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Resolution Of October 4, 2011, In The General Direction Of Industry, By Which Publishes The Relationship Of Standards Links Approved By Aenor For The Month Of September 2011.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 4 de octubre de 2011, de la Dirección General de Industria, por la que se publica la relación de normas UNE aprobadas por AENOR durante el mes de septiembre de 2011.

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In compliance with the provisions of Article 11 (f) of the Infrastructure Regulation for Industrial Quality and Safety, approved by Royal Decree 2200/1995 of 28 December 1996 (BOE of 6 February 1996), and the file of the rules approved by the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR), an entity designated by the Order of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of 26 February 1986, in accordance with Royal Decree 1614/1985 of 1 January 1986, August, and recognized by the additional provision of the said Royal Decree 2200/1995, of 28 of December.

This Directorate-General has decided to publish in the Official Gazette of the State, the relation of Spanish standards UNE approved by AENOR, corresponding to the month of September 2011, identified by its title and numerical code, which figure as an annex to this Resolution.

This Resolution will cause effect from the day following its publication in the "Official State Bulletin".

Madrid, October 4, 2011. -Director General of Industry, Jesus Candil Gonzalo.


Rules edited in September 2011


UNE-EN 746-2:2011.

UNE-EN 1240:2011.

UNE-EN 12082:2008 + A1:2011.

UNE-EN 13044-3:2011.

UNE-EN 13420:2011.

UNE-EN 14865-1:2010 + A1:2011.

UNE-EN 15227:2008 + A1:2011.

UNE-EN 62271-206:2011.

UNE-EN ISO 1716:2011.

UNE-EN ISO 5667-23:2011.


UNE 38862:2011.

Titanium and titanium alloys. Iron determination. Method by atomic absorption spectrometry.


Titanium and alloys Titanium. Determination of oxygen. Infrared method after melting with inert gas.

48315 -1:2011.

Paintings and varnishes. Determination of anticorrosive properties of organic coatings using accelerated cyclic electrochemical (ACET) technique. Part 1: Taking data.

54100-10:2008 ERRATUM: 2011.

Graphic industries. Vocabulary. Part 10: Fundamental graphic design terms.

60310:2011 ERRATUM: 2011.

Distribution of gaseous fuels with maximum operating pressure greater than 5 bar and up to 16 bar.

UNE 60311:2011 ERRATUM: 2011.

Fuel Distribution Canalizations gaseous with maximum operating pressure up to 5 bar.


Fuels fizzy. PE-metal transition mechanical links for networks, connections and receiving facilities with maximum operating pressure up to 10 bar. Part 2: Fixed mechanical links.

UNE 60405-2:2003

UNE 60405-2/1M: 2004

UNE 60405-2:2003/2M: 2008

UNE 60405-2:2003/3M: 2009.


Manually driven, spherical and conical metal shutter metal keys for installations Recipients using gaseous fuels at maximum operating pressure (MOP) less than or equal to 0,5 MPa (5 bar). Dimensional and locking features.

UNE 60718:2005.


Ecotoxicology. Physico-chemical properties. Characterization of chemicals from the determination of their vapor pressure.

UNE 77413:1995.


Cosmetic premiums. Toothpaste. Precipitated silica.

UNE 84082:1997.


Cosmetic raw materials. Hydroxyethylcellulose.


Corrosion in Armors. Determination of chlorides in hardened concretes and put into service.

UNE 112010:1994.


Corrosion in Armors. Determination of the depth of carbonation in hardened concretes and positions in service.

UNE 112011:1994


Tobacco and tobacco products. Determination of total carbohydrates. Analysis by continuous flow. Part 1: Method by enzymatic hydrolysis.

UNE 118021-1:2005.


Calculation, design and installation of self-supporting fireplaces.

une 195001:2008/1m: 2011.

Guide good hygiene practices for primary production in fisheries. Tides less than 48 h.


Equipment for managing the traffic. Data-taking stations. Test and test methods. Part 4-2: Test methods. VxL data matrix.


Equipment for traffic management. Data-taking stations. Functionality and application protocols. Part 1: Functional standard. VxL Data Array

UNE-CEN ISO/TS 22117:2011 EX.

Food Microbiology for human and animal consumption. Specific requirements and guidelines for the proficiency tests by intercomparative. (ISO/TS 22117:2010)

UNE-CEN/TR 15894:2011 IN.

