Resolution Of March 17, 2015, At The University Of Murcia, For The Modification Of The Curriculum Of Master Molecular In Biology Is Published.

Original Language Title: Resolution Of March 17, 2015, At The University Of Murcia, For The Modification Of The Curriculum Of Master In Molecular Biology Is Published.

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Verified the curriculum by the universities Council, following a positive report from the National Agency for quality assessment and accreditation, and agreed to the official nature of the title by the Council of Ministers of 22 January 2010 (published in «Official Gazette» of February 26, by resolution of the General Secretariat of universities on February 9, 2010) Modified curriculum, with favorable report of ANECA's 31 July 2014, this Chancellor, in accordance with the provisions of article 35.4 of the organic law 6/2001, of 21 December, on universities, amended by organic law 4/2007, of 12 April, has resolved to publish the modification in the curriculum leading to the official degree of masters in Molecular Biology and biotechnology.

The present amendment shall apply to those students who carried out the Master from the academic year 2014 / 2015.

Murcia, 17 March 2015.-El Rector, José Pedro Orihuela Calatayud.

Master degree in biology MOLECULAR and biotechnology type of subject credits mandatory 6 electives 30 work end of Master 24 Total 60 subjects type semester credits biotransformations optional 1 6 applied enzymology optional 2 6 technical electrophoretic optional 2 6 ion transport into the cell: molecular and methodological aspects optional 2 6 cell and tissue localization of biomolecules

Optional 1 6 culture and transformation of cells and tissues vegetables optional 1 6 genetic molecular optional 2 6 1 6 regulation of gene expression Optional bioinformatics optional 1 6 molecular and cellular biology of microorganisms 2 6 Biomembranes optional stress response: structure, cell signaling and applications optional 1 6 molecular biology techniques applied to the clinical microbiology optional 1

6 seminars of molecular biology and biotechnology compulsory 2 6 work end of compulsory Master 1 and 2 24