Resolution Of 19 Of February Of 2015, Of The Address General Of Employment, By Which Is Records And Publishes The Review Wage Of The Convention Collective State For The Industries Of Lasts, Heels, Wedges, Flats And Shanks Of Wood And Cork.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 19 de febrero de 2015, de la Dirección General de Empleo, por la que se registra y publica la revisión salarial del Convenio colectivo estatal para las industrias de hormas, tacones, cuñas, pisos y cambrillones de madera y corcho.

Read the untranslated law here:

Seen the text of the pay review of the collective agreement State for industries of lasts, heels, wedges, flats and Shanks of wood and Cork (Convention No. 99002575011981 code) that was signed with date November 20, 2014, from a party by the Business Association of manufacturers of lasts and heels, on behalf of the companies in the sector, and on the other , by trade union organizations MCA-UGT and CC. OO. Construction and services, in representation of them workers, and of conformity with it willing in the article 90, paragraphs 2 and 3, of the law of the Statute of the workers, text consolidated approved by Real Decree legislative 1 / 1995, of 24 of March, and in the Real Decree 713 / 2010, of 28 of mayo, on registration and deposit of conventions and agreements collective of work , This direction General of employment meets: first.

Order the registration of the above-mentioned pay review in the corresponding register of conventions and collective work agreements with operation through electronic means of this Center Directors, with notice to the Negotiating Committee.


Have its publication in the official bulletin of the State.

Madrid, 19 February 2015.-the General Director of employment, Xavier Jean Braulio Thibault Aranda.

Minutes of pay review in Elda, being 12 hours on November 20, 2014, meets the State Convention's negotiating Committee for industries of lasts, heels, wedges, flats and Shanks of wood and Cork, composed by people who then they relate.

On behalf of the manufacturers of lasts and heels: Don Manuel García Agulló.

Doña María José Aguilera Ponce.

Don Antonio Aguilera Martínez.

Advisor: Don Ernesto Ortiz Arteaga.

On behalf of the workers: by MCA-UGT: Don Jose Dura Tari.

Don José Tortosa Martinez.

Advisor: Dona Fini Tenza Poveda.

By CCOO construction and services: Don Manuel of the street Albero.

Don José Antonio Cubero Pacheco.

Moderators: Don Miguel Ángel Martínez Jiménez.

Don Jose Manuel Perez Martinez.

In order to write the table wages for the year 2014, pursuant to the provisions of article 17 - b of the existing State Convention for industries of lasts, heels, wedges, flats and Shanks of wood and Cork, published in the official Gazette of 3 October 2013 agrees first.

Establish the table wage for the year 2014, with effects to the day one of January, increasing it's 2013 in a 0.30%, amount of the increase of the CPI in said year.

What are the following amounts: Group 1: 42,87 euros.

Group 2: 38,16 euros.

Group 3: 34,34 euros.

Group 4: 30,83 EUR.

Group 5: 30.13 euros.

Group 6: 29,57 euros.

Group 7: 27.76 euros.

Group 8: 21.46 euros.

Accessories: (1): * Group I: Chief: 5,49 Euro.

* Group 3: Of. Admivo. 1st: 8,88 euros.

* Group 4: Of. Admivo 2nd: 9.02 euros.

* Group 4: Aux Admivo.: 2.87 euros.

(1) with the aim of adapting the old categories professionals groups that are agreed in this agreement, set for those listed in annex I with an asterisk (*), the following personal Add-ons to these workers. These accessories will have the consideration of salary of Convention, paying is jointly with it e including is in the retribution of them bonuses extraordinary second.

Empower interchangeably to UGT, CCOO, or to the lawyer intervening by the part business in this Act, for processing the request of publication of this table wage in the Bulletin official of the State.

And having no more issues that treat, rises the session being the 13.30 hours a day in the expressed heading.