Resolution Of October 11, 2011, Of The General Directorate Of Labour, Which Is Recorded And Published The Proceedings Where Approve Changes To Salary Level And Definitions Of Various Professional Categories Of The National Factory Of...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 11 de octubre de 2011, de la Dirección General de Trabajo, por la que se registra y publica las actas donde se aprueban las modificaciones de nivel salarial y definiciones de varias categorías profesionales de la Fábrica Nacional de ...

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Seen the text of them records where is approve them modifications of level wage and definitions of several categories professional, as well as the creation of others new, corresponding to the second arbitration of the inspection Provincial of work of the valuation of the first semester of the 2007 of the company factory national of currency and ringer-Real House of the currency, code of Convention number 90002052011987 records that were signed on 16 June 2011 by the Mixed Commission of appraisal which are part representatives of the company management and the Works Council in representation of the entity and the workers of the same to accompanying favorable report issued by the ministries of finance and of Territorial policy and public administration (Executive Committee of the Commission inter-ministerial of fees) , in compliance to it planned in it law 39 / 2010, of 22 of December, of budgets General of the State for 2011 and of conformity with it willing in the article 90, paragraphs 2 and 3, of the Real Decree legislative 1 / 1995, of 24 of March, by which is approves the text consolidated of the law of the Statute of the workers and in the Real Decree 713 / 2010 May 28, on registration and deposit agreements and collective work agreements, this General Directorate of labour resolved: first.

Order it registration of them cited records in the corresponding record of conventions and agreements collective of work with operation through media electronic of this Center steering, with notification to the Commission negotiating with it warning to it same of the forced compliance of it law 39 / 2010, of 22 of December of budgets General of the State for the year 2011 in the execution of such agreements.


Have your publication in the «Official Gazette».

Madrid, October 11, 2011.-the Director-General of labour, Raul Riesco Roche.

ACTA final representatives of address: Ms Marta Bedoya Castro.

Ms Azucena boat Rodrigo (Advisor).

Representatives of the workers: D. Antonio Santiago Morales.

D. Juan Manuel camera Díaz (Advisor).

In Madrid, to 16 of June of 2011, is meet them members of the Commission mixed of valuation cited to the margin, developing this Act end, where is collected them results of valuation of them put of work corresponding to the first semester of 2007 that were subjected by second time to arbitration of the inspection Provincial of work.

Posts reviewed by claim of its occupants.

Jobs climbing level: administrative staff.

1st administrative officer. Several departments: 10.

Jobs not climbing level: technical staff.

Technical management of shopping. Shopping: 10.

Relationship of people and date.

Is makes public internally in them centers of work of the FNMT-RCM the relationship of the personal affected by the present review and the dates of application.

All assessments will be applied one time mandatory ministerial authorization is obtained and published in the official Gazette as an integral part of the collective agreement and with effects of the above implementation dates.

Official 1st administrative: is the administrative that, with total knowledge of your profession, autonomy and responsibility, has to his charge a service given. You must make the Organization and control of the administrative work, precise calculations, processing and management, telephone or personal care, writing, typing, checking and preparation of reports, correspondence and completed forms in order to execute the work entrusted according to controls, rules or instructions of a superior, also act as Secretary at meetings of those committees which affect its Department for which required. For which will take to out them following functions: Organization and control of the work entrusted to, through them calculations precise, get them controls established of: production, accounting, shopping, sales, billing, payroll, safe social, stock, etc., always depending on the legislation existing, standards established or indications of a top.

Processing and management of documentation labor, commercial, administrative or of any other nature that le is entrusted before: Personal of the F.N.M.T.-R.C.M., agencies official and companies external, must move is to them themselves, in case necessary, solving them incidents that is produce.

Realization of specific administrative procedures related to the FNMT: staff, costs, billing, budgets, clients and suppliers, requests for order, training, shopping and sales material and machinery and miscellaneous services, procurement, etc.; filling of printed in order run them works entrusted in accordance with the controls, standards established or indications of its top.

Preparation of reports, setting data, interpreting the results and getting conclusions, proposing amendments that it deems appropriate in his case.

Drafting and typed documents that are assigned to them by applying the standards of security and confidentiality, completed and verification of printed or control documents, as well as your registration, organization, distribution, file and custody, maintaining the established performance standards.

Attention personal, telephone or by other means to give or obtain information on any issue related to your service, in order to obtain accurate data for their management, resolving incidences that occur. Attention to Auditors, providing the necessary information.

Introduction, obtaining or modification of data by using the tools available. Elaboration, updating, verification and control of files or information generated in support computer or documentary.

Distribution and supervision of the work of managers who collaborate with him in his duties, clearing the doubts which could introduce.

Procurement technician: is the technician who with full knowledge of their profession and under the supervision of his immediate superior, has as its mission the management, processing and monitoring of procurement of goods or services of the F.N.M.T.-R.C.M. According to the policy and procedural framework. You must to search for suppliers, request and choice of offers in order to choose which suits the purchase request. For which carry out the following functions: receipt of applications for orders authorized, locating good or service requested, looking for, if necessary, other suppliers in addition to the usual with all the means at its disposal, in order to meet requests for purchase. It compares and reviews documentation, making the correction of it if necessary. Informs and advises departments of the F.N.M.T.-R.C.M. in subjects of his specialty.

Request for offers to the various providers, reception, analysis and negotiation of the same, proposing the most suitable on the basis of the cheapest offer, urgency of delivery, specification techniques or guidelines received to his immediate superior. Elaboration of reports to start the process of approval, performing the procedures necessary in case of modifications.

Resolution of all types of incidents related to the management and processing of orders.

Personal, telephone or by any other means contact with the different parts of the process on the State and status of orders, managing and tracking any incidence related to the same.

Administrative tasks, writing, typing and file documentation, forms and reports related to their work. Introduction, obtaining or modification of data by using the tools available.

Of form occasional and when them needs so it require must move is to the outside to make purchases of certain articles or steps direct with suppliers.

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