Resolution Of 24 February 2015, The General Direction Of Migration, Which Establish Norms For The Appointment Of Members Of The General Council Of The Spanish Citizenship Abroad.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 24 de febrero de 2015, de la Dirección General de Migraciones, por la que se establecen normas para la designación de miembros del Consejo General de la Ciudadanía Española en el Exterior.

Read the untranslated law here:

He article 10 of the law 40 / 2006, of 14 of December, of the Statute of the citizenship Spanish in the outside, sets that the Council General of the citizenship Spanish in the outside is an organ of character Advisory and advisory, affiliated to the Ministry employment and security Social, through it address General of migrations whose choice, composition and regime of operation is be regulated regulations.

Said development regulatory is led to out by the Real Decree 230 / 2008, of 15 of February, by which is regulates the Council General of the citizenship Spanish in the outside, that contemplates in its article 11 the choice and appointment of them advisors, determining that them tips of resident Spanish will elect until a maximum of forty and three, with it distribution that set the Ministry of employment and security Social in proportion to the number of Spaniards registered on the electoral roll of residents abroad (WAX) in each country. Says also that through resolution of the holder of the address General of migrations, is established them standards for the designation of them members of the Council in the term maximum of two months starting from the date of completion of the mandate previous.

He Ministry of affairs foreign and of cooperation according to it established in the article 11.1 of the Real Decree 1960 / 2009, of 18 of December, by which is regulate them tips of resident Spanish in the foreign, issued the order AEC / 2172 / 2010, of 13 of July, that regulates the Constitution, election and operation of them tips of resident Spanish in the foreign , in which is planned that in the so-called of not presentation of lists or not admission of them presented in a first call, will make a new call electoral elapsed the term of six months.

Completed the V term of the General Council of the citizenship Spanish abroad two electoral processes regulated pursuant to the resolutions of 23 November 2011 and 13 July 2012, of the General direction of the Spanish citizenship abroad and the General direction of migration, were held respectively, resulting in the election of thirty-eight Councillors.

On development of the second electoral process indicated, was the call for the election of a second counselor in United States date August 12, 2012. In the absence of quorum in the indicated call, it could not proceed to the choice and designation, and second counselor square by this country continues vacant.

On the other hand, is also vacant representation of Morocco in the General Council, country that is constituted a single CRE in Tangier.

This address General considers necessary that is appropriate to the choice of them counselors that can cover them squares vacant described, to is are properly represented in the Council General them Spanish residents in both countries.

By virtue of it earlier, this address General of migrations, of conformity with the address General of Spanish in the outside, of affairs consular and migratory, has: article 1. Celebration of the third process electoral.

1. by the present resolution is set them standards for it designation of advisors General of it citizenship Spanish in the outside, in accordance with the procedure regulated in it resolution of 23 of November of 2011, of it address General of it citizenship Spanish in the outside, by which is set them standards for the designation of members of said organ Advisory , in the following countries: United States of America: 1 counselor.

Morocco: 1 counselor.

2. in the new electoral process, all members of the CRE are made in these countries, by proceeding otherwise pursuant to the aforementioned resolution of November 23, 2011 will be electors.

3. the realization of this third electoral process for the designation of General counselors in no case may make revision of the designations of General Directors according to the result of the first or of the second electoral process.

Article 2. Call for elections.

1. the Ambassador of Spain, heard the advice of Spanish residents, shall convene the elections through the heads of Consular Office of all the districts in which these CRE are made.

2. on the part of the Embassy will facilitate local to carry out the meeting, as well as the necessary technical support.

3. elections to the General Council of the Spanish citizenship abroad shall be held before the March 31, 2015.

Article 3. Colegio Electoral.

1. the polling shall be composed of all the members of the CRE constituted in each of the countries.

2. the Colegio Electoral is deemed validly constituted when is present the half more one of them concerned members.