Building hardware. Door Fittings intended to be used by children, seniors and persons with disabilities in public and private buildings. Specifications Guide.

UNE-CEN/TR 15941:2011 IN.

Building Sustainability. Environmental statements of product. Methodology for selecting and using generic data.

UNE-CEN/TR 15985:2011 IN.

Thermal insulating products. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) manufactured products. Voluntary certification of the raw material.

UNE-CEN/TS 81-11:2011.

Rules of safety for the construction and installation of lifts. Basic elements and interpretations. Part 11: Interpreters of the Standards series EN 81.

UNE-CEN/TS 81-11:2010.

UNE-CEN/TS 14383-4:2011 IN.

Crime Prevention. Urban planning and design of buildings. Part 4: Stores and offices.

UNE-EN 54-23:2011.

Detection and alarm systems fires. Part 23: Fire alarm devices. Visual alarm devices (VAD).

UNE-EN 161:2011.

Automatic cutting valves for burners and appliances using gaseous fuels.

UNE-EN 196-5:2011.

Cons Test Methods. Part 5: Puzolanicity test for pozzolanic cements.

UNE-EN 196-5:2006.

UNE-EN 331:1998/A1:2011.

Full spherical and conic male shutter Keys for gas installations in buildings.

UNE-EN 459-1:2011.

Cals for construction. Part 1: Compliance definitions, specifications, and criteria

UNE-EN 459-1:2002

UNE-EN 459-1/AC: 2002.

UNE-EN 544:2011.

Bituminous plates with mineral and/or synthetic armor. Product specification and test methods.

UNE-EN 649:2011.

Coatings resilient soil. Homogeneous soil coatings based on poly (vinyl chloride). Specifications.

UNE-EN 649:1997

UNE-EN 649/A1:2004.

UNE-EN 651:2011.

Resilient floor coverings. Poly (vinyl chloride) floor coverings on a foam layer. Specifications.

UNE-EN 651:1997

UNE-EN 651/A1:2004.

UNE-EN 652:2011.

Resilient floor coverings. Poly (vinyl chloride) floor coverings on a cork-based support. Specifications.

UNE-EN 652:1997

UNE-EN 674:2011.

Glass in the build. Determination of the thermal transmittance coefficient, U. Method of the saved hot plate.

UNE-EN 674:1998.

UNE-EN 675:2011.

Glass in the build. Determination of the thermal transmittance coefficient, U. Heat flow meter method.

UNE-EN 675:1998.

Industrial thermal treatment equipment. Part 2: Safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems.

UNE-EN 746-2:1997

UNE-EN 772-1:2011.

Parts test methods for masonry factory. Part 1: Determining compression strength.

UNE-EN 772-1:2002.

UNE-EN 772-11:2011.

Test methods for masonry factory parts. Part 11: Determination of water absorption by capillarity of parts for concrete masonry factory, cellular concrete cured in autoclave, artificial stone and natural stone, and the rate of initial water absorption of the pieces cooked clay for masonry factory.

UNE-EN 772-11:2001

UNE-EN 772-11:2001/A1:2006.

UNE-EN 772-16:2011.

Test Methods for Parts for Factory masonry. Part 16: Determining dimensions.

UNE-EN 772-16:2001

UNE-EN 772-16:2001/A1:2006

UNE-EN 772-16:2001/A2:2006.

UNE-EN 772-18:2011.

Masonry factory parts test methods. Part 18: Determination of the resistance to the ice-thawing of silicocalcareous parts for masonry factory.

UNE-EN 772-18:2000.

UNE-EN 772-21:2011.

Parts test methods for masonry factories. Part 21: Determination of the water absorption of parts for cooked clay masonry factory and silicocalcareas by cold water absorption.

UNE-EN 1010-1:2005 + A1:2011.

Machine Security. Security requirements for the design and construction of paper printing and processing machines. Part 1: Common requirements.

UNE-EN 1010-1:2005.

UNE-EN 1147:2011.

Laptop use in fire service.

UNE-EN 1147:2001.

UNE-EN 1238:2011.

Adhesives. Determination of the thermoplastic adhesive softening temperature (ring and ball).

UNE-EN 1238:2000.

UNE-EN 1239:2011.

Adhesives. Freeze-thaw stability.

