Resolution Of March 25, 2015, Of The University Of Valencia, By Which Publishes The Modification Of The Curriculum Of Master In Research In Languages And Literatures.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 25 de marzo de 2015, de la Universitat de València, por la que se publica la modificación del plan de estudios de Máster en Investigación en Lenguas y Literaturas.

Read the untranslated law here:

Seen that the modification of the curriculum leading to the obtaining of the official title of Master in research in languages and literatures was approved by the Government Council of the Universitat de València in ordinary session of 30 September 2014.

Seen that the cited modification record has favourable report from the National Agency for quality assessment and accreditation.

Seen as provided in article 28 of Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, of October 29, modified by Royal Decree 861/2010 of 2 July.

This Rectorate resolved to publish modification plan of studies, in the module of optional subjects, according to the annex to this resolution Valencia, March 25, 2015.-El Rector, Esteban Jesús Morcillo Sánchez.

Annex curriculum of the Master in research in languages and literatures branch of knowledge: Arts and Humanities 1. Distribution of curriculum by subject in ECTS credits: character of subject ECTS obligatory 25 electives 20 work end of Master 15 total credits 60 2. Description of the modules that comprise the curriculum: Module II: optional subjects character module ECTS research literature: synchronic perspectives.


5 literature research: diachronic perspectives.


5 research in language: synchronic perspectives.


5 language research: diachronic perspectives.


5. advanced course of research in literature.


5. advanced course of research in language.


5 total credits to study 20