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Regulation (2015:605) Regarding The Submission Of Official Documents For Storage

Original Language Title: Förordning (2015:605) om överlämnande av allmänna handlingar för förvaring

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/Comes into force: 2016-01-01/Introductory provision

section 1 of this regulation are measures that complement the law (2015:602) for surrender of public documents for storage.

Regulation is notified pursuant

– 14 and 17 of the Act (2015:602) for surrender of public documents for storage in case of 9 and 11 sections, and Chapter 8. section 7 of the Constitution in respect of the other provisions.

General documents from government agencies


section 2 of the application for authorization to release public documents for storage shall be submitted to the national archives. The application must be in writing.

section 3 of the national archives to prepare the application and with it's own opinion turn over the matter to the Government. In the preparation of the request to the national archives to consult with the relevant authorities and individual agencies.


4 § the national archives must keep a record of the storage of public documents that have been transmitted from the State authorities.

The registry shall show the individual body which holds public documents which have been handed over.

section 5 of the national archives to toll-free hold the register available to the public through a public Web site.

section 6 of the register shall contain 1. name and registration number on the individual bodies of the Government's authorized store public documents,

2. a reference to a file description of the documents held by a single body,

3. the name of the authority which the documents have been transmitted from, 4. date for the Government's decision on permission to surrender and storage, and

5. date of General documents no later than to be returned.

If documents have been handed over for storage from a single body to another individual agencies should register contains details of all individual organs that have or have had a licence for the storage.

section 7 If a single body part has returned public documents, it will appear on the registry. If it has returned all the documents to the body is removed from the registry.


section 8 of the national archives is responsible for the supervision of public documents submitted for storage from State authorities. In the supervision includes

1. bring the register referred to in section 4,

2. annually bring in, verify and evaluate the individual agencies ' reporting,

3. regularly inspect individual organs storage of public documents, and

4. for the rest, make sure that the storage of public documents is carried out in accordance with the law (2015:602) for surrender of public documents for storage.

The national archives may provide details relating to the individual agencies ' own control and reporting obligations.


9 § the national archives will charge fees for 1. updating of the register under sections 6 and 7,

2. monitoring and evaluation of individual agencies ' reporting under section 8, first paragraph 2, and

3. regular inspections of agencies ' storage in accordance with section 8, first subparagraph 3.

The national archives may provide details relating to the charges for supervision referred to in the first subparagraph.

Other provisions

section 10 of the national archives may, in the case of public documents from government departments, announce additional regulations on the enforcement of the law (2015:602) for surrender of public documents for storage and this regulation.

Public documents from the municipal authorities

section 11 of a municipality may provide such detailed rules relating to the application, storage time, return and supervision imposed by 4, 5, 7 and 8 of the Act (2015:602) for surrender of public documents for storage.

What about communities in the first subparagraph shall also apply to county councils.

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on the 1 January 2016.

2. This regulation repeals Regulation (1994:1495) on the submission of official documents to bodies other than public authorities for safekeeping.

3. The regulation applies until 31 december 2016 for individual body which holds public documents on the basis of a decision on transferring and storage taken prior to the entry into force.