Resolution Of 4 March 2015, The International University Of La Rioja, Which Publishes The Plan Of Graduate Studies In Psychology.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 4 de marzo de 2015, de la Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Graduado en Psicología.

Read the untranslated law here:

Obtained the verification of the plan of studies by the Council of universities, prior report positive of the Agency national of evaluation of the quality and accreditation, as well as the authorization of the community autonomous of the Rioja, and agreed the character official of the title by agreement of the Council of Ministers of 20 of September of 2013 (published in the «BOE» of 15 of November) (, by resolution of the Secretary General of universities, on October 24, 2013), this Chancellor, in accordance with the provisions of article 35 of the organic law 6/2001, of 21 December, universities, in the wording given by the organic law 4/2007, resolved to publish the curriculum leading to the degree of graduate or graduate in psychology from the International University of La Rioja.

The plan of studies referred to in the present resolution shall be structured as set out in the annex attached.

Logroño, 4 of March of 2015.-the Rector, Jose Maria Vazquez Garcia-penuela.

ANNEX curriculum leading to the degree of graduate or graduate in Psychology by the International University of Rioja branch of knowledge to which is attached the title: social science and legal 1. Distribution of the Plan of studies in credits ECTS, by type of material.

Type of matter credits training basic 60 mandatory 132 electives 30 practices external 6 work end of grade 12 Total 240 2. Credits of basic training. Materials distribution: branch of knowledge matters (RD 1393 / 2007, of October 29) subjects linked ECTS course of health sciences.

Biology, Physiology, Anatomy human.

Biological behavioral foundations.

6 1 Physiology, biology, psychology.

Behavioural neuroscience.

6 1 Physiology, biology and psychology.

Cognitive neuroscience.

6 2nd statistics, psychology.

Introduction to research in Psychology: foundations of statistical and epistemological Bases.

6 1 statistics, psychology.

Data analysis in Psychology: quantitative and qualitative methods.

6 1 statistics, psychology.

Research designs in psychology.

6 2nd social and legal sciences.

Education, psychology.

Psychology of education.

6 2 psychology, education.

Psychomotor development, cognitive and linguistic.

6 1. psychology, sociology.

Social Psychology.

6 1. psychology, sociology.

Psychology of Social interaction.



3. General explanation of curriculum planning: subjects courses credits character Psychology: history, science and profession (8 ECTS).

History of psychology.

4 OB ethics and professional ethics.

4 OB psychological processes (30 ECTS).

Psychology of perception and attention.

6 OB psychology of memory.

6 OB conditioning, motivation and emotion.

6 OB human learning and thinking.

6 OB psychology of language.

6 OB biological Bases of behavior (26 ECTS).

Biological behavioral foundations.

6 B behavioural neuroscience.

6 B neuroscience cognitive.

6 B psychophysiology applied.

4 OB foundations of neuropsychology.

4 OB Bases social of the behavior (22 ECTS).

Psychology Social.

6 B psychology of the interaction Social.

6 B psychology of those groups.

4 OB psychology of the organizations.

6 OB psychology of the cycle life and of the education (24 ECTS).

Psychology of the education.

6 B developing psychomotor, cognitive and linguistic.

6 B developing emotional and Social.

6 OB family, community and development human.

6 OB methods, designs and techniques of research in Psychology (18 ECTS).

Introduction to the research in Psychology: Fundamentals of statistics and databases epistemological.

6 B analysis of data in Psychology: methods quantitative and qualitative.

6 B designs from research in psychology.

6 B diversity human, personality and psychopathology (18 ECTS).

Psychology of the personality and the differences individual I.

4 OB psychology of the personality and the differences individual II.

4 OB psychopathology I.

4 OB psychopathology II.

6 OB evaluation and psychological diagnosis (24 ECTS).


6 OB models, technical and psychological assessment tools.

6 OB evaluation Neuropsychological.

6 OB evaluation and psychological diagnosis.

6 OB intervention and psychological treatment (14 ECTS).

Psychology of health and quality of life.

4 OB psychotherapeutic schools: Models and techniques of intervention and psychological treatment I.

4 OB psychotherapeutic schools: Models and techniques of intervention and psychological treatment II.

6 OB psychology and Anthropology (8 ECTS).

Anthropological models in psychology.

4 OB psychology and person.

4 OB psychology health, evaluation and psychological treatments (30 ECTS).

Psychopathology and adolescent intervention.

6 OP psychopharmacology.

6 OP psychological interview techniques.

6 OP assessment and intervention in addiction.

6 OP counseling and family intervention.

6 OP psychology of social and community intervention (30 ECTS).

Conflict and negotiation.

6 OP Social and community intervention.

6 OP forensic psychology.

6 OP Criminology.

6 OP violence against women: Genesis, analysis, prevention and intervention.

6 OP education and evolutionary psychology (30 ECTS).

Educational and evolutionary optimization.

6 OP Psychogerontology.

6 OP disorders in the development of the language.

6 OP early attention.

6 OP education intelligence and affectivity.



Psychology of work, organization and human resources (30 ECTS).

Selection of personnel.

6 OP human resources management.

6 OP Marketing and organizational communications.

6 OP Coaching.

6 OP organizational behavior.

6 OP power and leadership.

6. open electives OP (30 ECTS).

English language I.

6 OP English language II.

6 OP design and Web programming.

6 OP social networks and Web 2.0.

6. Introduction to ICT OP.

6 OP Religion, culture and values.

6 OP practical external (6 ECTS).


6 PE work end of grade (12 ECTS).

End of degree work.

12 GFR distribution of them materials optional in each an of them mentions: mention in psychology of it health, evaluation and treatments psychological ECTS psychopathology and intervention Infanto-youth 6 ECTS psychopharmacology 6 ECTS technical of interview psychological 6 ECTS evaluation and intervention in addictions 6 ECTS orientation e intervention family 6 ECTS Total 30 ECTS mention in psychology of it intervention Social and community ECTS conflict and negotiation 6 ECTS intervention Social and community 6 ECTS psychology legal 6 ECTS

Criminology 6 ECTS violence against the women: Genesis, analysis, prevention and intervention 6 ECTS Total 30 ECTS mention in psychology educational and evolutionary ECTS optimization evolutionary and educational 6 ECTS Psychogerontology 6 ECTS disorders in the development of the language 6 ECTS attention early 6 ECTS education of the intelligence and the affectivity 6 ECTS Total 30 ECTS mention in psychology of the work , the organizations and the resources human (choose 5) ECTS selection of Personal 6 ECTS management of resources human 6 ECTS Marketing and communication organizational 6 ECTS Coaching 6 ECTS behavior organizational 6 ECTS power and leadership 6 ECTS Total 30 ECTS