Order Ecd / 1232 / 2012, Of 30 Of Mayo, By Which Is Modifies The Order Cul / 330 / 2008, Of 28 Of January, By Which Is Set Them Bases Regulatory For The Award Of The Prize Of Theatre For Authors Novice "calderon Of The Barca".

Original Language Title: Orden ECD/1232/2012, de 30 de mayo, por la que se modifica la Orden CUL/330/2008, de 28 de enero, por la que se establecen las bases reguladoras para la concesión del Premio de teatro para autores noveles "Calderón de la Barca".

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The National Institute of scenic arts and music has among its aims the promotion, protection and dissemination of the performing arts and music in any of its manifestations, among its functions to include actions of promotion and dissemination, in particular through Awards, grants and subsidies.

Under it former, through order of the Ministry of culture of 1 of July of 1994 is created and regulated, among others, the award of theatre for authors novice «Calderon of the Barca», intended to distinguish them works theatrical of theme original of them authors novice.

In accordance with it established in the available additional tenth of the law 38 / 2003, of 17 of November, General of grants, that has that regulations is will establish the regime special applicable to the granting of them awards educational, cultural, scientific or of any other nature, that must adjust is to the content of this law, except in those aspects in which, by the special nature of them grants , not is applicable, to the amparo of it planned in its article 17.1, that enables to them ministers corresponding for the approval of them bases regulatory of award of awards, and having present the Real Decree 887 / 2006, of 21 of July, by which is approves the regulation of the law General of grants, is established them bases regulatory of the award of theatre for authors novice «Calderon of the Barca» , by order CUL/330/2008 of 28 January.

The constant evolution of them technologies of the information and the communication requires to adapt them political of promotion and broadcasting of the dramaturgy Spanish to them new needs and media available, in particular the Edition and publication electronic of texts dramatic. Thanks to the non-exclusive cession of rights of the winning work, the National Institute of the arts performing and music you can edit and publish the text awarded through the portal of the theatrical documentation centre.

Also, is introduced modifications that favor the simplification of the procedure, in particular that the presentation of the request carries the authorization so the organ instructor seek of trade, by via electronic, them certified supporting of the compliance of them obligations tax and with it security Social.

In accordance with the stated, report of the legal service of the Department and the Executive intervention in the body, I have: single article. Modification of order CUL/330/2008, of 28 January, which lays down the regulatory basis for the Theatre Prize for new authors "Calderón de la Barca".

Order CUL/330/2008, of 28 January, which lays down the regulatory basis for the Theatre Prize for authors novice «Calderón de la Barca», is hereby amended as follows: one. He article 1 is drafted as follows: «the present order has by object establish them bases regulatory for it award, in regime of concurrency competitive, of the award of theatre for authors novice "Calderon of it Barca", intended to distinguish it work theatrical of an author novel, of theme original, and whose duration is it normal of a show dramatic full, not admitting is parts of theatre brief.» The prize will be convened on an annual basis.»

Two. He paragraph 1 of the article 2 is drafted as follows: «may participate in it call of the award them authors novice, Spanish and national of other States of the Union European or of the space economic European.» Them works theater can present is in any of the languages official of Spain.

He is meant by novel author who still has not released publicly more than one work in circuits of display with box office returns.

Are not accepted plays received awards in other competitions, or publicly released nor published in any media or means of dissemination."

Three. Add a second paragraph in paragraph 4 of article 3 with the following wording: «unless the applicant expressly denied it, the filing of the application shall imply authorization to get the organ instructor direct accreditation of compliance with tax obligations and with Social security through telematic certificates.»

Four. Is deleted the article 8.

Fifth. Article 9 becomes article 8.

Sixth. Paragraph 1 of new article 8 is worded as follows: ' 1. the award of the prize will lead to transfer non-exclusive to the National Institute of scenic arts and music, both in country and abroad, of the rights of editing and publishing in any medium or format of the award-winning text, non-commercial, in the terms established in articles 43 and 50 of the revised text of the law of intellectual property» «, approved by Royal Decree legislative 1 / 1996, of 12 April.»

Available end only. Entry into force.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, 30 may 2012.-the Ministry of education, culture and sport, José Ignacio Wert Ortega.