Resolution Of 4 March 2015, The International University Of La Rioja, That Publishes Curriculum Of Graduated In Marketing And International Marketing.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 4 de marzo de 2015, de la Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Graduado en Marketing y Comercialización Internacional.

Read the untranslated law here:

Obtained the verification of the curriculum by the universities Council, following a positive report from the National Agency for quality assessment and accreditation, as well as the authorization of the autonomous community of La Rioja, and agreed the official nature of the title by agreement of the Council of Ministers on April 4, 2014 (published in the «official Gazette» of 28 (, by resolution of the Secretariat General of universities of 10 of April of 2014), this Rector's Office, of conformity with it willing in the article 35 of the law organic 6 / 2001, of 21 of December, of universities, in the drafting given by it law organic 4 / 2007, has determined publish the plan of studies conducive to the obtaining of the title of graduated or graduated in Marketing and marketing international by it University International of the Rioja.

The plan of studies referred to in the present resolution shall be structured as set out in the annex attached.

Logroño, 4 March 2015.-the Rector, José María Vázquez García-Peñuela.

ANNEX Plan of studies leading to the title of graduate or graduate in Marketing and international marketing by the International University of Rioja branch of knowledge to which is attached the title: social science and legal 1. Distribution of the plan of studies in credits ECTS, by type of material.

Type of matter credits training basic 60 compulsory 126 optional 36 practices external 12 work end of grade 6 Total 240 them subjects of the itineraries are of character optional, but mandatory within the route corresponding.

2 credits of basic training. Materials distribution.

Branch of knowledge matters (RD 1393 / 2007, of October 29) related subjects ECTS course social and legal sciences.


Commercial law and corporate 6 1 social and legal sciences.


Introduction to business administration.

6 1 social and legal sciences.

Introduction to accounting.

6 1 social and legal sciences.

Management accounting.

6 2nd social and legal sciences.

Management control 6 2nd social and legal sciences.


Mathematical financial.

6 1 social and legal sciences.

Statistics descriptive.

6 1 social and legal sciences.


Communication Personal and organizational.

6 1 social and legal sciences.


New behaviors of consumer 6 2nd social sciences and legal.


Sociology 6 1 3. Explanation general of the planning of the plan of studies.

Module subjects subjects credits character module I. basic training.


Commercial law and corporate.

6 B company and accounting.

Introduction to accounting.

6 (B) management accounting.

6 (B) Management Control.

6. Introduction to the business administration B.

6 (B) mathematics and statistics.

Financial mathematics.

6. descriptive statistics B.

6 (B) communication.

Staff and organizational communication.

6 B psychology.

New behaviour of the consumer.

6 B sociology.




Módulo II. Mandatory training.

Strategic and operative marketing.

Marketing Basis, Marketing Management.

6 OB communication and advertising. Conventional and non-conventional.

6 OB communication Below the Line.

6 OB Branding and product development.

6 OB distribution and networks business international.

6 OB planning strategic and of Marketing International.

6 OB International Digital Marketing.

6 OB E - commerce international.

6 OB foreign language.

English language I.

6 OB English language II.

6 OB team management.

Team management.

6 OB market research techniques.

Quantitative market research techniques.

6 OB qualitative market research techniques.

6. applied computing OB.

Computing applied to Marketing.

6 OB Digital technology and commercial computer systems.

6 OB sales management and distribution.

Introduction to business management.

6 OB planning, Control, and international business management.

6 OB development and revitalization of international commercial and equipment.

6 OB international management of the company.

International business management.

6 OB international funding.

6 OB international operations management.

6 OB module III. Optional training sector International Marketing.

International marketing consumer goods and food.

6 OP International Industrial Marketing.

6 OP International Marketing services companies.

6 OP International Tourism Marketing.

6 OP international entrepreneurship and business plans.

6. legal aspects for internalization Digital OP.

6 OP Culture, Society and Trends in World Markets.

6 OP Marketing Digital international.

Marketing Mobile in markets international.

6 OP International Community Management.

6 OP advertising international on line on Display.

6 OP advertising Search International; Marketing in search engines and positioning natural: SEM and SEO.

6 OP analytical Web international.

6 OP aspects legal for the internationalization Digital.

6 OP Culture, Society and Trends in World Markets.

6 OP module IV. End of degree work and company practices.

Practice outside.

Practices I.

6 PE practices II.

6 PE end of degree work.

End of degree work.

6 TFG mentions: of 36 optional ETCS, 30 are compulsory according to mention and 6 subjects to a transversal subject to both mentions.


required courses for the mention credits mention sectoral international marketing (30 ETCS).

International marketing consumer goods and food.

6. International Industrial Marketing.

6. International Marketing services companies.

6 Marketing International Sector tourism.

6. International entrepreneurship and business plans.

6 mention in Marketing Digital International (30 ETCS).

Marketing Mobile in international markets.

6 International Community Management.

6 advertising international on line on Display.

6. advertising Search International; Marketing in search engines and positioning natural: SEM and SEO.

6. International Web Analytics.

6 transversal electives both mentions (study 6 ETCS from the offered 12).

Legal aspects for the Digital internationalization.

6 Culture, Society and Trends in World Markets.