UNE-EN 1239:1999.

Adhesives. Determination of the hydroxyl value and/or the hydroxyl ion content.

UNE-EN 1240:1999.

UNE-EN 1243:2011.

Adhesives. Determination of free formaldehyde in amino and amidoformaldehyde condensates.

UNE-EN 1243:1999.

UNE-EN 1245:2011.

Adhesives. Determining the pH.

UNE-EN 1245:1999.

UNE-EN 1366-5:2011.

Fire resistance tests of service facilities. Part 5: Horizontal pipelines and skateboards for services.

UNE-EN 1366-5:2004.

UNE-EN 1520:2011.

Prefabricated light-side reinforced concrete components with open structure with structural and non-structural armor.

UNE-EN 1627:2011.

Pedestrian gates, windows, facades light, grille and blinds. Resistance to the effrfraction. Requirements and Classification.

UNE-ENV 1627:2000.

UNE-EN 1628:2011.

Pedestrian gates, windows, light facades, grills and blinds. Resistance to the effrfraction. Test method for determination of resistance under static load.

UNE-ENV 1628:2000

UNE-ENV 1628:2001 ERRATUM.

UNE-EN 1629:2011.

Pedestrian doors, windows, light facades, grills, and blinds. Resistance to the effrfraction. Test method for the determination of the dynamic load resistance.

UNE-ENV 1629:2000.

UNE-EN 1630:2011.

Pedestrian gates, windows, light facades, grills, and blinds. Resistance to the effrfraction. Test method for determination of resistance to manual refraction attempts.

UNE-ENV 1630:2000.

UNE-EN 1965-1:2011.

Structural adhesives. Corrosion. Part 1: Determination and classification of corrosion of a copper substrate.

UNE-EN 1965-1:2002.

UNE-EN 1965-2:2011.

Structural Adhesives. Corrosion. Part 2: Determination and classification of corrosion of a brass substrate.

UNE-EN 1965-2:2002.

UNE-EN 1993-1-5:2011.

Eurocode 3: Steel Structures Project. Part 1-5: Flat plates loaded in your plane

UNE-EN 10244-1:2010/AC: 2011.

steel and wire products. Non-ferrous metal coatings on steel wire. Part 1: General principles.

UNE-EN 12080:2008 + A1:2011.

Railway applications. Fat boxes. Rodings.

UNE-EN 12080:2008.

UNE-EN 12081:2008 + A1:2011.

Applications railway. Fat boxes. Lubricating Fats.

UNE-EN 12081:2008.

Railway Applications. Fat boxes. Operation essay.

UNE-EN 12082:2008.

UNE-EN 12115:2011.

Mangueras based on elastomers and thermoplastic materials and their assemblies with attachment fittings for liquid or gaseous chemicals. Specification.

UNE-EN 12115:2000.

UNE-EN 12663-1:2011.

Applications railway. Structural requirements of the railway vehicle boxes. Part 1: Locomotives and passenger rolling stock (and alternative method for freight wagons).

UNE-EN 12663:2001.

UNE-EN 12663-2:2011.

Railway applications. Structural requirements of the railway vehicle boxes. Part 2: Freight wagons

UNE-EN 12663:2001.

UNE-EN 12697-44:2011.

Bituminous mixtures. Test methods for hot bituminous mixtures. Part 44: Propagation of fissure by the bending test with a semicircular test piece.

UNE-EN 12705:2011.

UNE-EN 12705:2000.

UNE-EN 12735-1:2011.

Copper and copper alloys. Round copper tubes, without welding, for air conditioning and refrigeration. Part 1: pipes for pipes.

UNE-EN 12735-1:2001

UNE-EN 12735-1:2001/A1:2006.

UNE-EN 12735-2:2011.

Copper and copper alloys. Round copper tubes, without welding, for air conditioning and refrigeration. Part 2: Tubes for Equipment.

UNE-EN 12735-2:2001

UNE-EN 12735-2:2001/A1:2006.

UNE-EN 12829:2011.

Surface agents. Preparation of known calcium and magnesium hardness water.

UNE-EN 12829:1998.

UNE-EN 12948:2011.

Calcias or Magnesium Amendments. Determination of particle size distribution by dry and wet sifting.

UNE-EN 12948:2002.

UNE-EN 12962:2011.

