Resolution Of 25 Of February Of 2015, Of The Secretariat General Of Universities, By Which Published The Agreement Of The Council Of Ministers Of 20 Of February Of 2015, By Which Is Sets The Character Official Of Certain Titles University Of...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 25 de febrero de 2015, de la Secretaría General de Universidades, por la que publica el Acuerdo del Consejo de Ministros de 20 de febrero de 2015, por el que se establece el carácter oficial de determinados títulos universitarios de ...

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He Council of Ministers, in its meeting of 20 of February of 2015, has adopted the agreement by which is sets the character official of certain titles University of Doctor and its registration in the register of universities, centres and titles.

He Real Decree 1393 / 2007, of 29 of October, by which is sets it management of them teachings University official, has, in its article 26, that the agreements of the Council of Ministers by which is set the character official of them titles University will be published in the newsletter official of the State.

In accordance with the aforesaid article, this General Secretariat of universities has resolved to have the publication in the Official Gazette of the agreement annexed to the present resolution.

Madrid, 25 of February of 2015.-the Secretary General of universities, Juan María Vázquez Rojas.

ANNEX agreement of the Council of Ministers by which establishes the official nature of certain degrees of Doctor and its registration in the register of universities, centres and degrees the Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, of October 29, which establishes the planning of official university education, in paragraph 3 of article 3 thereof, determines that these teachings will be realized in curricula that will be produced by the universities , with subject to the rules and conditions that them are of application in each case. Such curricula shall be checked by the Council of universities and authorized in its implementation by the corresponding autonomous communities, in accordance with that established in article 35.2 of the organic law 6/2001, of universities, amended by organic law 4/2007, of 12 April.

On the other hand, in accordance with the provisions contained in the provision additional sixth of the referred real Decree, in accordance with provisions of the fourth of the aforementioned organic law 6/2001, of universities additional provision, recognition purposes civil of the University studies of no ecclesiastical Sciences in the universities of the Catholic Church in Spain prior to the 3 January 1979 on education and Cultural Affairs agreement signed between the State Spanish and the Holy see by virtue of the provisions of the agreement between the Holy See and the Spanish State of April 5, 1962, maintain its special procedures in both insofar as they do not opt to become private universities. However, to the effects of do effective said procedures, them plans of studies also will have of be verified with arrangement to the conditions established in the referred real Decree.

By virtue of the foregoing, certain universities have developed different doctoral programmes leading to the degree of Doctor. Such programs have retrieved verification positive of the Council of universities and, except in them cases of them corresponding to the universities of the Church Catholic, that not it require, authorization for his implementation of it corresponding Community autonomous.

After the compliance of them referred procedures mandatory, of conformity with it established in the paragraph 1 of the article 26 of the referred real Decree, and in the paragraph 3 of its available additional sixth, comes raise to Council of Ministers the present agreement of establishment of the character official of them titles of Doctor obtained after the overcoming of them mentioned programs and its registration in the register of universities Centers and qualifications (RUCT). These titles, must also be accredited in accordance with the standard.

By virtue, on the proposal of the Minister of education, culture and sport, the Council of Ministers, at its meeting of February 20, 2015, agrees: first. Establishment of the character official of those titles.

In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 of article 3 of the Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, of October 29, which establishes the planning of official university education, is declared the official nature of the titles of Doctor obtained after passing the doctoral programmes listed in the annex to this agreement.

These titles will have official status and validity throughout the national territory, shall have full academic effects and enabled, where appropriate, to carry out professional activities regulated, according to the regulations resulting from application in each case.

Second. Registration in the register of universities, centres and degrees.

Them titles of Doctor, with mention express to them programs of doctorate that, in each case, lead to their obtaining, will be registered in the register of universities, centres and titles (RUCT). Such registration shall entail the initial consideration of accredited qualifications.

Third. Renewal of accreditation of the titles.

Them programs of PhD conducive to the obtaining of them titles University official of Doctor, object of the present agreement, in order keep its accreditation, must submit is to the procedure of evaluation planned in the article 27 bis of the referred Real Decree 1393 / 2007, of 29 of October, introduced by the Real Decree 861 / 2010, of 2 of July, before the course of six years to count from the date of its verification initial or from it of its last accreditation.

Room. Issuance of the title.

The titles of Doctor will be issued on behalf of the King by the rectors of the corresponding universities, in accordance with provisions in the current regulations, with express reference to this agreement.

Fifth. Empowerment for the adoption of measures for the implementation of the agreement.

By the Minister of education, culture and sport, in the field of its competences, shall be adopted the measures necessary for the implementation of this agreement.

ANNEX I. civilian universities. Relationship of official doctoral programmes ordered by universities IE 5601125 University PhD programme in business studies / Ph.D in Business Studies.

Mondragon Unibertsitatea 5601011 PhD program in advanced management of organizations and Social economy.

