Resolution Of 18 December 2014, Of The Secretary Of State For Social Services And Equality, Which Are Published Two Agreements Of The Permanent Executive Committee Of The General Council And A Resolution Of The General Direction Of The Organiz...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 18 de diciembre de 2014, de la Secretaría de Estado de Servicios Sociales e Igualdad, por la que se publican dos acuerdos de la Comisión Ejecutiva Permanente del Consejo General y una Resolución de la Dirección General de la Organiz...

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Based on provisions in the third additional provision of Act 5/2011, from 29 March, of the Social economy, which declares the national organization of blind Spaniards (ONCE) as a unique Organization of social economy, the ELEVEN is a corporation of public law of a social nature; that is governed by its normative specific own and that, for the funding of its purposes social, enjoys of a set of authorizations public in matter of game.

Also in accordance with article 4 of the law 13/2011, 27 May, regulation of the game, state lotteries have been reserved to operators who are designated by the law itself, which has materialized in its first additional provision, which refers to the ELEVEN as one of the two operators that can be commercialized products of state lotteries.

In this matter, them performances of it organization should adjust is to them prescriptions of the ordering existing, represented by the available additional twenty of the law 46 / 1985, of 27 of December, of budgets General of the State for 1986, modified by the available additional fourth of it law 55 / 1999, of 29 of December, of measures fiscal, administrative and of the order Social; by further provisions first and second law 13/2011, may 27, regulation of the game; the General Agreement between the Government of the nation and ONCE in terms of cooperation, solidarity and competitiveness for the stability of future of for the period 2012-2021, ONCE approved by the Council of Ministers dated November 18, 2011 and modified through partial revisions approved by the Council of Ministers on October 25, 2013 and on August 1, 2014; by the Real Decree 1336 / 2005, of 11 of November, by which is authorized to the ELEVEN the exploitation of a lottery instant or presorteada, modified by the Real Decree 1706 / 2011, of 18 of November; and by Royal Decree 358/1991, of March 15, realignment of the ONCE, as well as its current statutes, published by order SPI/1015/2011, the Ministry of health, Social policy and equality, on April 15, 2011.

According to it established in the normative earlier, the full of the Council of protectorate approved in its meeting of 30 of June of 2011 them «procedures and criteria of control common to them modalities of game authorized to the ELEVEN» and them «procedures and criteria of control of the lottery instant of the ELEVEN».

In accordance with the referral management framework, the ELEVEN must communicate in advance the conditions of all its modes of game authorised the protectorate Council, as the body corresponding to the protectorate of the State on the Organization, for his knowledge and verification that the terms of the granting State and with other rules of general application are met, as well as for publication in the «Official Gazette» as a guarantee for consumers. Also, ONCE tell the protectorate Council amendments to regulatory regulations of different types and gaming products, for their knowledge and verification of its compliance with the management standards, mentioned above, proceeding to publication in the "Official Gazette", as a guarantee for consumers.

Pursuant to previous forecasts the Commission permanent of the Council of protectorate ONCE, at extraordinary meeting of 18 December 2014, has verified that the CEP.22 agreement (E) / 2014-2.1, November 27, 2014, the Permanent Executive Committee of the Council General of ONCE, on implementation of a new group of products of instant lottery "with mechanical one or more winning numbers 3 about 8' to three euros , class 4, and the corresponding modification of the regulation regulator of them products of the mode of lottery called «Lottery instant of tickets of the ELEVEN», through the inclusion of a new Appendix 16 bis meets with it normative set. The modification of these regulations shall enter into force on March 1, 2015, while retaining an indefinite duration until not repeal the corresponding Appendix to the regulatory rules.

Accordingly, proceeds give advertising to the agreement of the Council General of the ELEVEN and to the reform of the regulation regulator of them products of the mode of lottery called «Lottery instant of tickets of the ELEVEN», collected in the annex that accompanies to this resolution.

Also in compliance with applicable to advertising, as a guarantee for the consumers, the agreement CEP.22 (E) / 2014-2.2, November 27, 2014, relating to the launch of the instant lottery product called "Win for electronic life», adopted by the Permanent Executive Committee of the Council General of ONCE.

