Resolution Of February 11, 2015, Of The Directorate General Of Industry And Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises, Which Publishes The Relationship Of Standards Links Approved By The Spanish Association For Standardisation And Certification During The Mon...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 11 de febrero de 2015, de la Dirección General de Industria y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, por la que se publica la relación de normas UNE aprobadas por la Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación durante el mes d...

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In compliance with the provisions of article 11, f), the regulation of infrastructure for quality and Industrial Security, approved by Royal Decree 2200 / 1995 of 28 December, ("Official Gazette", no. 32, dated February 6, 1996) and seen the record of the rules approved by the Spanish Association for standardisation and certification, entity designated by order of the Ministry of industry and energy of 26 February 1986 , in accordance with the Royal Decree 1614 / 1985, of 1 August, and recognized by the first additional provision of the aforementioned Royal Decree 2200 / 1995 of 28 December, this General direction has resolved to publish in the «Official Gazette», the relationship of Spanish standards UNE approved by the Spanish Association for standardisation and certification, for the month of January 2015 , identified by its title and code number, that figure as annex to the present resolution.

This resolution will cause the effect from the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, February 11, 2015.-the Director-General of industry and small and medium-sized enterprises, Víctor Audera López.

ANNEX rules published in the month January 2015 code title replaced a UNE 84308:2015 essential oils. Oil essential of Marjoram from Spain (Thymus mastichina L.).

UNE 84308:2008 UNE 84702:2015 materials raw cosmetic. Toothpastes. Determination of the content of fluorine sodium fluoride and sodium monofluorophosphate.

UNE 84702:2005 UNE 92305:2015 criteria of measurement for works of installation of partition walls dry and false ceilings.

UNE 92305:2002 UNE 149101:2015 team's conditioning of water in the interior of the buildings. Criteria basic of fitness of equipment and components used in the treatment of the water of consumption human in the interior of buildings.

UNE 149101:2011 UNE 155509-3:2015 fresh fruits. Production controlled. Kiwi produced incorporating methods of biological pest control. Series III.


UNE 178301:2015 smart cities. Open data (Open Data).


UNE 201010:2015 reaction tests of electrical low voltage accessory fire. Sorting through the essay by radiation applicable to those materials rigid.


UNE-CEN/TR 12108:2015 IN systems of canalization in plastics. Practice recommended for the installation in the inside of the structure of the buildings of systems of channeling to pressure of water hot and cold intended to the consumption human.

UNE-ENV 12108:2002 UNE-ENV 12108:2002 ERRATUM: 2011 UNE-CEN / TR 16364:2015 IN influence of the materials in the water for consumption human. Influence due to migration. Prediction of the migration from organic materials using mathematical models.


UNE-CEN/TS 115-4:2015 safety of escalators and moving walkways. Part 4: Family IN 115 rules interpretations.


UNE-CEN/TS 1555-7:2015 canalization systems in plastics for the supply of gaseous fuels. Polyethylene (PE). Part 7: Guide for the evaluation of conformity.

UNE-CEN/TS 1555-7:2004 UNE-CEN/TS 16011: plastic EX 2015. Recycled plastics. Preparation of samples.


UNE-CEN/TS 16621: FORMER 2015 analysis of food products. Determination of benzo (a) pyrene, benzo (a) anthracene and chrysene, benzo (b) fluoranthene in food by high performance liquid chromatography with detection of fluorescence (HPLC-FD).


UNE-EN 327:2015 heat exchangers. Air-cooled condensers for refrigeration forced convection. Test procedure to determine performance.

UNE-EN 327:2001 UNE - EN 327/A1: 2003 UNE-EN 12320:2015 hardware for the building. Accessories for locks and padlocks. Requirements and test methods.

UNE-EN 12320:2001 UNE-EN 12341:2015 air environment. Standard gravimetric measurement method for the determination of the mass concentration PM10 PM2, 5 of the suspended particulate matter.

