State Decree Of 18 September 2003 On The Implementation Of Articles 3, Paragraph 3 And 8 Of The Trade Law (Bulletin Of Acts And Decrees 2003 No. 58) (Negative List 2003) (Bulletin Of Acts And Decrees 2003 No. 74).

Original Language Title: STAATSBESLUIT van 18 september 2003 ter uitvoering van de artikelen 3 lid 3 en 8 van de Wet Goederenverkeer (S.B. 2003 no. 58) (Besluit Negatieve Lijst 2003) (S.B. 2003 no. 74).

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2003 STATE DECREE of 18 september 2003 on the implementation of articles 3, paragraph 3 and 8 of the trade law (Bulletin of acts and decrees 2003 No. 58) (negative list 2003) (Bulletin of acts and decrees 2003 No. 74).

Article 1 In this State decision, the following definitions shall apply: a. the law: the trade law (Bulletin of acts and decrees 2003 No. 58);
b. the service: the service import and export and foreign exchange control of the Ministry of trade and industry;
c. the Declaration form: the single administrative document as laid down in the Commission decision dated 16 January 1995 La. B. No. 110 of the Minister of finance.

Article 2 1. The goods whose import or export is prohibited, subject to authorisation or otherwise limited, are listed on the negative list that is included as an attachment to this State decision.

2. The import or export of goods that are not listed on the negative list referred to in paragraph 1 of this article is free.

Article 3 1. In order to obtain the authorizations referred to in article 3 of the law, the person concerned a request in triplicate signed by him, according to the State Decree at this certain model H03 submit to the service.

2. importers and exporters of goods whose import and export are tied to licensing will not before actual import or export of goods takes place this non-arms subject the Declaration form, the invoice and the Bill of lading for registration to the service.

Article 41 1. This State decision may be referred to as negative list 2003.

2. It is in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Suriname proclaimed.

3. It shall enter into force with effect from the day when the trade law enters into force.

4. The Minister of trade and industry is responsible for the implementation of this State decision.

1 I.w.t. 15 October 2003 (Bulletin of acts and decrees 2003 No. 87).