State Decree Of 24 May 2000, Laying Down Measures Concerning The Security And Assistance Service Suriname

Original Language Title: STAATSBESLUIT van 24 mei 2000, houdende regelen omtrent de Beveiligings- en Bijstandsdienst Suriname

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STATE DECREE of 24 May 2000, laying down measures concerning the security and assistance service Suriname (Suriname Security Instruction and assistance service Decision) (Bulletin of acts and decrees 2000 No. 58). General provisions article 1For the purposes of State by or under this decision, the following definitions shall apply: a. the Minister: the Minister responsible for monitoring the monitoring of State property; b. the security service: the security and assistance service Suriname referred to in article 2; c. the head: the head of the security and assistance service Suriname; d. security officers: the Security and assistance service at the Suriname national employed servants referred to in article 9; e. Security objects : the objects referred to in article 2 (2) and (3).

TASK of the BEVEILIGINGSAMBTENARENArtikel 21. In Suriname there is a security service, called "security and assistance service Suriname" ("B.B.S."). 2. The security service has in General to task to take care of: a. the security of persons and goods that are located in public buildings, on public locations and markets; (b) the security of government buildings; c. an effective fire prevention and allerte; (d) the protection and assistance of the various public bodies to perform by the payouts in city and district. 3. By the Minister may be dedicated to the Security Service the security of designated persons and objects.

AUTHORIZED GEZAGArtikel 31. Under the supervision of the Minister is the head of Department in charge of the organisation and management of the Security Office. 2. The head is in the absence, foreclosure or absence replaced by the Deputy head; in the absence of this by the oldest existing security officer. 3. The head of Department shall have the power to issue internal service orders, which relate to the functioning of the security service; These orders must not conflict with the relevant by or on behalf of the Minister to issue decisions.

COOPERATION with OTHER OVERHEIDSORGANEN Article 41. The security service in the cases and to the extent reasonably of hair can be taken and the most appropriate organ is, to all government bodies the help and assistance, which they require for the performance of its statutory function. 2. If any public body finds that the insufficient cooperation on the part of the security service, brings his complaint to the attention of the Minister. 3. The Minister decides on the complaint, as soon as possible, after consultation with his counterpart, among whom the authority belongs.

POWERS of the Article 51 PROTECTION SERVICE. Without prejudice to other legal provisions in this regard is provided, are among the powers of the Security Service: a. preventing unauthorized persons when entering the security objects, if such persons there is a danger to their own safety or that of others or disturb the public order or cause undesirable; b. removal of unauthorized persons, who stand located within a security object If such persons there is a danger to their own safety or that of others, or disrupt public order or undesirable. 2. Persons, who are held under the provisions of paragraph 1, should be handed over to the police.

LEGITIMATIEPLICHT Article 61. The security officers during their service must exercise of the service provided to them legitimatiebewijs. 2. By or on behalf of the Minister may lay down detailed rules concerning the legitimacy of the security officers be established.

HOLDING of 71 WAPENSArtikel. To the security officer is permitted to be armed during their service performance. 2. Requirements by or on behalf of the Minister can be given with respect to the use of weapons.

ORGANISATION and MANAGEMENT of the PROTECTION SERVICE Article 81. The appointment, promotion, suspension and dismissal of the security officers are carried out in accordance with the rules of the personnel law. 2. The security officers are appointed for the whole area of Suriname.

Article 91. The security officers are in the following ranks classified: a. head of the security service; b. Deputy Head of the security service; c. Security Inspector; d. Head security officer; e. Beveilgingsambtenaar. 2. The ranks of head security officer, Security Inspector and security officer are divided into classes by a decision of the Minister.

Article 10Door the Minister in respect of the security officer rules about: a. the requirements of appointment and promotion; b. the instruction for the security officers; c. the recruitment, training, the teaching; d. the termination; e. the clothing.

LEGAL STATUS of the BEVEILIGINGSAMBTENARENArtikel 11th General measures concerning the legal status of the lands may are also apply to the security officials.

Article 121. To the security officer, according to rules to be established by the Minister, a grant or provided for clothing and footwear service. 2. Weapons and other items of equipment are provided by the State and remain the property of the State.

Article 13Door be the Minister for the security officials issued regulations concerning: a. the working hours; b. compensation, either in money or in extra days or hours, overtime pay or services on Sundays and equivalent days, as far as concerns the categories designated in these regulations; c. rewards for special benefits and long-term loyal service.

OVERGANGSBEPALINGArtikel 14Beveiligingsambtenaren which at the entry into force of this decision in State service are classified in the same rank in which they now were classified; the scale value ring will guidelines.

SLOTBEPALINGArtikel 151. This State decision may be referred to as: decision Statement Security and assistance service Suriname. 2. It is in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Suriname proclaimed. 3. It shall enter into force with effect from the day following its promulgation. 4. The Minister of Justice and Police shall be responsible for the implementation of this State decision.

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