Universidad Antonio Nebrija 5601130 PhD program in industrial technologies applied to the automobile engineering, electronics and materials.

University Camilo José Cela 5601067 program of doctorate in Sciences of the health.

University Catholic of Valencia San Vicente Mártir 5601010 program of PhD in Sciences of the health.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid 5601104 doctoral program in biology.

5601105 program of PhD in biochemistry, biology Molecular and Biomedicine.

5601095 doctoral program in Dental Sciences.

5601115 program of doctorate in law.

5601080 doctoral program in computer engineering.

5601086 PhD program in chemical engineering.

5601094 PhD program in medical and surgical sciences research.

5601112 program of PhD in research mathematics (IMA).

5601078 doctorate in microbiology and parasitology.

5601088 doctoral program in advanced chemistry.

5601087 doctorate in organic chemistry.

University of Burgos 5601119 program of doctorate in legal, economic and social sciences.

University of Valladolid 5601197 PhD program in health sciences research.

5601196 doctoral program in Chemistry: chemistry of synthesis, Catalysis and advanced materials.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid 5601099 PhD program in architectural communication.

5601101 doctoral program in architectural heritage.

5601175 doctoral program in planning of projects of Rural development and sustainable management.

University Rey Juan Carlos 5600978 PhD program in conservation of natural resources.

5600977 doctoral program in information technology and communications.

5601129 doctorate in industrial technologies: environmental, energy, electronics, chemistry, mechanics and materials.

Universitat de València (Estudi General) 5600314 PhD program in communication and intercultural relations.

5600316 doctoral program in pollution, toxicology and environmental health.

5600326 program of doctorate in law, political science and Criminology.

5600318 doctoral program in human rights, democracy and international justice.

5600992 doctoral program in business administration.

5600323 doctoral program in education.

5600347 doctoral program in promotion of autonomy and Socio-health care dependency.

II. list of official doctoral programmes organized jointly by universities 5600601 doctoral program in science and health technology (joint doctoral program of Universidad Cardenal Herrera-CEU University San Pablo-CEU).

5600919 doctoral program in Vision Sciences (doctoral program joint of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de Alcalá, University of Murcia, University of Navarra, University of Santiago de Compostela and Valladolid University).

5601081 doctoral program in business and Territorial competitiveness, innovation and sustainability (Ramon Llull University and Universidad de Deusto, Comillas Pontifical University joint doctoral program).

5600358 program of doctorate in Criminology (program of doctorate set of University of Granada, University of Murcia and University Miguel Hernández of Elche).

5601076 doctorate in ecology (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universidad Complutense de Madrid joint PhD program).

5600379 PhD program in Economics (PhD program set by University of Alicante, Universidad de Murcia, Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, National University of distance education and Polytechnic University of Cartagena).

5600956 doctoral program in energy efficiency and sustainability in engineering and architecture (doctoral program joint University of Burgos, University of Vigo and Universidad País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea).

5600964 program of PhD in Europe and the world Atlantic: power, culture and society (program of doctorate set of University of Valladolid and University of the country Basque / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea).

5600332 doctoral program in social and historical studies of science, medicine and scientific communication [(doctoral program joint University of Alicante, Miguel Hernández University of Elche and Universitat de València (Estudi General)].

5601072 program of doctorate in studies interdisciplinary of gender (program of doctorate set of University autonomous of Madrid, University of Alcalá, University of Alicante, University of Huelva, University of the Laguna, University of them Illes Balears, University Jaume I of Castellón and University King Juan Carlos).

5601077 program of doctorate in pharmacy (program of doctorate set of University Complutense of Madrid and University of Alcalá).

5601103 PhD program in philosophy, science, and values [(doctoral program joint of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (Mexico)].

5600961 PhD program in finance and Economics Cuantitativas/Quantitative Finance and Economics [(doctoral program joint of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de Castilla - La Mancha Universidad País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea and Universitat de València (Estudi General)].

5600567 program of PhD in contemporary history)].

5600340 program of doctorate in mobility human [(program of doctorate set of University of Valencia (Estudi General), Malmö Högskola (Sweden), University of Zacatecas (Mexico), Universidade Aberta (Portugal) and Université Catholique of Lille (Fupl) (France))].

5600564 doctoral programme in tourism (doctoral program joint University of Alicante, Universidad de Málaga, Universidad de Sevilla and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos).

5601131 program of PhD Erasmus Mundus in nanomedicine and pharmaceutical innovation [(doctoral program joint University of Santiago de Compostela, The University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), Université d'Angers (France), Université de Liège (Belgium) and Université de Nantes (France)].

5600007 program of PhD Erasmus Mundus in organization Industrial (Industrial Management) [(program of doctorate set of University Polytechnic of Madrid, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan-The Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Politecnico Di Milano (Italy))].