Resolution Of 8 June 2012, Of The Presidency Of The Commissioner On The Tobacco Market, Which Are Published Wholesale Prices To The Public Of Certain Manufactured Tobacco In Distributors Of Tobacco And Timbre Of The Peninsula And Illes Ba...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 8 de junio de 2012, de la Presidencia del Comisionado para el Mercado de Tabacos, por la que se publican los precios de venta al público de determinadas labores de tabaco en Expendedurías de Tabaco y Timbre de la Península e Illes Ba...

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Pursuant to article 4 of law 13/1998, management of the tobacco market, selling prices are published to the public of certain manufactured tobacco in distributors of tobacco and Timbre of the Peninsula and Illes Balears, which have been proposed by the relevant manufacturers and importers.

The first.

Wholesale prices to the public of manufactured tobacco which is listed below, including the different taxes in distributors of tobacco and Timbre of the Peninsula and Illes Balears, are as follows: price total of sale to the public - Euros/unit A) cigars and cigarillos GH the great smokes: 40 X 4 1/16 (25) 0.80 42 x 5 1/8 (25) 0.80 48 X 7 (25) 0.85 50 X 4 7/8 (25) 0.85 52 X 5 7/8 (25) 0.85 B) bites rolling Florina American Blend (100 g) 11,50 Florina black (100 g) 11,50 Florina blonde (100 g) 11,50 Kiowa American Blend (70 g) 8.50 Mohawk "without additives» (30 g) 3.65 Mohawk" without additives» (70 g) 8.50 second.

This resolution shall enter into force the day of its publication in the «Official Gazette».

Madrid, June 8, 2012.-the Chairman of the Commissioner for the tobacco market, Juan Luis Nieto Fernández.