Resolution Of 2 March 2015, Of The Directorate-General Of Employment, Which Are Recorded And Published Salary Tables For The Year 2015 Of The Collective Agreement For The Sector Recovery And Recycling Of Waste And Secondary Raw Materials.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 2 de marzo de 2015, de la Dirección General de Empleo, por la que se registran y publican las tablas salariales para el año 2015 del Convenio colectivo del sector recuperación y reciclado de residuos y materias primas secundarias.

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Seen the text of the salary tables for the year 2015 of the collective agreement of the sector recovery and recycling of waste and secondary raw materials, (Convention No. 99004345011982 code) that was signed with date February 17, 2015, in part by business organizations, Spanish Federation of the recovery and recycling (FER) and the Spanish Association of recovery paper and Carton (REPACAR) on behalf of the companies in the sector, and on the other, by the trade unions CC. OO. and UGT on behalf of workers, and in accordance with the provisions of article 90, paragraphs 2 and 3, of the law of the Statute of workers, consolidated text approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/95, of March 24, and in Royal Decree 713/2010, 28 of may, on registration and deposit agreements and collective labour agreements , This Directorate-General of employment meets: first.

Order the registration of them cited tables wage in the corresponding register of conventions and agreements collective of work with operation through media electronic of this center management, with notification to the Commission negotiating.


Have your publication in the «Official Gazette».

Madrid, 2 March 2015.-the General Director of employment, Xavier Jean Braulio Thibault Aranda.

MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE COMMISSION NEGOTIATOR CONVENTION COLLECTIVE OF RECOVERY and RECYCLING OF WASTE and MATERIALS RAW SECONDARY in MADRID and on the premises of FER, located on the street Almagro, 22, 4th, being 10:00 of the day February 17, 2015 meets the negotiating Commission of the collective agreement of recovery and recycling of waste and secondary raw materials with the assistance of people reviewed , those attendees try the following: construction and services of Comisiones Obreras: Daniel Barragan Burgui.

Jesus Martinez Golden.

Federación Estatal de services of the General Union of workers: Antonio Moruno.

Rosa Maria Sampedro Rodriguez.

Spanish recovery Federation and the recycling (FER): Alicia García-Franco Zúñiga.

Spanish Association of recovery of paper and cardboard (REPACAR): Cristina Afan de Ribera.

The meeting is opened and is exposed that the advance of the GDP in the 4th quarter published by the INE makes that the variation of the GDP of the year 2014 is less than 2%.

On the application of the agreements adopted in article 12 of the collective agreement is agreed to apply an increase of 1% in all the retributive concepts corresponding to the year 2015.

He amount of them various split economic is stated below. The new wage table for 2015 is attached as an annex.

Complement plus transport: 2.28 euros.

Daily diet overnight: 45,92 euros.

Diet by using private vehicles, km: 0.26 euros.

Diet food/half day out home: 11,74 euro.

Family support: 14,94 EUR.

Remember delegate Alicia García-Franco or July Lorente from the Spanish Federation of recovery and recycling, interchangeably, so that they can perform all the necessary steps, including corrections for the registration of this agreement and to this end is delegated them powers necessary to complete registration.

And, not having more Affairs that treat, is raises the session being the 10:30 hours, signing in test of its compliance all them present: construction and services of CC. OO., Daniel Barragan Burgui and Jesús Martínez Dorado. - Federación Estatal de services of the General Union of workers, Moorish Antonio and Rosa María Sampedro Rodríguez. - FER-REPACAR, Alicia García-Franco and Cristina Afan de Ribera.

TABLES WAGE 2015 1% monthly Base salary Plus monthly Total hygiene monthly Total annual group professional staff address: principal 1.537,28 200,51 1.336,77 Manager 22.457,66 Director to area or Department 1.203,35 180,50 1.383,85 20.216,29 Personal professional group technical and entitled: entitled to premium grade 1.230,22 184,53 1.414,75 entitled 20.667,70 / to middle grade

1.203,35 180,50 1.383,85 20.126,29 professional group administration: head first 1.052,95 for 157,94 1.210,89 17.689,52 officer for first 903,86 135,58 1.039,47 15.185,22 second 835,03 officer to 125.25 960,28 14.028,44 Administrative Assistant 775,36 891,66 116,30 13.025,99 aspiring to 570,20 85,53 655,73 9.579,35 Gr UPO professional production staff 0.00 charge to general 1.052,95 157,94 1.210,89 17.689,52 Manager 958,35 143,75 1.102,10 16.100,25 officer/a 852,89 127,93 980,82 14.328,52 driver for 1st 903,89 135,58 1.039,47 15.185,31 Carretillero/a-especialista 852,89 127,93 980,82 14.328,52 driver/a-especialista 852,89 127,93 980,82 14.328 , 52 mechanical / a-especialista 852,89 127,93 980,82 14.328,52 oxy-acetylene-specialist 852,89 127,93 980,82 14.328,52 Maquinista-especialista 855,45 128,32 983,77 14.371,59 specialist 798,58 119,79 918,37 13.416,17 Peon / to 775,36 116,30 891,66 13.025,99 apprentice / to 645,04 96,76 741,79 10.836,71 group professional Personal junior:





Watchman and/or Ordinance 797,80 119,67 917,47 14.403,04 13.025,99 891,66 116,30 775,36 cleaning