UNE-EN 12341:1999 UNE-EN 14907:2006 UNE-EN 12561-3:2012 / Ac:2015 railway applications. Rail tankers. Part 3: Devices for filling and emptying the Fund for gases liquefied under pressure.


UNE-IN 12811-4:2015 equipment for work time of work. Part 4: visors of protection for scaffolding. Requirements of behavior and design of the product.


UNE-IN 12945:2015 amendments limestone. Determination of the value of neutralization. Methods volumetric.

UNE-IN 12945:2008 UNE-IN 12945:2008 / AC: 2009 UNE-IN 13001-2:2015 security of the cranes. Requirements General of design. Part 2: actions of the load.

UNE-EN 13001-2:2011 UNE-EN 13001-3-2:2015 safety of cranes. General design requirements. Part 3-2: States boundary and ropes in hoists aptitude test.

UNE-CEN/TS 13001-3-2:2009 FORMER UNE-EN 13445-1:2015 pressure vessels not subject to flame. Part 1: General.

UNE-EN 13445-1:2010 UNE-EN 13445-1:2010 / A1:2014 UNE-EN 13445-2:2015 pressure vessels not subject to flame. Part 2: Materials.

UNE-EN 13445-2:2010 UNE-EN 13445-2:2010 / A1:2012 UNE-EN 13445-2:2010 / A2:2012 UNE-EN 13445-6:2015 pressure vessels not subject to flame. Part 6: Additional requirements for the design and manufacture of pressure and parts subject to pressure vessels made of spheroidal graphite.

UNE-EN 13445-6:2010 UNE-EN 13445-8:2015 pressure vessels not subject to flame. Part 8: Additional requirements for vessels to aluminium and aluminium alloys.

UNE-EN 13445-8:2010 UNE-EN 14407:2015 water quality. Guide to the identification and count of samples of benthic diatoms in rivers and lakes.

UNE-EN 14407:2005 UNE-EN 15040:2015 chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption. Membrane anti-fouling products. Phosphonic acids and their salts.

UNE-EN 15040:2007 UNE-EN 15041:2015 chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption. Membrane anti-fouling products. Polyphosphates.

UNE-EN 15041:2007 UNE-EN 15346:2015 plastics. Recycled plastics. Characterization of recycled poli(cloruro de vinilo) (PVC).

UNE-IN 15346:2008 UNE-IN 15348:2015 plastics. Plastics recycled. Characterization of recycled of poli(tereftalato de etileno) (PET).

UNE-IN 15348:2008 UNE-IN 15513:2015 products chemicals used in the treatment of the water of swimming pools. Dioxide of carbon.

UNE-IN 15513:2008 UNE-IN 15684:2015 fittings to the building. Cylinders mechatronic. Requirements and test methods.


UNE-IN 15752-1:2015 glass for the building. Adhesive polymer sheet. Part 1: Definitions and requirements.


UNE-EN 15755-1:2015 glass for the building. Glass with adhesive polymer sheet. Part 1: Definitions and requirements.


UNE-EN 16070:2015 chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption. Natural zeolite.


UNE-EN 16340:2015 control and safety devices for burners and appliances using gaseous or liquid fuel. Products of combustion sensing devices.


UNE-EN 16472:2015 plastics. Method of photoaging accelerated using medium pressure mercury vapor lamps.


UNE-EN 16575:2015 products of biological origin. Vocabulary.


UNE-EN 50238-1:2004 / Ac:2015 railway applications. Compatibility between rolling stock and train detection systems. Part 1: General.

UNE-EN 50238:2004 CORR:2010

UNE-IN 60350-1:2014 / A11: 2015 appliances appliances for cooking. Part 1: Cookers, ovens, ovens and grills. Methods of measurement of the fitness function.


UNE-EN 60350-2:2014 / A11:2015 cooking appliances. Part 2: countertops. Methods of measurement of the fitness function.


UNE-EN 60661:2015 measurement methods of fitness for the function of the coffee makers for domestic use.


