Order Aaa/544/2015, Of 30 March, Which Establishes Distribution Coefficients Used For The Calculation Of The Initial Value Of The Rights Of Basic Pay For The First Assignment Of Rights In The Campaign 2015 In The Case Of Q...

Original Language Title: Orden AAA/544/2015, de 30 de marzo, por la que se establecen los coeficientes de reparto a utilizar para el cálculo del valor inicial de los derechos de pago básico para realizar la primera asignación de derechos en la campaña 2015 en el caso de q...

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Article 6 of the Royal Decree 1076 / 2014, of 30 December, on the allocation of rights of the basic payment of common agricultural policy regime, establishes that the basic payment scheme applies in Spain following a national application model based on regions with administrative, socio-economic, agronomic criteria and potential regional agrarian base. At the same time, article 7 of the Royal Decree provides that annex II of this norm determines the territorial regions definition based on the productive potential as well as the productive orientation determined campaign 2013 for the areas declared in this campaign or use reflected in the geographical of agricultural parcels identification system (SIGPAC) for surfaces not declared in that campaign. Such productive guidance may be cropland of dryland cropland of irrigation, permanent crops and permanent pastures.

For its part, article 14.2. b) of the Royal Decree 1076 / 2014, of 30 December, establishes that in the case in which the farmer declares surface in more than one region, the calculation of the unit initial value of each of the rights of basic pay to be allocated to the farmer in 2015, excluding allocations from the national reserve You will be made through a deal, based on objective and non-discriminatory criteria, the amounts collected in 2014, in accordance with article 13.3 of the aforementioned Royal Decree, between surface declared by each producer in each of the regions included in your single application.

It is necessary, therefore, to establish the objective and non-discriminatory criteria for the distribution among regions of the amounts collected in 2014. Therefore intends to make a deal on the basis of the area declared in each region which is frequently amounts to be assigned to the same according to his productive orientation as it is reflected in the reference layer that is set to the effect to the SIGPAC. This weighting is based on participation that has each productive orientation in the production of branch agricultural Spanish in the period 2011-2013. The production of the agrarian branch, calculated by the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment based on the methodology of Eurostat, represents, in an objective and non-discriminatory manner, the contribution of each of the productive orientations to the national agricultural income.

Thus, for the determination of the factors set forth in this Ministerial order has been determined the value of the agricultural branch production in each of the production guidelines, and then these amounts have been divided between the total hectares of productive orientation declared by farmers to effect payment of direct aid from the CAP in 2013. Thus average amounts values obtained per hectare and productive orientation. To factor such values set the standing crop is the value 1 and estimated how much is each of the remaining types of guidance productive in proportion to that reference value finally obtaining a weighting factors that reflect that irrigated surfaces are that most contribute to the production of the agrarian branch and Therefore, have a higher weighting coefficient. Below is the permanent crop, after the dry and finally grasses. It's an objective calculation, based on statistical data from 2011 to 2013, and which is not discriminatory since it is equally all farmers depending on the type of surface that declared. This objective and non-discriminatory treatment is a requirement of Community regulations that compliance with the proposed methodology of calculation is given.

This order is issued in accordance with the first final provision 2.a) of the Royal Decree 1076 / 2014, of 30 December, which is enabled to the Minister of agriculture, food and environment to establish by order the objective and non-discriminatory limits relating to the allocation of basic payment process.

In the handling of this order are they viewed to the autonomous communities and the most representative of the sector concerned institutions.

By virtue, according to the Council of State, I have: single article. Distribution coefficients to be used for the calculation of the initial value of the rights of basic pay.

For the calculation of the initial value of the rights of basic payment in the cases set out in article 14.2. b) of the Royal Decree 1076 / 2014, of 30 December, on the allocation of rights of the payment scheme basics of the common agricultural policy, when a farmer declares surface in more than one region, you will be assigned in each region a part of total payments perceived by the farmer in 2014. The distribution will take place in proportion to the area declared in each region, previously applying a weighting factor to these areas according to their productive orientation, in accordance with annex II of the Royal Decree. Production guidelines used for weighting are those presenting the surfaces in the system of geographic identification of agricultural plots (SIGPAC) in reference 2013 campaign. The weighting factors are as follows: productive orientation of rainfed cropland: 0,568.

Irrigated cropland productive orientation: 1,717.

Orientation permanent crop: 1. orientation permanent pasture: 0,376.

Sole final provision. Entry into force.

This order shall enter into force the day of its publication in the «Official Gazette».

Madrid, 30 March 2015.-the Minister of agriculture, food and environment, Isabel García Tejerina.