Order Aaa/1053/2012, May 16, Which Designates The National Reference Laboratory Of Pesticides Application Equipment Inspections.

Original Language Title: Orden AAA/1053/2012, de 16 de mayo, por la que se designa el Laboratorio Nacional de Referencia de Inspecciones de Equipos de Aplicación de Productos Fitosanitarios.

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Law 43/2002, of 20 November, plant health, is the legal framework of national legislation also regulates the means of plant protection, including defense equipment or machinery for the application of agricultural pesticides that are also subject in certain aspects to Community legislation, which aims specifically to ensure means of phytosanitary defense to meet all the necessary conditions and establishes the basic provisions relating to the requirements that must comply with these media the rational use of them attending, in what refers to the teams of application, both to the conditions of use of the pesticide used in each case as to the requirements of maintenance and development of such equipment, official controls to verify compliance with such provisions and the support instruments necessary for the realization of the corresponding inspections.

Law 43/2002, of 20 November, plant health, set out in paragraph 4 of article 47 that the Ministry of environment and Rural and marine will have reference laboratories designated laboratories for the identification and diagnosis of the autonomous communities or others of recognized prestige, with the functions of harmonizing methods and techniques that are to be used , among others functions related with the control of pests, as well as make them analysis and trials that, to effects arbitral or with others purposes, you are requested.

By its part the article 10 of the Real Decree 1702 / 2011, of 18 of November, of inspections periodic of them teams of application of products plant protection, that transposes to the ordering legal national the article 8 and the annex II of the directive 2009 / 128 / CE, of the Parliament European and of the Council, of 21 of October, by which is sets the frame of action community for get a use sustainable of them pesticides States that the Ministry of environment and Rural and marine, current means Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, designate a national reference laboratory of inspections of equipment for the application of plant protection products.

The national laboratory of pesticides application equipment inspections reference, shall exercise the functions of harmonization and contrast of the methods and techniques of inspection, and carry out analyses or tests which, for arbitration purposes or for other purposes, you are requested, as set out in paragraph 4 of article 47 of law 43/2002 of 20 November , plant health.

Among these functions work developing inspection methods not established by technical standards and procedure protocols, coordinate the updating of the Manual of the different application equipment inspections, carry out analyses and tests for arbitration purposes when they requested you will be covered by the competent bodies of the autonomous communities at the request of the ITEAF (application of plant protection products equipment inspection stations) established in their territory , and to improve techniques of inspection of the above test stations.

In the procedure of elaboration of this order, have been consulted them communities autonomous and them entities more representative of the sectors affected: in his virtue, have: article only. Designation of the national reference laboratory of pesticides application equipment inspections.

Is appoints as laboratory national of reference of inspections of equipment of application of products plant protection to the center of mechanization agricultural, of the Department of agriculture, power and medium Rural of the Generalitat of Catalonia, located in Lleida.

Available end first. Skill-related title.

This order is issued on the basis of provisions in article 149.1. 13th of the Constitution, which give the State the exclusive competence in the field of bases and coordination of the general planning of economic activity.

Second final provision. Entry into force.

This provision will enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, 16 de mayo of 2012.-the Minister of agriculture, food and environment, Miguel Arias Cañete.