Order Ecd/373/2015, Of 26 February, By Which The Ecd/1491 Order Amending/2014, Of 31 July, The Public Prices For The University Academic Services At The National University Of Education Laying Distance For Cu...

Original Language Title: Orden ECD/373/2015, de 26 de febrero, por la que se modifica la Orden ECD/1491/2014, de 31 de julio, por la que se fijan los precios públicos por los servicios académicos universitarios en la Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia para el cu...

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Order ECD/1491/2014, of 31 July, set public prices for University academic services at the National University of education distance for the academic year 2014-2015.

Thus, in the annexes of this order were certain the amounts corresponding to the different public services in university education, which were established under the proposals made by the University, taking into account the limits of prices agreed upon by the General Conference on University policy.

However, with later to the dictated of the order, it referred University has requested a modification of the same that consists, on the one hand, in include them prices public of two new titles of Master of new implementation in this course 2014-2015 (Master University in Protocol and Master University in Psychology General health) that will be paid in accordance with them standards established in the order; and, secondly, in rectifying the original proposal set a price by participation in pre-registration for access to master's and doctoral studies in General and replace it by the pricing for the evaluation of requests for access to the studies of master's and doctoral students with degrees from foreign educational systems.

Accordingly, a time view the proposed effected to the effect by the University national of education to distance, comes modify it referred order in the sense of include in its annex IV, relative to them prices of masters University, them rates corresponding to them two new titles of Master, and of modify the paragraph 2.5 of the annex VI, relative to prices public by others services 2014-2015 , to set the new price relative to the evaluation of applications of studies of master and PhD.

This order is issued under cover of enabling conferred by article 26.1 of the Act 8/1989 of 13 April, rates and prices public. By virtue, I have: single article. Modification order ECD/1491/2014, of 31 July, the public prices for the University academic services at the National University of education laying distance for the academic year 2014-2015.

One. The following rates are added to the annex IV of the ECD/1491/2014, July 31: under the heading - professionalizing College master - University Master's degrees include: «Euros/credit ECTS first second third fourth registration registration registration and subsequent registration Master in Psychology General health 45.00 54,00 117,00 162,00» under the title University Master's degrees - University Master's degrees not professional - includes: «Euros/credit ECTS first second third fourth registration registration registration and subsequent registrations Master 46,15 28,51 Protocol 49 ,70


Dos. It paragraph 2.5 of the annex VI is drafted as follows: «2.5 evaluation of them degrees of systems educational foreigners for the access to studies of Master and PhD: 30 euros.»

Madrid, February 26, 2015.-the Minister of education, culture and sport, José Ignacio Wert Ortega.