3. the day of the elections the Ambassador of Spain, or official diplomatic in who delegate, gathered them members of them CRE corresponding, will preside over the Constitution of the Colegio Electoral.

4. the Chief of the Office Consular of the demarcation in which is held the elections, as well as them consuls attached, if them any, may participate in the process electoral in quality of observers.

5. the Counselor of employment and safety Social, or in its defect the Chief of the section of employment and safety Social, will act as Secretary of the session electoral. In countries where these do not exist, an official designated by the head of the Consular Office shall act as Secretary.

Article 4. Presentation of candidatures.

1 constituted the Electoral College, nominations and election of Directors will be held in a single act.

2. it will produce a single list that includes all the candidates listed in alphabetical order.

3. in order ensure the choice both of advisors holders as of alternate, the list will be integrated at least by the double of candidates that the number of counselors holders that appropriate choose.

4. in the composition of the list of candidates is will ensure it not discrimination by reason of gender and is apply the principle of composition balanced so that such list shall contain, in it possible, a minimum of the forty percent of people of each sex.

5. made the list alphabetical of candidates is will proceed to give reading of the same to them components of the school election.

6. then, and by the order occupy in the list, each of the candidates will have the opportunity to defend, quick, short, his candidacy.

7 completed interventions, the session is interrupted for a period of time, not exceeding one hour, that the Electoral College determines suitable as a period of reflection.

Article 5. Polling, voting and counting.

1. the polling station will be integrated by the Member of the Electoral College of elderly who is not the candidate, who will act as President, and by the younger who is not the candidate, who will act as Secretary.

2. each voter may vote to any of the candidates on the electoral list. When there is a post of Adviser to cover, each ballot contains, maximum of two candidates.

3 may exercise the right to vote all voters that make up the Electoral College, by depositing the ballot papers in the ballot box installed for this purpose.

4. the Secretary of the table will check the inclusion of them voters in the College and will leave record of this in the relationship of voters as well as of its participation electoral.

5. after the vote, will proceed to the scrutiny and the President will conduct the public counting of the votes.

6 then shall be the Act of voting that will be signed by the Chairman and the Secretary, by delivery thereof to the Ambassador of Spain or authority that holds its representation so it is transferred to the Secretariat of the General Council of the Spanish citizenship abroad by delegation.

7 will be declared null and void ballots that include the names of people who do not appear in the list of candidates, or may more names that correspond to choose as indicated in paragraph 2 above.

8 they will be elected as headlines candidates who obtain the greatest number of votes and as alternates who remain in the number of votes. In case of tie the designation will be resolved by lot.

Article 6. Realization of the process of voting for videoconferencing systems.

1. in countries where there is more than one CRE can articulate itself, where the technical and human resources of consular offices to which are attached so permit, and agreement between the heads of these consular offices and the members of the CRE, a voting by simultaneous videoconference system, through which to develop the process described in the previous articles.

2 in order to ensure the unified character of the aforementioned process and its adjustment to the requirements of this resolution, shall be appointed officials that additional form as provided in article 3, are present in each CRE meeting places and give faith of its development and the results of the election held.

Article 7. Proclamation of candidates elected.

By order of the Ministry of employment and security Social is announced the candidates elected that had retrieved the greater number of votes as advisors holders and as alternate which them continue in number of votes.

Article 8. Claims.

The direction General of migrations will resolve the claims raised during the process electoral.

Article 9. Means and financial compensation.

For the development of the process electoral the Secretariat of the Council General of the citizenship Spanish in the outside will facilitate them media following: 1. them voters that is see forced to perform displacement for participate in the process, will have right to the refund of them expenses of displacement, accommodation and maintenance that is les cause, with charge to the budget of the address General of migrations and in them terms that this set.

2. the advisors of employment and security Social will facilitate the support documentary and the support necessary to carry to out all the process electoral.

Available end first. Entry in force.

This resolution shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, 24 February 2015.-the General Director of migration, Aurelio Miras Portugal.