Order Jus/378/2015, 23 February, Which Determines The Structure And Relationships Of Jobs Of The Judicial Office In Barakaldo Are Approved.

Original Language Title: Orden JUS/378/2015, de 23 de febrero, por la que se determina la estructura y se aprueban las relaciones de puestos de trabajo de la oficina judicial de Barakaldo.

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Them relations of positions of work is configured as an instrument of management of them structures internal of the administration of Justice, by what is must proceed to its approval, all this for the purposes of give compliance to planned in them articles 521, 522 and 523 of the law organic 6 / 1985, of 1 of July, of the power Judicial, and 100 and 101 of the regulation organic of the body of Secretaries judicial approved by the Royal Decree 1608 / 2005 of 30 December.

Management of the staff and their integration into different units that make up the structure of the judicial offices, as referred to in article 521 of the organic law 6/1985, of 1 July, the judiciary, will be done through relationships of jobs that are approved and which, in any case, shall be public.

By this, is makes must adapt the current template organic of posts of work to them forecasts contained in the referred law organic through them relations of positions of work with them specifications contained in the article 521 of the referred law.

This order ministerial has been informed by the Council General of the power Judicial, negotiated with them organizations Union more representative, heard the Council of the Secretariat and taking in consideration the proposals and reviews of them communities autonomous affected.

In their virtue have: article 1. Approval of certain units of the Judicial Office work jobs relationships and codes to rating.

Is approve them relations of positions of work of the units that make up the office judicial in them parties judicial in Barakaldo that is contain in the annex I of this order as well as them codes of merits to rating collected in the annex II.

Available end only. Entry into force.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, February 23, 2015.-the Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá Polo.

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ANNEX II description of codes of merits to assess experience in: 121 order jurisdiction Civil.

122. criminal court order.

123. contentious court order.

124. Social court order.

125 offices of record and cast.

126 judged commercial.

127 courts of family.

129 bodies collegiate.

132. penitentiary surveillance courts.

590. expertise in mediation.

591 Intrajudicial mediation experience.

592. experience in management of groups of work.

593. extensive experience in management of computer applications.

594. experience in Civil execution.

595. experience in Penal execution.


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