Order Int/504/2015, Of 23 March, Amending The Order Int/28/2013, January 18, That Develops The Organizational Structure And Functions Of The Central And Peripheral Services Of The General Directorate Of Police.

Original Language Title: Orden INT/504/2015, de 23 de marzo, por la que se modifica la Orden INT/28/2013, de 18 de enero, por la que se desarrolla de la estructura orgánica y funciones de los servicios centrales y periféricos de la Dirección General de la Policía.

Read the untranslated law here: http://www.boe.es/buscar/doc.php?id=BOE-A-2015-3181

Organic law 2/1986, of 13 March, forces and security corps, attributed to the national police force the issuance and management of the national document of identity and passports, as well as the functions provided for in the legislation on foreigners in terms of identification of foreign nationals.

The Royal Decree 1553 / 2005 of 23 December, which regulates the issuance of the national identity document and electronic signature certificates, amended by the Royal Decree 1586 / 2009, of 16 October, and 869/2013, 8 November, incorporates the electronic ID card, in addition to performing the same functions as the traditional document for the accreditation of personal identity in physical media Enter the electronic functionality through certificates of authentication and electronic signature.

This Royal Decree establishes as an essential ingredient facilitating citizens obtain the national identity document, by adopting appropriate measures for the promotion of cooperation between the various bodies of public administrations with the General Directorate of police.

In that context, in order to meet the needs in the field of documentation of citizens residing in the province of Cuenca, taking into account its extension and the dispersion of its population centers, it is necessary to create a new unit for aliens and documentation in the town of Tarancón (Cuenca), which also serves its immediate surroundings, thus avoiding the transfer of their neighbors to the capital of the province or waiting for the displacement of the existing mobile teams to the effect to obtain these documents.

For those same reasons, the creation of other aliens and documentation unit in the town of Lalín (Pontevedra) in order to meet the needs in the field of documentation of citizens resident in that geographical area is considered necessary.

By virtue, with the prior approval of the Minister of finance and public administration, have: single article. Modification of the order INT / 28 / 2013, of 18 of January, by which is develops the structure organic and functions of them Services Central and peripheral of the direction General of the police.

Annex VI of the order INT/28/2013, January 18, that develops the organizational structure and functions of the Central and peripheral services of the General Directorate of police, in which relate to units for aliens and documentation, include the unit for aliens and documentation of Tarancón (Cuenca) and the unit for aliens and documentation of Lalín (Pontevedra) , being drafted in the following way: «ANNEX VI units of aliens and documentation unit for aliens and documentation organ that is attached Alcañices.

Provincial Commissioner of Zamora.

Arganda del Rey.

Top of Madrid police headquarters.


Provincial Commissioner of Girona.


Curates Provincial de Huesca.


Chief Superior de police de Badajoz.

Castro Urdiales.

Chief Superior de police de Cantabria.

Collado Villalba.

Top of Madrid police headquarters.

Chiclana de la Frontera.

Provincial Commissioner of Cadiz.


Chief Superior de police de Navarra.


Local police station of Irún.


Provincial Commissioner of Pontevedra.

La Junquera.

Curates Provincial de Girona.


Provincial Commissioner of Lleida.


Provincial Commissioner of Girona.


Provincial Commissioner of Girona.

Salvaterra de Miño.

Provincial Commissioner of Pontevedra.

Santa Lucía de Tirajana.

Top of Canary Islands Police Headquarters.


Provincial Commissioner of watershed.


Provincial Commissioner for Ciudad Real.


Curates Provincial de Alicante.

TUI / Valença do Minho.

Curates Provincial de Pontevedra.

Vila Real de Santo Antonio / Ayamonte.

Curates Provincial de Huelva.

Vilafranca of the Penedès.

Head top of police of Catalonia.

Vilar Formoso / Fuentes de Oñoro.

Curates Provincial de Salamanca.


Chief Superior de police de Navarra.

Valencia de Alcántara.

Provincial Commissioner of Cáceres.


Police Provincial de Ourense.»

Sole additional provision. Expenditure public.

The implementation of this order does not imply increased public expenditure on staff.

First final provision. Powers of development.

The Secretary of State of security, through the General Directorate of police, can perform actions require the development and implementation of this order.

Second final provision. Entry in force.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, 23 March 2015.-the Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz.