Order Hap/610/2015, Of 6Th April, On The Indices Of Prices For Labor And Materials For The Year 2013, Applicable To The Revision Of Prices Of Public Administrations Contracts.

Original Language Title: Orden HAP/610/2015, de 6 de abril, sobre los índices de precios de la mano de obra y materiales para el año 2013, aplicables a la revisión de precios de contratos de las Administraciones Públicas.

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Higher prices of contracts from the State Committee has developed indices of prices of labor, energy and materials for the year 2013, applicable to the revision of prices of contracts entered into by public administrations, which were proposed to the delegate Commission of the Government for approval.

Approved referral rates by the Government representative Commission for Economic Affairs, at its meeting of March 5, 2015, according to the provisions of article 91.4 of the text revised of the law of contracts from Public Sector adopted by Royal Legislative Decree 3/2011, November 14, this Ministry has seen fit to have the publication of approved rates and the rule to determine the index of energy prices according to be It contains in annexes I, II, III and IV of this order.

Madrid, April 6, 2015.-the Minister of finance and public administration, Cristóbal Montoro Romero.

Annex I (1) National Labor index, base July 80 month index January 13 390,17 February 13 390,74 March 13 391,91 April 13 393,15 May 13 393,77 June 13 394,26 13 July 392,53 August 13 393,57 13 September 392,95 October 13 394,30 November 13 395,00 December 13 395,30 (1) national labor rate, base July 1980 , the months of January to December, inclusive, 2013, applicable to contracts awarded prior to the 1 of May 2009, which continue in implementation process.

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Annex IV index of energy prices in accordance with second of the transitional provision sole of the HAP/1292 order/2013, 28 of June, by which establish the rules for the determination of the rates involved in the formulas for revision of prices of public contracts, for contracts and months whose revision of prices is regulated by formulas approved by provisions prior to the entry into force of the Royal Decree 1359 / 2011 , the price index of power application in the formulas in force until the entry into force of the Royal Decree 1359 / 2011 will be determined by the weighted average of the indices of prices of energy and materials as certain explosives pursuant to this agreement, the first assigning a weighting of 100 and the second 90 a weighting of 10 per 100.