UNE-IN 60705:2013 / A1: 2015 ovens microwave to use domestic. Methods of measurement of the ability to function.


UNE-EN 60745-2-3:2011 / A12:2015 electric hand tools powered by electric motor. Security. Part 2-3: requirements specific for grinders, polishers and Sanders of disc.


UNE-IN 60950-1:2007 / A2: by 2015 teams of technology of the information. Security. Part 1: General requirements.


UNE-IN 61196-10-1:2015 cable coaxial of communication. Part 10-1: Detail specification for semi-rigid cables with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dielectric blank.


UNE-IN 62196-1:2012 / A12: 2015 Bases, plugs, connectors of vehicle and inputs from vehicle. Load conductive of vehicles electric. Part 1: General requirements.


UNE-IN 62198:2015 management of risks of the project. Guidelines for application.


UNE-IN 62271-202:2015 switchgear of high tension. Part 202: centers of transformation prefabricated of high voltage / low voltage.


UNE-IN 62290-1:2015 applications railway. Management of the transport guided urban and systems of command / control. Part 1: principles of the system and concepts fundamental.


UNE-IN ISO 844:2015 materials plastics cell rigid. Determination of the characteristics of compression.

UNE-EN ISO 844:2010 UNE - EN ISO 3949:2015 hoses of plastic and sets of hoses with fittings of union. Types of textile reinforcement for hydraulic applications. Specifications. (ISO 3949:2009).

UNE-EN 855:1996 EN 855:1997 ERRATUM UNE-EN ISO 4064-1:2015 water meter for cold water drinking and hot water. Part 1: Requirements metrological and technical. (ISO 4064-1:2014).


UNE - EN ISO 4210-6:2015 cycles. Safety requirements for bicycles. Part 6: methods of test of the frame and the fork. (ISO 4210-6:2014, Version corrected 2014-11-01).


UNE-IN ISO 4210-7:2015 cycles. Requirements of security for bicycles. Part 7: methods of test for wheels and tires. (ISO 4210-7:2014).


UNE-IN ISO 4210-8:2015 cycles. Requirements of security for bicycles. Part 8: methods of test for the pedals and the system of transmission. (ISO 4210-8:2014, Version corrected 2014-11-01).


UNE - EN ISO 4210-9:2015 cycles. Safety requirements for bicycles. Part 9: Test methods for the saddles and seatposts. (ISO 4210-9:2014).


UNE-EN ISO 6185-3:2015 boats pneumatic. Part 3: Boats with less than 8 m length and a greater than or equal to 15 kW motor power. (ISO 6185-3:2014).


UNE-EN ISO 6506-1:2015 materials metal. Brinell hardness test. Part 1: Test method. (ISO 6506-1:2014).

UNE-EN ISO 6506-1:2006 UNE-EN ISO 6506-2:2015 materials metal. Brinell hardness test. Part 2: Verification and calibration of testing machines. (ISO 6506-2:2014).

UNE-EN ISO 6506-2:2007 UNE-EN ISO 6506-3:2015 materials metal. Brinell hardness test. Part 3: Calibration of the block pattern. (ISO 6506-3:2014).

UNE-EN ISO 6506-3:2007 UNE-EN ISO 6506-4:2015 materials metal. Brinell hardness test. Part 4: Table of hardness values. (ISO 6506-4:2014).

UNE-EN ISO 6506-4:2007 UNE-EN ISO 6806:2015 hoses of elastomers and their sets with accessories of union for use in fuel burners. Specification. (ISO 6806:2014).

UNE - EN ISO 6806:1996-UNE-EN ISO 6974-5:2015 natural Gas. Determination of the composition and the uncertainty by gas chromatography. Part 5: Isothermal method for nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons C1 to C5 and C6 +. (ISO 6974-5:2014).

UNE-EN ISO 6974-5:2003 UNE-EN ISO 8030:2015-based elastomers and plastic hoses. Test method for flammability. (ISO 8030:2014).

