Resolution Of 25 Of February Of 2015, Of The Address General Of The Water, By Which Is Publishes The Agreement Of The Council Of Ministers Of 20 Of February Of 2015, By Which Is Comes To The Rectification Of Them Errors Materials Arising In The Approva...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 25 de febrero de 2015, de la Dirección General del Agua, por la que se publica el Acuerdo del Consejo de Ministros de 20 de febrero de 2015, por el que se procede a la rectificación de los errores materiales surgidos en la aprobación...

Read the untranslated law here:

He Council of Ministers, in its meeting of the 20 of February of 2015, to proposed of the Minister of agriculture, power and environment, posed to initiative of the Commission Central of exploitation of the aqueduct stumps-safe, and according to it planned in it Law 52 / 1980, of 16 of October, regulatory of the regime economic of the exploitation of said aqueduct, agreed proceed to it rectification of them errors materials arising out in it approval of them rates of the use of the aqueduct stumps-safe by the agreement of Council of Ministers on November 7, 2014, published in the official Gazette of November 28, 2014.

By virtue of resolve: to advertise in the «Official Gazette» to the agreement of the Council of Ministers of February 20, 2015, whereby proceeds to the rectification of material errors in the approval of the rates for the use of the Tajo-Segura aqueduct, the text of which is reproduced in its entirety below: "as provided for in the articles first and fourteenth of law 52/1980 16 October, regulation of the economic exploitation of Tajo-Segura aqueduct system, new rates of use of the Tajo-Segura aqueduct, having been subsequently detected material errors in two partial addends, being correct all final amounts approved rates were approved by the agreement of the Council of Ministers of 7 November 2014.

Accordingly, comes the rectification of them two errors materials following: 1. in the point 3rd of the cited agreement of 7 of November of 2014, for them waters own of the basin of the Júcar that use exclusively the infrastructure of the aqueduct, adding "(to) cost of them works" for them irrigation in the area of them plain, where says: "0,003137", must tell : "0,003337".

2. in the point 5 of the same agreement, for them waters own of the basin of the safe that used the infrastructure of the aqueduct Tagus-safe in the distribution canals, adding "(b) expenses fixed of operation" for irrigation, where says: "0,000000", should say: "0,004481".

With this rectification of material errors, of the waters of the Tagus-Segura aqueduct driving rates which are contained in the agreement and in this correction, still apply from the day following the publication in the "official bulletin of the State".»

Its descriptive part indicates the following: «the Law 52/1980, of 16 October, regulation of the economic exploitation of the Tajo-Segura aqueduct system, has in its first article the establishment of rate of the water which, due to surplus, are trasvasadas from the basin of the Tagus River to the river Segura.

Pursuant to the powers conferred in the second article of the Royal Decree 1982 / 1978, of July 26, on the Organization of the services responsible for managing the operation of the hydraulic infrastructure "Tajo-Segura transfer", the Commission Central of exploitation of the Tajo-Segura, in the meeting held on October 10, 2014, studied the draft fees remitted explaining its contents, discussion and finally remembering to give compliance for its lifting Council of Ministers for regulatory approval.

The 22 of October of 2014 is raised the relevant proposed for its approval, being approved by the agreement of the Council of Ministers the 7 of November of 2014. Subsequently, in the official Gazette of November 28, 2014 was published through the resolution of the Director General of the water, on November 11, 2014.

After this publication is noted two material errors in two partial figures, value of addends, which do not affect the total amounts approved rates.

«However, the Commission Central's exploitation of the Tajo-Segura, at its meeting of 27 January 2015, acknowledges the existence of both material errors and therefore urges its correction, which is formalized through this agreement.»

Madrid, 25 February 2015.-the General Director of the water, Sandra Liana Ardiles López.