Resolution Of 23 Of Mayo Of 2012, Of The Undersecretary, Of Creation Of Seal Electronic For Its Use By The Direction General Of The Cadastre.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 23 de mayo de 2012, de la Subsecretaría, de creación de sello electrónico para su utilización por la Dirección General del Catastro.

Read the untranslated law here:

Law 11/2007, of 22 June, electronic access of citizens to public services, provides in its article 18.1. to) the use of electronic seals based on electronic certificates that meet the requirements of the legislation of electronic signature, for identification and authentication of the exercise of jurisdiction in the automated administrative action.

In the field tax, the regulation General of them performances and them procedures of management e inspection tax and of development of them standards common of them procedures of application of them tributes, approved by Real Decree 1065 / 2007, of 27 of July, also provides that in case of performance automated, the Administration tax must identify is and ensure the authenticity of the exercise of its competition and can use these electronic stamp purposes of public administration, organ or entity of public law based on electronic certificate or secure verification code linked to the Administration, organ or entity, corresponding to each tax administration determine the assumptions of use one and other electronic signature system.

He Real Decree 1671 / 2009, of 6 of November, of development partial of it law 11 / 2007, establishes in its article 19.1 that it creation of seals electronic is held through resolution of the Undersecretary of the Ministry or holder of the body public competent, that is published in it headquarters electronic corresponding, regulating the content that, as minimum, must consist in such resolution.

Virtue, in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Decree 1671 / 2009, dated November 6, which is partially developed law 11/2007, of 22 June, electronic access of citizens to public services, resolve: first.

(Is creates the seal electronic of the address General of the cadastre, with them features following: to) the ownership, as well as the responsibility of the use and custody of the seal that is creates by this resolution corresponds to the address General of the cadastre, of the Ministry of Hacienda and administrations public.

(b) the General System signature and certificate applicable technical characteristics are those derived from the national scheme of interoperability and electronic signature policy and certificates of the General Administration of the State, which are those that consist in the statement of certification practices approved by the national factory of currency and timbre-real Casa de la Moneda (, which may be consulted at the address c) certificate verification may be carried out through the service VALIDATES platform validation of certificates of the General Administration of the State, which will be accessible from the electronic site of the General direction of cadastre second

(He seal electronic of the address General of the cadastre may be used for the identification and authentication of the exercise of the competition in them following performances administrative automated, approved by resolution of the cited Center steering and published in its headquarters electronic: to) exchange of information with others administrations tax.

(b) exchange of information with other Governments, corporations, organizations and public institutions.

(c) processes of stamping of documents electronic, to the object of facilitating your interoperability, conservation and readability.

Third party.

This resolution will be published in the «Official Gazette» and the electronic headquarters of the General direction of the cadastre.

Madrid, 23 of mayo of 2012.-the Assistant Secretary of Hacienda and administrations public, Pilar Platero Sanz.