Order Int / 1206 / 2012, Of 9 Of Mayo, By Which Is Modifies The Order Of 31 Of August Of 1990, By Which Is Creates The Card Of Identity Professional And The Plate Logo In The Guard Civil.

Original Language Title: Orden INT/1206/2012, de 9 de mayo, por la que se modifica la Orden de 31 de agosto de 1990, por la que se crea la tarjeta de identidad profesional y la placa insignia en la Guardia Civil.

Read the untranslated law here: http://www.boe.es/buscar/doc.php?id=BOE-A-2012-7639

The order of 31 August 1990, which created the professional identity and the badge in the Civil Guard, card provided to the members of this body of coloration that credited their status as agents of the authority as members of the forces and the State security bodies.

The experience gained from the creation of these means of identification, as well as the need to provide the ID card materials and security measures to ensure their physical integrity and their use in optimal conditions for citizens, that make necessary modification of the order that regulated them.

By virtue, I have: single article. Modification of the order of 31 of August of 1990, by which is creates it card of identity professional and it plate logo in the Guardia Civil.

The order of 31 August 1990, which created the card of professional identity and the badge in the Civil Guard, is hereby amended as follows: one. He article 3 is drafted of the following mode: «them data that will appear in the TIP will be them following: in its obverse, the legend "guard Civil", number of identification professional, employment, photography of the holder with uniform of daily mode to (winter, shirt Green), discovered and without glasses dark.» On the back of the card's serial number.

The TIP will be made of polycarbonate; the format of the cards is 53.98 mm. by 85.6 mm. ±0, 75 mm, with corners rounded; incorporates a cryptographic chip.

Both obverse and reverse, the card includes a security type guilloche wallpapers.

On the obverse the guilloche funds have a strip of green (pantone 341) on which printed on white, lined up on the left and in two lines, "GUARDIA CIVIL". To the right of «CIVIL» is a Spanish flag with microprinting that includes the text "GUARDIA CIVIL", on which appears the legend "SPAIN" printed in ink OVI. Below this zone, the guilloches have thinner lines, with a reserve area for the photo on the left, and to the right of the emblem of the Guardia Civil printed in color. Below this and cast with the guilloches appear the shield of Spain. Is incorporates also a kinegrama located on the part right of the photography and the left of the emblem of the guard Civil.

In the reverse, the guilloches of Fund reproduce the emblem of the guard Civil slightly inclined towards the right. The vertical separation between the two shades of green is done using a line with microprinting that includes the text "GUARDIA CIVIL".

«Both obverse and reverse the coat of arms of Spain is incorporated printed in invisible ink, with response red, visible only under ultraviolet light.»

Two. He article 4 is drafted of the following mode: «have right to the obtaining and use of the TIP them members of the body, any that is his employment, that is are subject to the regime general of rights and obligations of the personal of the guard Civil, in accordance with the normative regulatory of the regime of said personal.»

Students in training for incorporating education shall also have right to obtain and use the TIP of the scale of capes and guards, in the exercise of the tasks that are assigned to them during the development of the practices established in its curriculum, in accordance with what is established in the available additional second of Royal Decree 313/2006 «, March 17, on the General guidelines of the curricula of the teaching of formation for the incorporation to the scales of non-commissioned officers and corporals and guards of the body of the Civil Guard.»

3. Article 5 is drawn up in the following way: «the TIP loses its validity by extinction of the right of its holder to follow using, by alteration of the data it contains or by publication of their loss of validity. "

«The expedition of a TIP or the extinction of the right to his tenure obligates to deliver the document replaced or invalidated.»

Four. Article 11 is drafted in the following way: "the holder of a TIP that follow while retaining the right to its possession shall request the timely issuance by reason of theft, loss, deterioration of the document or significant change in the appearance of the holder, or variation of any of the personal data contained on its obverse.

In them cases earlier, it will participate urgently to his immediate superior and will request the expedition of a new document; the same will be in the case of serious deterioration or loss of the badge."

5. Annex I is as listed in the annex to this order.

Available to transient only. Validity of current cards.

Them cards issued with arrangement to the normative that is modifies will continue to force until his date current of expiration, unless concur any of them circumstances indicated in them articles 5 and 11 of the order that is modifies.

Sole repeal provision. Repeal legislation.

Many provisions of equal or lower rank is contrary to the provisions of this order are hereby repealed.

Available end first. Enabling development.

The Director-General of the Civil Guard will dictate the necessary standards for the development and implementation of this order.

Second final provision. Entry in force.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, 9 may 2012.-the Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz.