Resolution Of May 23, 2012, Of The University Of Huelva, That Correcting Errors In The 3 Of March Of 2011, That Publishes The Graduate Curriculum In History.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 23 de mayo de 2012, de la Universidad de Huelva, por la que se corrigen errores en la de 3 de marzo de 2011, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Graduado en Historia.

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Noticed error in the resolution of March 3, 2011 at the University of Huelva, which publishes the plan of graduate studies in history, «Official Gazette» number 117, dated May 17, 2011, pages 49812 to 49815, transcribed, then timely rectification: page 49812, table 1 'distribution of the curriculum' credits ECTS by type of material the appropriations allocated to the subjects «Required» and «Electives» which will be structured according to the annex to this resolution are corrected.

Huelva, May 23, 2012.-El Rector, Francisco José Martínez López.

ANNEX Plan of studies leading to the title of graduated in history (branch art and Humanities) 5.1 structure of the teachings.

Table 1. Distribution of the Plan of studies in credits ECTS by type of commodity type of matter credits training basic 60 compulsory 114 optional 60 work end of grade 6 Total 240