otherwise undergoes similar control in terms of taxes and fees.

9 § Contributions forwarded only if the applicant commits to 1. for at least four years from the premium paid out terminal using the premises as a contribution for the purposes and under the conditions agreed upon when the premium was granted, and

2. in the economic life of the measures do not leave the buildings containing premises to anyone intending to use them for different purposes or with conditions other than the terms agreed when the grant was granted or, if such transfer is made, repay the grant in proportion to the remaining life of the measures.

section 10 If the application relates to measures of school premises in a building owned by someone other than the principal who carries out the training there, the contribution is payable only if the owner agrees to in the economic life of the measures do not charge higher remuneration for the use of the premises on the basis of the standard improvement measures led to the extent that they have been financed with contributions.

The trial of a case concerning State aid

section 11 questions about contributions examined by the Swedish authorities.

section 12 of the application for funding must be submitted to Swedish authorities last april 1, 2018.

Where the application relates to premises for education in grades 7 to 9 in elementary school or grade 7-10 in special education or education in secondary schools, it will be clear that student safety representatives have been involved in the preparation of the application.

section 13, If the application relates to premises in a building owned by someone other than the principal who carries out education where should application be made jointly by the owner and the principal.

section 14 Before Housing Board decides whether an application meets the requirements of paragraph 3 shall work to hear the State's school and the Swedish Energy Agency, to the extent necessary.

section 15 where an application includes tasks that require a permit or notification under the planning and building Act (2010:900) will start notice have been given before the Housing Board makes decisions on grants.

paragraph 16 of the decision to award grants shall indicate

1. the amount of the grant,

2. the time when the beneficiary shall submit the final report in accordance with section 18, and 3. conditions necessary to meet the purpose of the grant.

Payment of government subsidies

section 17 of the first instalment of the contribution made by a maximum of 30% of the agreed contribution to the recipient in connection with the decision on the contribution made by the Swedish authorities.

The final payment is made after the final report referred to in section 18 has been submitted to and approved by the Swedish authorities.

Final report and notification

18 § the recipient shall report the eligible actions in a final report to the national housing Board at the latest at the time that the work decides which shall not be later than 1 January 2018.

The recipient is obliged to submit information to the building and planning in addition to what follows from the first subparagraph, if the authority requests it.

19 § the recipient shall notify the building and planning of a commitment under section 9 or 10, or other conditions in the decision on the contribution has not been followed.

Refunds and chargebacks

section 20 of a beneficiary is obliged to refund if

1. the receiver by providing incorrect information or in any other way have caused that contribution has been provided on improper grounds or with an excessive amount,

2. the grant of any other reasons have been submitted on the incorrect basis or with a high amount and the recipient should have known this,

3. the refund entirely or partially unused or has not been used for the actions specified in the grant application,

4. the recipient has not provided such final report referred to in section 18, or

5. an undertaking referred to in section 9 or 10, or other conditions in the decision on the contribution has not been followed.

section 21 if a beneficiary is obliged to refund under section 20, the Swedish authorities decide to fully or partially recover the premium. Swedish authorities may fully or partially waive back contribution, if there is a particular reason for it.

section 22 of the contribution required to back interest, starting on the day that is one month after the recovery decision has been taken and after an interest rate at any time exceeds government lending rate by two percentage points.

Swedish authorities may fully or partly abstain from charging interest, if there are special reasons for it.


section 23 of the Swedish authorities may provide for the enforcement of this regulation.

Before housing Board Announces information in accordance with the first subparagraph, the Agency told the State's school and the Swedish Energy Agency.


section 24 of the 22 a of the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223) there are provisions for appeal to the administrative court. Other than the Board's decision under section 17 of the second subparagraph not to final pay contribution, however, may not be appealed.