Adhesives. Determination of the elastic behavior of liquid adhesives (elasticity index).

UNE-EN 12962:2001.

UNE-EN 13044-1:2011.

Intermodal load units. Marked. Part 1: Identification Marked.

UNE-EN 13044:2001.

UNE-EN 13044-2:2011.

Units of intermodal loading. Marked. Part 2: Marcados relating to rail operations.

UNE-EN 13044:2001.

Intermodal Load Units. Marked. Part 3: Marked semi-trailers used on railways.

UNE-EN 13044:2001.

UNE-EN 13050:2011.

Light Facades. Water tightness. Laboratory test under dynamic air pressure and water projection.

UNE-ENV 13050:2001.

UNE-EN 13103:2010 + A1:2011.

Railway applications. Mounted axles and bogies. Carrier axles. Design method.

UNE-EN 13103:2010.

UNE-EN 13261:2009 + A1:2011.

Railway Applications. Mounted axles and bogies. Axles. Product Requirements.

UNE-EN 13261:2009

UNE-EN 13261:2009 ERRATUM: 2010.

UNE-EN 13341:2005 + A1:2011.

Fixed thermoplastic tanks for surface storage of domestic heating, kerosene, and diesel fuels. Extrusion-blow molded polyethylene tanks of polyethylene molded by rotational molding and polyamide6 manufactured by ionic polymerization. Testing requirements and methods.

UNE-EN 13341:2005.

Windows. Behavior between different environments. Test method.

UNE-ENV 13420:2000.

UNE-EN 13683:2004 + A2:2011.

Gardening Equipment. Motorized pruning debris shredders/pickers. Safety.

UNE-EN 13683:2004 + A1:2009.

UNE-EN 13715:2007 + A1:2011.

Railway applications. Mounted axles and bogies. Wheels. Running profile.

UNE-EN 13715:2007.

UNE-EN 13795:2011.

Pans, gowns and airsuits clean of surgical use as medical devices, for patients, clinical staff and equipment. General requirements for manufacturers, processors and products, test methods, operating requirements and performance levels.

UNE-EN 13795-1:2003 + A1:2010

UNE-EN 13795-2:2005 + A1:2010

UNE-EN 13795-3:2007 + A1:2010.

UNE-EN 13803-1:2011.

Railway Applications. Via. Path layout project parameters. Track widths of 1 435 mm and greater. Part 1: Full path.

UNE-ENV 13803-1:2006 EX.

UNE-EN 14055:2011.


UNE-EN 14067-5:2007 + A1:2011.

Railway Applications. Aerodynamics. Part 5: Requirements and aerodynamic test methods within tunnels.

UNE-EN 14067-5:2007.

UNE-EN 14067-6:2011.

Railway Applications. Aerodynamics. Part 6: Testing requirements and procedures for cross-wind assessment.

UNE-EN 14103:2011.

Oils and Oils derived products. Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME). Determination of the content of ester and methyl ester of linolenic acid.

UNE-EN 14103:2003

UNE-EN 14103:2003 ERRATUM: 2009.

UNE-EN 14105:2011.

Oils and fats. Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME). Determination of free and total glycerol and mono-, di-and triglyceride content.

UNE-EN 14105:2003.

UNE-EN 14309:2011.

Thermal insulating products for building equipment and industrial facilities. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) manufactured products. Specification.

UNE-EN 14313:2011.

Thermal insulating products for computers in building and industrial facilities. Manufactured products of polyethylene foam (PEF). Specification

UNE-EN 14588:2011.

Solid biofuels. Terminology, definitions, and descriptions.

UNE-EN 14813-1:2007 + A1:2011.

Applications railway. Air conditioning for driving cabins. Part 1: Wellness parameters.

UNE-EN 14813-1:2007.

UNE-EN 14813-2:2007 + A1:2011.

Railway Applications. Air conditioning for driving cabins. Part 2: Type-tests.

UNE-EN 14813-2:2007.

Applications railway. Lubricating fats for fat boxes. Part 1: Test method on the capacity to grease.

UNE-EN 14865-1:2010.

UNE-EN 14865-2:2007 + A2:2011.

Railway Applications. Lubricating fats for fat boxes. Part 2: Test method of mechanical stability for vehicle speeds up to 200 km/h.

UNE-EN 14865-2:2007 + A1:2009.

UNE-EN 14869-2:2011.

