Announcement (2016:104) By Amendment In Appendix B To The Convention (2016:104) Concerning International Carriage By Rail (Cotif)

Original Language Title: Tillkännagivande (2016:104) av ändring i bihang B till fördraget (2016:104) om internationell järnvägstrafik (COTIF)

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Convention concerning international carriage by rail (COTIF) of 9 May 1980, as amended by the amending Protocol of 3 June 1999, Sweden entered into force on 12 June 2015. In section 2 of the Act (2015:338) concerning international carriage by rail is provided, among other things. the original texts of the provisions set out in Appendix A of the agreement on the international carriage of passengers by rail, Appendix B of the agreement on the international carriage of goods by rail, Appendix D for agreement on use of wagons in international rail traffic, and Appendix E for contracts for the use of infrastructure in international rail transport shall apply as Swedish law. The French and English original texts and a translation into Swedish, see inmates as an annex to the law.

According to section 6 of the Act concerning international carriage by rail to binding changes of the Treaty's Appendix (A), (B), (D) or (E) adopted by the Audit Committee of OTIF apply in Sweden as from the date on which the change comes into force under the Treaty. According to section 14 of the Act (1976:633) If publication of laws, regulations and administrative provisions relating to such changes in international arrangements be published.

Government Announces because article 6.7 of Appendix B to the Convention is worded as follows, with effect from May 1, 2016.

Titre II Title II, Title II

Conclusion et Conclusion and Constituent and world you Performance of the performance of the Contract of transport contract contrat

transport Carriage

Article 6 Article 6 Article 6

Contrat de transport Contract of carriage contract of carriage--------------------------------

§ 7 A cas d'un § 7 In the case of § 7 If a transport empruntant carriage which takes transport passes le territoire place on the customs by the douanier de l due Union territory of the Customs Union area, européenne ou le European Union or the area of the territoire, sour the territory on which the common amend the terms est appliquée which the common transit

la procédure de transit procedure is procedure, transit commun, applied, each to each consignment chaque envoi doit consignment must be accompanied by a être accompagné accompanied by a consignment note d'une lettre de consignment note satisfying the requirements of voiture répondant satisfying the article 7.

aux exigen-ces the requirements of l'article 7. Article 7.

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