Resolution Of 18 February 2015, Of The University Of Cordoba, Which Publishes Modification Of The Curriculum Of Graduate In Civil Engineering.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 18 de febrero de 2015, de la Universidad de Córdoba, por la que se publica la modificación del plan de estudios de Graduado en Ingeniería Civil.

Read the untranslated law here:

In accordance with the provisions of articles 26 and 28 of Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, of October 29, modified by Royal Decree 861/2010, of 2 July, which establishes the procedure for the modification of curricula already verified and once received report favorable of the Andalusian Agency of knowledge the amendments presented in the curriculum of graduate or graduate in Civil Engineering from the University of Cordoba published in «Official Gazette» on June 11, 2011.

This Rector's Office, of conformity with it intended in the article 26.3 of the Real Decree 1393 / 2007 previously cited, has determined order the publication of the modification of the plan of studies of the title of graduated / graduated in engineering Civil by the University of Cordoba, that is structured according to consists in the annex to this resolution.

Córdoba, February 18, 2015.-the Rector, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos.

ANNEX curriculum of graduate or graduate in Civil Engineering from the University of Córdoba branch of knowledge: engineering and architecture teaching centre: school Polytechnic Superior of Bélmez distribution of curriculum credits ECTS by subject: subject credits training basic (FB) 60 mandatory (OB) 132 electives (OP) 30 work end of degree (GFR) 18 Total 240 distribution modules , materials and subjects: subjects subjects ECTS basic training modules.


Mathematics I.

6 mathematics II.

6 Mathematics III.

6. graphic expression.

Expression graphics I.

6 expression graphic II.

6 computer.


6 physical.

Physics I.

6 physical II.

6 geology.

Geology applied.

6 company.

Organization and management of companies.

6 common to the branch Civil.



6 science and technology of materials.

Characterization of materials.

6 technology of materials.

6 theory of structures.

Theory of structures.

6 mechanics of soils and rocks.

Mechanics of soils and rocks.

6 technology of structures.

Technology of structures.

9 engineering hydraulic.

Engineering hydraulic.

6 technology power.

Technology power.

6 procedures of construction and projects.

Procedures of construction.

3 projects.

6 technology specific constructions civil.

Building and prefabrication.

Calculus of structures (*).

4.5 Geotechnical Engineering (*).

4.5 building.

6 prefabrication (*).

4.5 maritime engineering and coastal.

Maritime engineering and coastal (*).

6. transport infrastructure.


6. railways.

6. building technology.

Construction technology.

6 construction Civil in it engineering health.

Construction Civil in it engineering health (*).

4.5 technology specific hydrology.

Design and management of systems hydraulic and hydroelectric.

Engineering hydraulic applied to the systems of distribution (*).

6 works hydraulic (*).

6 systems energy and hydropower (*).

6 planning and management of resources water (*).

6 hydrology.

6 engineering health.

Hydraulic and environmental systems.

9 debug systems.

4.5 control and treatment of water.

4.5 optional.


Management of companies of computer tools.

6. Technical English.

6. prestressed concrete.

4.5 bridges.

4.5. r & d in Civil Engineering.

4.5 management of the quality in the performance of works.

6 expansion of roads and airports.

4.5 technology hydrogeological.

6 Geophysics applied to the engineering.

6 introduction to the mechanical computing and calculation of structures by computer.

6 topography of works.

6 engineering geo-environmental.

6 practice outside.

6 subject of Exchange I.

2 subject of Exchange II.

3. subject of Exchange III.

4. subject of Exchange IV.

6. final project grade.

Work end of grade.

End of degree work.

18 (*) compulsory for all students, regardless of the module specific to study technology.

Student portfolios the mention in civil constructions or mention in hydrology, studying the 48 credits of the corresponding specific technology module. You can also get two mentions following the civil constructions and the optionality within specific technology module, 24 credits of specific technology of hydrology module which does not have the character of mandatory for all students.

Temporal distribution of courses 1st semester ECTS character 2nd semester ECTS character course 1 mathematics I.

6 FB mathematics II.

6 FB I graphic expression.

6 FB II graphic expression.



Física I.

6. physical FB II.

6 FB applied geology.

6. computer FB.

6 FB organization and management of companies.

6 FB hydraulic engineering.









Curso 2.º


6. mechanical OB of soils and rocks.

6 OB characterization of materials.

6 OB materials technology.

6 OB theory of structures.

6 OB structures technology.

9 OB Mathematics III.

6 FB projects.

6 OB electrical technology.

6 OB construction procedures.




30 30 course 3 mention «Constructions» or students who pursue two mentions engineering hydraulics applied to distribution systems.

6 OB hydraulic works.


Coastal and maritime engineering OB.

6 OB building.

6 OB calculation of structures.

4.5 OB roads.

6 OB geotechnical engineering.

4.5 OB prefabrication.

4.5 OB subjects elective.

10.5 OP systems energy and hydropower.







28.5 course 3 mention "Hydrology" hydraulic engineering applied to distribution systems.

6 OB works hydraulic.

6 OB hydrology.

6 OB systems energy and hydropower.

6 OB Control and treatment of water.

4.5 OB prefabrication.

4.5 OB calculation of structures.

4.5 OB subjects elective.

12 OP geotechnical engineering.

4.5 OB engineering maritime and coastal.










28.5 course 4th mention «constructions civil» or students that take them two mentions technology of the construction.

6 OB planning and management of water resources.

6 OB Civil construction in sanitary engineering.

4.5 OB optional subject.

6 OP railways.

6 OB end of degree work.

18 TFG electives.










30 course 4th mention 'Hydrology' hydraulic and environmental systems.

9 OB planning and management of water resources.

6 OB purification systems.

4.5 OB optional subject.

6 OP Civil construction in sanitary engineering.

4.5 OB end of degree work.

18 TFG electives.










30. with prior to the expedition of the University graduate officer, students must prove knowledge of a second language, distinct from Spanish and the other co-official Spanish languages, at least in the B1 level corresponding to the "common European framework of reference for languages". It cited accreditation must perform is according to it established in the memory of verification and in the normative approved by the Council of Government of the University of Córdoba.