Structural adhesives. Determination of the behavior in shear of structural adhesives. Part 2: Traction test method in thick test pieces. (ISO 11003-2:2001, modified)

UNE-EN 14869-2:2005.

UNE-EN 14908-5:2011.

Communication open data in automation, control and management of buildings. Network protocol in buildings. Part 5: Implementation.

UNE-EN 15020:2008 + A1:2011.

Railway Applications. Relief hitch. Performance requirements, interface geometry, and test methods.

UNE-EN 15020:2008.

Railway applications. Collision resistance requirements for rail vehicles.

UNE-EN 15227:2008.

UNE-EN 15313:2011.

Railway Applications. Requirements for the operation of the axles mounted in service. Maintenance of the service-mounted and out-of-vehicle axles.

UNE-EN 15355:2009 + A1:2011.

Railway Applications. Braking. Vendor valves and vendor isolation devices.

UNE-EN 15355:2009.

UNE-EN 15427:2009 + A1:2011.

Railway applications. Management of wheel/rail friction. Lubrication of the wheel tab.

UNE-EN 15427:2009.

UNE-EN 15622:2011.

Copper and Copper alloys. Determination of the lead content. Method of atomic absorption spectrometry to the flame.

UNE-EN 15686:2011.

Railway Applications. Tests for the acceptance of the dynamic behaviour of railway vehicles with a system of compensation for the insufficiency of cant and/or vehicles designed to run with a failure to exceed that set out in the EN Standard 14363:2005, Annex G.

UNE-EN 15687:2011.

Railway Applications. Tests for the acceptance of the dynamic behaviour of goods vehicles for static loads by axle greater than 225 kN and up to 250 kN.

UNE-EN 15723:2011.

Railway Applications. Devices for closing and blocking the protective equipment of the load against environmental influences. Requirements for durability, operation, indication, maintenance and recycling.

UNE-EN 15746-1:2011.

Railway Applications. Via. Road-rail machines and associated equipment. Part 1: Technical requirements for circulation and work.

UNE-EN 15746-2:2011.

Railway Applications. Via. Road-rail machines and associated equipment. Part 2: General security requirements.

UNE-EN 15771:2011.

Vitreos and de porcelain. Determination of surface scratch hardness according to the Mohs scale.

UNE-EN 15806:2011.

Railway Applications. Braking. Static brake test.

UNE-EN 15919:2011.

Fertilizers. Extraction of soluble phosphorus in 2% formic acid.

UNE-CEN/TS 15919:2010 EX.

UNE-EN 15920:2011.

Fertilizers. Extraction of phosphorus soluble in citric acid at 2%.

UNE-CEN/TS 15920:2010 EX.

UNE-EN 15921:2011.

Fertilizers. Phosphorus extraction according to Petermann at 65 ° C.

UNE-CEN/TS 15921:2010 EX.

UNE-EN 15922:2011.

Fertilizers. Extraction of soluble phosphorus according to Petermann at room temperature.

UNE-CEN/TS 15922:2010 EX.

UNE-EN 15923:2011.

Fertilizers. Extraction of soluble phosphorus in alkaline ammonium citrate from Joulie.

UNE-CEN/TS 15923:2010 EX.

UNE-EN 15976:2011.

Flexible Laminas for Waterproofing. Determining the emissivity.

UNE-EN 15984:2011.

Oil and derivatives industry. Determination of the composition of the gaseous fuels of refinery and calculation of the carbon content and calorific value. Gas chromatography method.

UNE-EN 16128:2011.

Reference Test Method for the determination of the release of nickel from the parts of glasses and sunglasses intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin.

UNE-EN 1811:1999 + A1:2008.

UNE-EN 50174-1:2011.

Information Technology. Installation of the wiring. Part 1: Specifying the installation and quality assurance.

UNE-EN 50174-2:2011.

Information Technology. Installation of the wiring. Part 2: Methods and planning of the installation inside the buildings.

UNE-EN 50180:2011.

Passports for liquid-submerged transformers for voltages between 1 kV and 52 kV and 250 A to 3.15 kA.

UNE-EN 50191:2011.

Installing and Operating Test Equipment electrical.

UNE-EN 50395:2005/A1:2011.

Electrical Test Methods for Cables low voltage power.

UNE-EN 50396:2006/A1:2011.

