Order Ecd/1216/2012, May 29, By Which Modify The Groupings Of Language And Spanish Culture In Switzerland.

Original Language Title: Orden ECD/1216/2012, de 29 de mayo, por la que se modifican las Agrupaciones de Lengua y Cultura Españolas en Suiza.

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He Real Decree 1027 / 1993, of 25 of June, by which is regulates it action educational in the outside («newsletter official of the State» of 6 of August), has that the groupings of language and culture Spanish are them structures organizational upper inclusive of them classrooms of language and culture established by the Administration Spanish for impart teachings complementary of language and culture Spanish for them Spanish that it wish to , being regulated today by order EDU / 3122 / 2010, from 23 of November («Bulletin official of the State» of 3 of December).

By order of 1 October 1987 («Official Gazette» of October 10), were created in Switzerland, among others, the groupings of language and Spanish culture in Zurich and St. Gallen.

In the grouping of language and culture of St. Gallen has been producing a decrease in the number of students and teachers, where there is no prospect of an increase in tuition in their classrooms. In these circumstances, is considered advisable the integration of this grouping in it of Zurich, what would allow a better organization of their activities, optimizing resources human and materials, without of this is derive prejudice any for the interest public and the schooling of them students of them classrooms of them dependent.

This order is issued on the basis of article 38.2 of the Royal Decree 1027 / 1993, of 25 June, which regulates the educational action abroad, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation and consulted upon, in accordance with article 28 of the order EDU/3122/2010, of 23 November , the Council of Spanish residents of Berne, only body existing in the Swiss Confederation under the precept.

By virtue, I have: first.

Remains suppressed the grouping of language and culture Spanish from St. Gallen, starting from the 1 of July of 2012.


The Ministry of education in Switzerland shall take the necessary measures for the integration into the grouping of language and culture in Zurich of the classrooms of language and Spanish culture until now existing in the grouping referred to in paragraph first of this order.

Madrid, 29 may 2012.-the Minister of education, culture and sport, José Ignacio Wert Ortega.