The product ' Win for electronic life» will have the characteristics of the Group of lottery products snapshot «with mechanical single or multiple winners of 3 on 8 symbols» to three euros, class 4, regulated in the Appendix 16 bis of the rules of regulatory products in the form of lottery called "Instant ticket of the ONCE lottery», Appendix verified by the Permanent Commission of the Council of protectorate of ONCE in its meeting of December 18, 2014 and that is contained in the annex accompanying this resolution. The launch of this product, that is marketed in support electronic, will take place the day 2 of March of 2015.

Finally, the resolution of it address General 84 / 2014, of 16 of December, of the Director General of it ELEVEN, collects that the date of completion of marketing of tickets of them products of the mode of lottery called «Lottery instant of it ELEVEN»: «WINS with it red» and «letters of it luck» will be the 31 of January of 2015, while the date limit for the fertilizer of awards will be the 2 of March of 2015 having agreed to the Permanent Commission of the Council of protectorate held on 18 December 2015 to publicize these dates for knowledge of consumers.

Madrid, 18 December 2014.-the Secretary of State for social services and equality, Susana Camarero Benitez.

ANNEX Appendix 16 bis standards of products «with mechanical one or more winning numbers 3 about 8' to three euros, class 4 1st General aspects: General characteristics of the products covered in this appendix are as follows: validity of the product: March 1, 2015.

Marketing support: E.

Price per ticket: 3 euros.

Series tickets: 1,500,000.

Value facial of the series: 4,500,000 euros.

Number of tickets awarded per series: 390.575.

Amount of awards for series: 2.835.000 euros.

Percentage of awards to the value of the series: 63.0%.

The structure of awards by category is as follows: categories of tickets prizes awarded for each series unit award per ticket (in euros) 1 1 50,000 euros in cash + 18,000 euros per year for 15 years 2nd 4 10,000 3rd 20 1,000 4th 2,050 100 5th 5,200 50 6th 23.300 20 7 36,000 10 96,000 5 228,000 3 mechanical operation 2nd 9 8th : 2.1 the ticket of this product consists of a playing area divided in two areas of the game, called "winning numbers" and "your numbers", the latter formed by eight independent moves.

(a) the game "winning numbers" area contains three figures. To reveal the area, under each one of the figures appears a number expressed in figures.

(b) the "your numbers" play area contains eight figures, one for each move. To reveal the area, under each one of the figures a number, expressed in figures, and under the same appears an amount expressed in euro in numbers. Also a special symbol may appear in one or more moves.

(2.2 operation: to) if special in three moves symbol appears to reveal "your numbers" play area, ticket is awarded with the award of first category.

(b) if the special in two moves symbol appears to reveal "your numbers" play area, the ticket is award-winning with 20 euros, in addition to the prizes that can be obtained in the rest of the moves.

(c) if to reveal "your numbers" play, in any move of the area two areas the number matches one of the numbers in the "winning numbers" area, the move is award-winning and wins the amount expressed in euro in this move.

(d) a same ticket may contain an or several played award-winning.

(e) the award of the ticket will be the sum of the awards of each of the award-winning plays.

3 specific rules on the payment of awards. The payment of the first category prize will be made as follows: 3.1 the 50,000 euros (50,000 €) to cash and the first payment of eighteen thousand euros (18,000 €) will be returned, discounted once the corresponding tax deduction, through the account of the user, as set forth in paragraphs 3 and 6 of article 15 of this regulation.

3.2. the payment of annuities from the second to the 15th award, both inclusive, net of withholding tax, will be executed by the credit institution appointed by the graceful among the concerted by the ELEVEN for the payment of these awards, for fourteen years. Such payment shall be carried out coinciding with the days 15 or following working day of the months of February, may, August or November of each year.

3.3. the graceful will receive the first payment amount indicated in point 3.1 above as stipulated in article 15.3 of the regulation and, through the e-mail account provided at the time of registration, a supporting document of right to collect outstanding annuities. Upon receipt of this document, the user must, at the same time, and since form at your disposal together with the mentioned supporting document, grant receipt of the first payment, net of withholding tax and communicate the credit institution appointed from the concerted by the ELEVEN for the successive payments.

3.4 the ELEVEN will transfer the corresponding to the annuity prize from the second to the 15th Prize, both inclusive, once granted the corresponding withholding tax, the credit institution appointed by the graceful, and settled with Treasury fiscal retention of these annuities, being since then released from its payment obligations.

3.5. in the case of death of the graceful, the ELEVEN is obliged to allow that you designated successors before the collaborating entity paying the award.