Non-electrical test methods for low voltage power cables.

UNE-EN 55016-1-1:2011.

Specification for the measurement methods and apparatus of radio disturbances and immunity to radio disturbances. Part 1-1: Measurement of radio disturbances and of immunity to radio disturbances. Measure appliances.

UNE-EN 55016-1-1:2011/A1:2011.

Specification for methods and equipment for the measurement of radio disturbance and immunity to radio disturbance. Part 1-1: Measurement of radio disturbances and of immunity to radio disturbances. Measure appliances.

UNE-EN 60027-7:2011.

Literal symbols used in electrotechnics. Part 7: Production, transportation, and distribution of electrical power.

UNE-EN 60079-0:2011/IS1:2011.

Explosive Atmosphere. Part 0: Team. General requirements.

UNE-EN 60252-2:2011.

Condensers for current engines alternate. Part 2: Condensers for engine startup.

UNE-EN 60318-4:2011.

Electroacoustics. Human head and ear simulators. Part 4: Occluded ear simulator for measuring ear-coupled headsets by means of inserts.

UNE-EN 60706-5:2011.

Equipment Mantle. Part 5: Testing facility and diagnostic tests.

EN 60706-5:2007.

UNE-EN 60898-1:2004 ERRATUM: 2011.

Electrical Accessories. Automatic switches for domestic and similar installations for protection against over-intensities. Part 1: Automatic switches for alternating current operation.

UNE-EN 60947-1:2008/A1:2011.

UNE-EN 60950-1:2007/A1:2011.

Technology Equipment information. Security. Part 1: General requirements.

UNE-EN 61400-25-6:2011.

Aerogenerators. Part 25-6: Communications for the monitoring and control of wind farms. Logical node classes and data classes for monitoring conditions.

UNE-EN 61558-2-3:2011.

UNE-EN 61558-2-23:2011.

Security of transformers, inductance coils, power units, and combinations of these elements. Part 2-23: Particular requirements and tests for transformers and power units for works.

High voltage parking. Part 206: Tension presence indicator systems for assigned stresses greater than 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV.

UNE-EN ISO 139:2005/A1:2011.

Textiles. Normal atmospheres for conditioning and testing. Amendment 1. (ISO 139 :2005/AMD 1:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 178:2011.

Plastics. Determination of the bending properties. (ISO 178:2010)

UNE-EN ISO 178:2003

UNE-EN ISO 178:2003/A1:2005.

UNE-EN ISO 294-4:2003 ERRATUM: 2011.

Plastics. Injection molding of thermoplastic materials. Part 4: Determination of contraction molding. (ISO 294-4:2001/Cor 1:2007).

UNE-EN ISO 1182:2011.

Reaction to Fire products. Test for non-combustion. (ISO 1182:2010).

UNE-EN ISO 1182:2002.

Fire reaction tests of products. Determination of gross combustion heat (calorific value). (ISO 1716:2010)

UNE-EN ISO 1716:2002.

UNE-EN ISO 2106:2011.

Aluminium and its aluminium Anodization alloys. Determination of the mass per surface unit (surface density) of the anode oxide coatings. Gravimetric method. (ISO 2106:2011)

UNE-EN 12373-2:1999.

UNE-EN ISO 2128:2011.

Anodization of aluminium and its alloys. Determination of the thickness of oxide anodic coatings. Non-destructive measurement with optical cutting microscope. (ISO 2128:2010)

UNE-EN 12373-3:1999.

UNE-EN ISO 2739:2011.

Metal Casings sintered. Determination of radial crush resistance. (ISO 2739:2006).

UNE-EN ISO 2739:1999.

UNE-EN ISO 2811-1:2011.

Paintings and varnishes. Determination of the density. Part 1: Method of the picnometer. (ISO 2811-1:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 2811-1:2002.

UNE-EN ISO 2811-2:2011.

Paintings and varnishes. Determination of the density. Part 2: Method of the Immersion Body (Plumbing). (ISO 2811-2:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 2811-2:2002.

UNE-EN ISO 2811-3:2011.

Paintings and varnishes. Determination of the density. Part 3: Oscillation method. (ISO 2811-3:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 2811-3:2002.

UNE-EN ISO 2811-4:2011.

Paintings and varnishes. Determination of the density. Part 4: Method of the cylinder under pressure. (ISO 2811-4:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 2811-4:2002.

