Resolution Of 13 February 2015, Of The Directorate-General Of Employment, Which Are Recorded And Published The Salary Tables Of The Collective Agreement In The Chemical Industry Sector By 2014.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 13 de febrero de 2015, de la Dirección General de Empleo, por la que se registran y publican las tablas salariales para el año 2014 del Convenio colectivo del sector de la industria química.

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Seen the text of the salary tables for the year 2014 of the collective agreement in the sector of the chemical industry (Convention No. 99004235011981 code), which was signed with date January 21, 2015, on the one hand, the business of the industry chemical Spanish Federation on behalf of the sector, and other companies by trade unions CC. OO. and FITAG-UGT, in representation of them workers, and of conformity with it willing in the article 90, paragraphs 2 and 3, of the law of the Statute of the workers, text consolidated approved by Real Decree legislative 1 / 1995, of 24 of March, and in the Real Decree 713 / 2010, of 28 of mayo, on registration and deposit of conventions and agreements collective of work , This Directorate-General of employment meets: first.

Order the registration of them cited tables wage in the corresponding register of conventions and agreements collective of work with operation through media electronic of this center management, with notification to the Commission negotiating.


Have your publication in the «Official Gazette».

Madrid, 13 of February of 2015.-the Director General of employment, Xavier Jean Braulio Thibault Aranda.

MINUTES OF THE MEETING EXTRAORDINARY OF THE COMMISSION NEGOTIATOR 17TH CONVENTION GENERAL IN THE INDUSTRY CHEMICAL FOR THE REVIEW 2014 in MADRID, at 10:30 hours of January 21, 2015, gather in FEIQUE premises, situated at calle Hermosilla, no. 31 of this capital, FEIQUE, CC industry representatives. OO. and FITAG-UGT, to the object of discuss the next order of the day: I. review wage year 2014.

Having been found, according to data from the National Institute of statistics, the rate of change of the index of prices to the consumer (IPC) general Spanish for the month of December 2014 is - 1% (1% negative); and the rate of annual change in the HICP of the Euro zone was - 0.2%, should use the first listed references (Spanish general IPC) for the implementation of the wage review provided for in article 38 B clause) of the General Convention of the chemical industry.

Taking into account that the aforementioned Spanish general CPI of December 2014 has resulted in less than European Central Bank inflation target for that year (2%), not necessary revision wage one in 2014 in accordance with the provisions of the article referred to in the preceding paragraph.

Accordingly is confirmed for the year 2014 them tables of wages minimum guaranteed of them articles 32 and 44 of the Convention, the tables of bonuses of the article 40, the plus of shift of the article 44.7 and them values of diets and mileage of the article 28.4, established all them in the Act of this Commission negotiating of date 11 of February of 2014 published in the «official Gazette» of date March 20, 2014, and which is reproduced again below: article 32. Table of annual guaranteed minimum wages by professional groups for 2014.


Euro / year group 1 14.284,08 Group 2 15.283,96 Group 3 16.569,54 Group 4 18.426,49 group 5 20.996,98 Group 6 24.568,65 Group 7 29.853,72 Group 8 37.852,80 article 40. Bonuses for 2014.

Databases: Euros / day group 1 24,86 Group 2 26,64 Group 3 28.86 Group 4 32,09 Group 5 36,56 Group 6 42,82 Group 7 52,03 Group 8 65,97 Plus minimum night: Euro night complete night 10,36 article 44.7. Shift Euros plus effective date worked shifts 1.14 shift Plus contract article 44. Table of wages minimum guaranteed annual for those workers to shift affected by the article 44 for 2014.


Euros per year group 1 17.597,99 Group 2 18.597,87 19.883,45 3 Group 21.740,37 Group 4 group 5 24.311,52 27.882,54 6 Group 7 Group 33.167,64 41.166,72 8 group article 28.4. Diets for 2014.


Euros / day performing a food outside 19,21 performing two meals out 38,36 performing two meals out and sleeping out of the domicile 114,67 mileage by use of vehicle own 0,349 finally is seizes interchangeably to don Alvaro Rodriguez Garcia, Doña Tamara Gonzalez Ruiz and don Daniel male of Quevedo Gomez so made them steps appropriate for the record of the present Act in it address General of employment and its rear publication in the «newsletter official of the State».

No more issues that treat, rises the session and she the corresponding act that once read and found in conformity, is signed by the Secretaries in place and date above indicated.

By FEIQUE, by industry of CC. OO., by FITAG-UGT,