Regulation (2015:938) About State Grants For Training In Special Education

Original Language Title: Förordning (2015:938) om statsbidrag för fortbildning i specialpedagogik

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/Entry into force: 15/01/2016

Introductory provisions

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on State aid to the school authorities for training in special education in order to generally strengthen the special education skills in school.

2 § State aid provided under this regulation if there is access to resources.

Conditions for State aid

3 § State aid under this Regulation may be submitted to a principal for the elementary school and the Sami school, and principal of education corresponding to primary education at such a home as referred to in section 12 of the Act (1990:52), with specific provisions on the care of young people (particularly youth).

The State contribution is paid for one calendar year (premium years) at a time.

4 § State aid under this Regulation may be submitted for 1. training in special education for certified teachers in primary schools and Sami schools and in education that corresponds to the elementary school at the special youth homes, and

2. supervisor of special education.

Training in special education shall aim to give all pupils the opportunity to assimilate the teaching by giving teachers

1. increased knowledge of special education so that they can design and customize the teaching on the basis of all pupils ' various needs and conditions, and 2. professional support by supervisors in special education.

5 § State aid under item 2 of the first paragraph may be granted only for those qualified teachers that the principal has chosen to tutor in special education. To such supervisor shall in the first instance, a teacher is appointed as

1. have a special or specialpedagogexamen, and 2. have at least a years experience of service as a special needs or special education.

If there are special reasons, the principal may appoint another licensed teachers who are deemed suitable for the task.

section 6 of the State grant is left with a lump sum for licensed teachers who take part in training on working time and are employees of the principal until further notice or for a limited time.

section 7 of the State grant also left for compensation for salary with a lump sum for the supervisor of special education that 1. are employees of the principal until further notice or for a limited period of time, and

2. on ten or twenty percent of full time serving as the supervisor of special education for teachers participating in training under paragraph 4, first subparagraph 1.

The lump sum referred to in the first subparagraph shall be equal to 10% and 20% of the national average full-time salary for a special education teacher or special education teacher depending on what percentage of full time supervisor officiating.

8 § State aid may also be provided for other costs that can be attributed to training or service under this regulation.

9 § State aid is provided for a maximum of one year for a teacher who participates in continuing education in accordance with this regulation.

State funding is provided for a maximum of four years for a supervisor of special education under this regulation.

Applications and decisions on State aid

section 10 of application for Government grants made to the State's school that examines questions about the grant.

A decision on grants may be subject to conditions. These should be indicated in the decision.

section 11 of the principal of the school shall notify the staff of the State principal applying for Government grants for the purposes of this regulation.

section 12 if more applications for government subsidies than there are funds for the State's school decides on selection.

Monitoring and reporting

paragraph 13 of the State's school to follow up and evaluate how Government grant has been used.

section 14 of the one that has received State aid under this Regulation shall provide such financial and other reporting to the State's school as work requests.

Refunds and chargebacks

section 15 of the one that has received State aid under this regulation is liable to repay about 1. receiver by providing incorrect information or otherwise has caused that the contribution has been provided improperly or with excessive amount, 2. refund for any other reason has been provided improperly or with excessive amount and the recipient should have known this,

3. the refund entirely or partially unused or has not been used for the purpose for which it has been granted, 4. the recipient does not submit such financial statements referred to in section 14, or

5. the recipient did not comply with the terms of the decision on the contribution.

section 16 of the State's school will decide to fully or partially recover a contribution if someone is obliged to refund under section 15.

If there are special reasons for it, the National Agency for education remit repayment in whole or in part.

section 17 On State subsidies needed back to interest rates, starting on the day that is one month after the recovery decision has been taken and after an interest rate at any time exceeds government lending rate by two percentage points.

If there are special reasons for it, the State alone remit the interest requirement in whole or in part.


section 18 of the State's school may provide about 1. what costs State grant under section 9 may be provided for,

2. the flat-rate amounts and the calculation of Government grant, and 3. enforcement of this regulation.


section 19 of the Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.

Transitional provisions


1. this Regulation shall enter into force on 15 January 2016.

2. Regulation expires at the end of 2019.

3. this Regulation shall, however, continue to apply in respect of contributions which have been decided before 1 January 2020.