UNE-IN ISO 8030:1998 UNE-IN ISO 10297:2015 bottles for the transport of gas. Valves of bottles. Specifications and tests of type. (ISO 10297:2014, version corrected 2014-11-01).

UNE-IN ISO 10297:2006 UNITES-IN ISO 11357-2:2015 plastics. Calorimetry differential of sweeping (DSC). Part 2: determination of the temperature of transition vitreous and of the height of the step of transition vitreous. (ISO 11357-2:2013).


UNE-IN ISO 11357-5:2015 plastics. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Part 3: Determination of temperatures and times characteristic of reaction curve, the enthalpy of the reaction and the degree of conversion. (ISO 11357-5:2013).


UNE - EN ISO 11358-1:2015 plastic. Thermogravimetry (TG) of polymers. Part 1: principles General. (ISO 11358-1:2014).

UNE - EN ISO 11358:1997 UNE-EN ISO 12625-3:2015 paper tissue and tissue products. Part 3: Determination of thickness, the average thickness and bulk density and apparent specific volume. (ISO 12625-3:2014).

UNE-EN ISO 12625-3:2006 UNE-EN ISO 12625-7:2015 paper tissue and tissue products. Part 7: determination of the properties optical. Measurement of the whiteness and the color with illuminant D65 / 10 ° (light daytime exterior). (ISO 12625-7:2014).

UNE-IN ISO 12625-7:2008 UNE-IN ISO 12631:2015 performance thermal of the facades light. Calculation of the transmittance thermal. (ISO 12631:2012).

UNE-IN 13947:2011 UNE-IN ISO 16559:2015 biofuels solid. Terminology, definitions and descriptions. (ISO 16559:2014).

UNE-IN 14588:2011 UNE-IN ISO 17405:2015 trials not destructive. Essay by ultrasound. Technique of lacquered made by welding, rolling, or explosion test. (ISO 17405:2014).


UNE-IN ISO 22300:2015 protection and security of the citizens. Terminology. (ISO 22300:2012).

UNE-ISO 22300:2013 UNE-IN ISO 22301:2015 protection and security of the citizens. System of management of the continuity of the business. Specifications. (ISO 22301:2012).

UNE-ISO 22301:2013 UNE-IN ISO 22313:2015 protection and security of the citizens. System of management of the continuity of the business. Guidelines. (ISO 22313:2012).

UNE-ISO 22313:2013 UNE-ISO 801-2:2015 pasta. Determination of commercial mass of a batch. Part 2: Pasta (such as pasta dried flash) packed in blocks.

UNE 57015-2:1991 UNE-ISO 1138:2015 ingredients of mixtures of rubber. Black of carbon. Determination of total sulphur content.

UNE 53559:1995 UNE-ISO 2781:2015 rubber Vulcanized or thermoplastic. Determination of the density.

UNE 53526:2001 UNE-ISO 4046-4:2015 paper, cardboard, pasta and related terms. Vocabulary. Part 4: Qualities of paper and manipulated products.

UNE 57003-1:1978 UNE 57064:1985 UNE 57069-1:1974 UNE 57003-2:2005 UNE 57003-3:2008 UNE-ISO 5631-1:2015 paper and cardboard. Determination of color by diffuse reflectance. Part 1: Conditions for indoor lighting (c/2 °).


UNE-ISO 14785:2015 tourist information offices. Care and tourist information services. Requirements.

UNE 187003:2008 UNE-ISO 15671:2015 rubber and rubber additives. Determination of the content of total sulphur using an automatic Analyzer.


UNE-ISO 16110-1:2015 generators of hydrogen that use technologies of processing of fuels. Part 1: Security.


UNE-ISO 16422:2015 tubes and joints (PVC-O) oriented poli(cloruro de vinilo) for conduction of water pressure. Specifications.

UNE-ISO 16422:2008 UNE-ISO 16945:2015 paper for Corrugating. Determination of the resistance to the crushing on the song after ripple in laboratory.