UNE-EN ISO 3369:2011.

Metal Materials Waterproof sintered and hard metals. Determination of the density. (ISO 3369:2006)

UNE-EN 23369:2002.

UNE-EN ISO 3738-1:2011.

Hard metals. Rockwell hardness test (scale A). Part 1: Test method. (ISO 3738-1:1982)

UNE-EN ISO 3746:2011.

Acoustics. Determination of the sound power levels and the sound energy levels of noise sources from the sound pressure. Control method using a surround measuring surface on a reflective plane. (ISO 3746:2010).

UNE-EN ISO 3746:2010.

UNE-EN ISO 3747:2011.

Acoustics. Determination of the sound power levels and the sound energy levels of the noise sources using the sound pressure. Methods of engineering/expertise for in situ use in a reverberating environment. (ISO 3747:2010)

UNE-EN ISO 3747:2010.

UNE-EN ISO 3923-1:2011.

Metal Polvos. Determination of the apparent density. Part 1: Method of the calibrated funnel. (ISO 3923-1:2008)

UNE-EN 23923-1:1998.

UNE-EN ISO 3927:2011.

Metal Polvos, with Dust exclusion for hard metal. Determination of compressibility under uniaxial compression. (ISO 3927:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 3927:2002

UNE-EN ISO 3927 :2002/AC: 2009.

UNE-EN ISO 4498:2011.

Sintered metal materials, except hard metal. Determination of the apparent hardness and microhardness. (ISO 4498:2010)

UNE-EN ISO 4498:2007.

UNE-EN ISO 4499-1:2011.

Metal hard. Metallographic determination of microstructure. Part 1: Photomicrographs and description. (ISO 4499-1:2008).

UNE-EN 24499:2001.

UNE-EN ISO 4611:2011.

Plastics. Determination of the effects of wet heat exposure, water spraying and saline fog. (ISO 4611:2010)

UNE-EN ISO 4611:2009.

Water quality. Sampling. Part 23: Guidance for passive sampling in surface water. (ISO 5667-23:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 6719:2011.

Anodization of aluminum and its alloys. Measurement of the reflectance characteristics of the aluminium surfaces by means of integrative sphere instruments. (ISO 6719:2010)

UNE-EN 12373-12:2001.

UNE-EN ISO 7263:2011.

Role for Ondular. Determination of the crush resistance in plane after the undulation in the laboratory. (ISO 7263:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 7263:2009.

UNE-EN ISO 7625:2011.

Metal Materials sintered, excluding hard metals. Preparation of test samples for chemical analysis for the determination of the carbon content. (ISO 7625:2006)

UNE-EN ISO 7668:2011.

Anodization of aluminum and its alloys. Measurement of the specular reflectance and the specular brightness of the anodic oxide coatings at angles of 20º, 45º, 60º or 85 °. (ISO 7668:2010)

UNE-EN 12373-11:2001.

UNE-EN ISO 7751:1997/A1:2011.

Manguages based on elastomers and plastics and their assemblies with attachment fittings. Relationships of the test and burst pressures with the maximum service pressure. Modification 1: Replacement of "service pressure" by maximum service pressure " throughout the text. (ISO 7751 :1997/Amd 1:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 8251:2011.

Anodization of aluminium and its alloys. Determination of abrasion resistance of oxide anodic coatings. (ISO 8251:2011)

UNE-EN 12373-9:1999

UNE-EN 12373-10:2000.

UNE-EN ISO 8624:2011.

ophthalmic Optics. Eyewear mounts. System of measurement and terminology. (ISO 8624:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 8624:2002.

UNE-EN ISO 8994:2011.

Aluminium and its aluminium Anodization alloys. Classification system for the evaluation of corrosion by stings. Method of the grid. (ISO 8994:2011)

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Irrigation equipment. Issuers and radio stations. Specifications and test methods. (ISO 9261:2004)

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Animal and animal fats and fats plant. Determination of the content of tocopherol and tocotrienol by high resolution liquid chromatography. Amendment 1: Updating of reagents and confirmation of the validity of statistical data. (ISO 9936 :2006/Amd 1:2011)

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Fiber reinforced plastics. Molding compounds and prepregs. Determination of the surface density. (ISO 10352:2010)

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Geosynthetic Barres of clay. Determination of water absorption by the bentonite. (ISO 10769:2011)

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Geosynthetic clay bars. Determination of gas permeability. (ISO 10773:2011)

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Plastics. Polyamides. Determination of E-caprolactam and W-laurolactam by gas chromatography. (ISO 11337:2010)

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Metal hard. Determination of calcium, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, nickel and zinc in metallic cobalt powders. Method of atomic absorption spectrometry to the flame. (ISO 11876:2010).

