Order Int / 665 / 2015, Of 27 Of March, By Which Is Modifies The Order Int / 738 / 2006, Of 13 Of March, By Which Is Approves The Statement Of Practices And Political Of Certification Of The Ministry Of The Interior.

Original Language Title: Orden INT/665/2015, de 27 de marzo, por la que se modifica la Orden INT/738/2006, de 13 de marzo, por la que se aprueba la declaración de prácticas y políticas de certificación del Ministerio del Interior.

Read the untranslated law here: http://www.boe.es/buscar/doc.php?id=BOE-A-2015-4193

It law 59 / 2003, of 19 of December, of signature electronic, in its article 19 requires to all them health providers of services of certification formulate a statement of practices and political of certification in which is detailing them obligations that is undertake to comply in relation to the management of them data of creation and verification both of it signature as of them certified electronic , the conditions for application, issuance, use, suspension and extinction of the validity of the certificates and the procedures for coordination with relevant public records.

The Royal Decree 1553 / 2005 of 23 December, which regulates the issuance of the national identity document and electronic signature certificates, amended by the Royal Decree 1586 / 2009, of 16 October, establishes in its article 13 the aforementioned statement of practices and policies of certification will be available to the public in a permanent and easily accessible manner on the page of Internet of the Ministry of the Interior.

It order INT / 738 / 2006, of 13 of March, by which is approves the statement of practices and political of certification of the Ministry of the Interior, sets in their paragraphs 2.3 and 6.1.4 that both them certified of the hierarchy of the DNIe and them new AC to the domain of certification, as it checking of it footprint digital, is published in it address of the DNIe (http://www.dnielectr onico.es) and through the newsletter official of the State.

It is necessary to introduce new changes affecting certain the name of the document and identification data, as well as the root of the electronic identity card, which directly affect several sections of the annex of the order INT/738/2006, of March 13.

By virtue, I have: single article. Modification of the annex of the order INT / 738 / 2006, of 13 of March, by which is approves the statement of practices and political of certification of the Ministry of the Interior.

One. It paragraph 1.2 is worded as follows: «1.2 name of the document and identification: name of the document.»

Statement of certification (DPC) policies and practices.

Version of the document.

1.01 the document status.

Does not apply.

Date of issuance.

Do not apply.

Expiration date.

Not applicable.

OID (Object Identifier).

2.16.724. location of the DPC.


Two. The paragraph 1.3.2 is worded as follows: «1.3.2 certification authorities. "

It address General of the police (Ministry of the Interior) acts as authority of certification (AC), relating two pairs of key with a citizen concrete through the emission of two certificates of conformity with them terms of this DPC.

Certification authorities that comprise the Eid PKI are: "AC DNIE RAÏZ 2": top-level certification authority. This AC only issues certificates for itself, its validation authority, the authority of revocation and its subordinates AC. It is only in operation during the operations referred to. Their most relevant data are: name distinctive CN = ROOT AC DNIE 2, OU = DNIE, O = GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF POLICE, C = certified pkcs1-sha256WithRSAEncryption cb bb 1b 2b serial number 61 cf 48 24 52 45 5 d 3d 5e db e2 a3 validity period from Friday, September 27, 2013 12:26:05 until Sunday, September 27, 2043 12:26:05 fingerprint Digital (SHA-1) eb 4 d 69 02 fd 60 ec d5 0e e5 8e 9f 2 c 20 29 «2 39 10 27 ce c the incorporation of a new AC to the domain or the cessation of operation of the same will cause modification of the present DPC and notification through mechanisms enabled for this purpose.»

First final provision. Public spending.

Enforcement of this order does not imply any increase in public spending.

Second final provision. Entry in force.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, 27 March 2015.-the Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz.