Regulation (2015:579) For Aid To Promote Sustainable Urban Environments

Original Language Title: Förordning (2015:579) om stöd för att främja hållbara stadsmiljöer

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/Entry into force: 2015-11-16/


paragraph 1 in order to promote sustainable urban environments, the Transport Department, about the availability of funds for that purpose, provide aid under this regulation to local governments for policies that lead to a higher share of passenger transport in cities is done by public transport. The measures will lead to energy efficient solutions with low greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to meeting the environmental quality objective good built environment.

The aid should in particular promote innovative, strong capacity and resource-efficient solutions for public transport.

Measures that can be supported

Investment in facilities for local and regional public transport

section 2 of the Aid may be given for investment in facilities for local and regional public transport.

With facilities for local and regional public transport refers to roads and streets, railroad facilities, berths for local and regional passenger transport, bus stops and waiting halls but installations with the letting of premises, station platforms, and similar that cater to a general local or regional communication needs.

Investment in facilities for new transport solutions

paragraph 3 of the Payments may be made for investment in facilities for new transport solutions for local and regional public transport to demonstrate and try these.

section 4 of the Aid referred to in paragraph 3 may only be provided in accordance with chapter I and article 56 of Commission Regulation (EC) No 651/2014 of 17 June 2014, declaring certain categories of aid compatible with the common market under articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty.

Limitations on assistance

5 § A precondition for support is that the application has been submitted before work on the measure which the aid is applied for.

Support level

section 6 of the Assistance may be provided with not more than 50% of the costs of implementing the measure.

In determining the level of support shall take account of the Transport Department of the municipality or the County Council have sought or obtained other public or private funding to carry out the action.

Offsets section 7 as a condition for aid to the municipality or the County Council implement the offsets in the form of measures other than those by the aid and that contributes to an increased share of sustainable transport or increased housing construction.


section 8 applications for support submitted to and examined by the Transport Department. The application shall be made in accordance with the form that the work provides.

The application shall contain

1. a description of the measures which support is sought, including the planned start and end date, and an analysis of how these measures fulfil the purpose of the regulation,

2. a list of the costs of the measures referred to in 1 and when costs are scheduled to be reported to the Office,

3. indication of whether other funding has been applied for or granted in respect of the implementation of the measures provided for in 1,

4. a description of the compensatory measures in accordance with article 7 of that municipality or County Council undertakes to implement, how they fit into the municipality's or County Council's overall work with a sustainable urban environment and their planned start and end date, and

5. other information that really need to examine the application.

§ 9 transport administration's decision on aid shall specify

1. what actions aid is intended,

2. the offsets that the municipality or the County Council under section 7 shall conduct,

3. aid intensity and the maximum amount that can be paid,

4. planned start and end date for the measures referred to in paragraph 1 and to the achievements under 2, 5. how monitoring, reporting and accounting of costs should be performed, and 6. other conditions necessary for the purpose of the aid to be met.

section 10 of the aid shall be paid on an annual basis against the accounting of costs. The Transport Department may, however, decide to pay out a maximum of 50% of the aid granted in advance. The costs incurred by the municipality or the County Council reports will continuously counted against the amount paid upfront manner.

section 11 of the Transport Department should decide to partially or completely unable to pay out the aid of 1. the aid granted improperly or with excessive amounts, or

2. essential conditions for aid have not been respected.

section 12 of a municipality or a county is required to refund if any of the grounds referred to in section 11 1 and 2 are true.

The Transport Department will then decide to fully or partially recover the aid plus interest in accordance with the interest Act (1975:635).

Reporting, monitoring and record-keeping

section 13, a municipality or a county that have received support, in connection with the reporting of costs to the Transport Department to report how the implementation of the measures by the aid and the compensation as referred to in section 9 (2) is to be implemented.

When the measures as aid has been implemented, a final report is submitted to the Office. The report shall be submitted within six months from the planned end time as evidenced by the support the decision, unless the Agency decides otherwise.

section 14 of the final report should include a financial statement of the measures that aid granted for. The report shall in particular indicate the impact that the measures have given.

The report shall specify if the offsets that the municipality or the County Council under section 9 (2) shall carry out is completed.

The report shall also include a statement of the municipality or the County Council's work for a sustainable urban environment and how the measures and against the achievements have helped in this work.

section 15 of the Transport Department should ensure that the aid provided for in this regulation are met. Work each year in its annual report to the Government report how resources were used, which offsets that municipalities and county councils to implement and the results achieved.

section 16 When assistance provided pursuant to §§ 3 and 4, the Swedish transport administration bring the register referred to in article 12 of Commission Regulation (EC) No 651/2014.

Authorization section 17 of the Transport Department may provide for the enforcement of this regulation.


section 18 of the Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.

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