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ophthalmic implants. Intraocular lenses. Part 8: Fundamental requirements. Amendment 1. (ISO 11979-8:2006/Amd 1:2011)

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Thermal behavior of doors and windows. Determination of the thermal transmittance by the method of the hot box. Part 1: Doors and full windows. (ISO 12567-1:2010)

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Plastics. Extruded plates of acrylonitrile/styrene copolymers modified to resist impact (ABS, AES or ASA). Requirements and test methods. (ISO 15015:2011)

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Azeros and foundries. Determination of the total carbon and sulphur content. Method by absorption in infrared after combustion in induction furnace (Practical method). (ISO 15350:2000).

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Azeros and foundries. Determination of the nitrogen content. Method of thermal conductivity after fusion in an inert gas stream (Practical method). (ISO 15351:1999)

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Azeros for the armed and prestressed of the concrete. Test methods. Part 1: Barras, wires and wire rod for reinforced concrete. (ISO 15630-1:2010)

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Azeros for the Armed and the pretensioning of concrete. Test methods. Part 2: Electrobolded Mallas. (ISO 15630-2:2010)

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Azeros for the Armed and the pretensioning of concrete. Test methods. Part 3: Azeros to pretend. (ISO 15630-3:2010)

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Oils and Fats of animal and plant origin. Determination of aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons. Amendment 1: Exclusion of olive-pomace oil from the object and field of application. (ISO 15753 :2006/Amd 1:2011)

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Hygrothermal behavior of buildings. Calculation and presentation of climate data. Part 3: Calculation of a rainfall index for vertical surfaces from wind and rain schedules. (ISO 15927-3:2009)

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Oil products. Determination of the sulphur content. Method of oxidative microculombimetry. (ISO 16591:2010)

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Leather. Determination of abrasion resistance. Part 2: Martindale method with plate and ball. (ISO 17076-2:2011)

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Leather. Chemical determination of the formaldehyde content. Part 3: Determination of formaldehyde emissions in leather. (ISO 17226-3:2011)

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Geographical information. Services. Modification 1: Extensions of the service metadata model. (ISO 19119 :2005/AMD 1:2008)

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Geographic information. Interdisciplinary vocabularies. (ISO 19146:2010)

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Oil products. Determination of the total sulphur content in automotive fuels. Dispersive wavelength X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. (ISO 20884:2011)

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Oil Industries and of natural gas. External coatings for buried or submerged pipes used in pipe transport systems. Part 5: External concrete coatings. (ISO 21809-5:2010)

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Emissions from stationary sources. Manual method for the determination of methane concentration by gas chromatography. (ISO 25139:2011)

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Dentistry. Products for tooth whitening. (ISO 28399:2011)

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Oil and natural gas industries. Facilities and equipment for liquefied natural gas. Land-and port operations. (ISO 28460:2010)

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Cosmetics. Microbiology. Guidelines for the assessment of risk and the identification of products of low microbiological risk. (ISO 29621:2010)

UNE-HD 60269-2:2011.

Low voltage fuses. Part 2: Supplementary rules for fuses intended for use by authorised persons (fuses for mainly industrial uses). Examples of standardized fuses A to J.

UNE-HD 60364-7-705:2011.

Low-voltage power installations. Part 7-705: Requirements for special installations and sites. Agricultural and horticultural establishments.

UNE 20460-7-705:1993.

-ISO 3779:2011.

Vehicles road. Vehicle identification number (VIN). Content and structure.

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-ISO 3780:2011.

Road vehicles. Global manufacturers identification code (WMI).

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-ISO 11093-4:2011.

Paper and Cardboard. Test mandrels. Part 4: Measurement of dimensions.

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-ISO 11093-9:2011.

Role and cardboard. Test mandrels. Part 9: Determination of the crush resistance in plane.

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-ISO 50001:2011.

Power Management Systems. Requirements with guidance for use.