Order Aaa / 708 / 2015, Of 17 Of April, By Which Is Corrected Errors In The Order Aaa / 652 / 2015, Of 8 Of April, By Which Is Set Them Bases Regulatory Of The Concession Of Grants To Entities Of Women Rural Of Scope National For The Desa...

Original Language Title: Orden AAA/708/2015, de 17 de abril, por la que se corrigen errores en la Orden AAA/652/2015, de 8 de abril, por la que se establecen las bases reguladoras de la concesión de subvenciones a entidades de mujeres rurales de ámbito nacional para el desa...

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Warned error in the order AAA / 652 / 2015, of 8 of April, by which is set them bases regulatory of the award of grants to entities of women rural of field national, for the development of activities of collaboration and representation before the Administration general of State, as well as for the realization of activities specific of special interest for it boost the paper of them women in the development rural published in the «Official Gazette» number 90, date April 15, 2015, consistent lack of accompaniment to the text of the order of the two annexes thereof referred to in its articles, proceeds to carry out timely correction: Add the following two annexes: ANNEX I score detailed each of the endpoints in the projects specific activities of particular interest to the MAGRAMA referred to in ((the article 1.1. B) of the present order budget of the project of activities specific to perform referred in the article 1.1. b) (maximum 15 points) in relation to the activities proposed, budget of them projects: • valuation of the budget presented for the realization of the project.

• Adequacy, concretion and adjustment between the various concepts of the expenditure and the cost per beneficiary.

Does not fit: 0 points.

Fits in more than 25%: 1 point.

Be fit in more than one 50%: 5 points.

Fits in more than 75%: 10 points.

Fits completely: 15 points.

(Adaptation of the project to the activities specific, referred in the article 1.1. b) (maximum of 40 points).

Does not fit: 0 points.

Be adapted completely: 40 points.

Number of women beneficiaries of the project (maximum 30 points).

No. Women ≤ 10: 1 points.

No. women > 10-≤ 50: 5 points.

Number of women > 50 and ≤ 100: 10 points.

No. women > 100 and ≤ 150: 20 points.

No. women > 150: 30 points.

Impact of the project in the attainment of the object of this order (maximum 15 points).

He is not specified the number of ACS or ACS. < 2: 0 no. points. No. of autonomous communities > 2 and < 5: 3 points. number of autonomous communities > 5 and < 8: 5 points. number of autonomous communities. > 8-< 12:10 point. number of autonomous communities > 12:15 points.

ANNEX II categories of eligible expenditure and ineligible i. eligible expenditure 1. Expenses of personal for the realization of the project.

They will be considered as such: to) costs salary contracted staff or administrative specifically for the preparation and execution of the project or, partially, wage costs of technical personnel (experts, managers and technicians) and/or the administrative staff of the institution dedicated to the design and development of the funded project. Other wage categories (Assistant administrative or subordinate) staff costs shall not be eligible.

Allowances will be accepted as salary expenses last contract.

The wage allocation shall not exceed, in any case, existing fees for public employees, published annually in the official Gazette, in the General State budget law, with an equivalence of up to level 26 for external experts and managers, 24 for technicians and level 20 for administrative. The wage allocation will include basic pay (level 26 = group A1, level 24 = A2 group and level 20 = group C1) and the corresponding to levels 26, 24 or 20 target plug-in.

Them costs of the personal not exceed, in any case, the remuneration force for them employees public established in them corresponding articles of the law of budgets General of the State for each exercise.

The subsidized maximum amounts may be subject to revision in the same percentage as the wages of civil servants.

(b) the fee business of it security Social corresponding to those expenses wage earlier.

Costs the entity must pay to Social Security for the working person, with regard to wage costs referred to in point 1 of this annex shall be included. Only be charged proportional expenditures according to the dedication to the project.

2 costs of travel, accommodation and meals of the preparation and execution of the project.

The maximum eligible amount shall be established for the Group 2 of the General Administration of the State, laid down in Royal Decree 462/2002, of 24 may, on compensation by reason of service (BOE of 30 May 2002), or in the regulations that modify you or update.

(These expenses only may be eligible if meet those requirements following: to) that are necessary and are associated to actions concrete of the project funded.

(b) that are made by the personal technical and administrative well be personal of template of the entity or hired for the preparation or execution of the project.

However, also be permitted as eligible expenses for travel, accommodation and Board made by the staff and Board of Directors of the beneficiary, provided that adequately justify its presence in the corresponding activity through monitoring of firms.

The subsidized amount will also be applicable to the attendees of the conferences, seminars, meetings and knowledge exchange activities, and the rapporteurs.

Total costs of food and accommodation may not exceed 50% of the budget provided for the realization of projects of specific activities of particular interest to the MAGRAMA referred in the article 1.1. b) of this order.

3. expenses for speakers.

Will be attributable the expenses of speakers associated or related with the activity eligible, in accordance with the following table.

Days: of 120 to 250 euros amount maximum by rapporteur, according to difficulty and valuation and entails the obligation of provide the corresponding material didactic and in its case the publication of the same.

All them expenses of this paragraph is comply to it planned in the resolution of 1 of April of 2009 of the Undersecretary of the MARM, by which is approves the table of fees of them activities training of the Ministry of environment, half Rural and marine, today Ministry of agriculture, power and environment.

4. expenses General.

Will be eligible those expenses General linked to actions specific of the project funded.

Only is considered eligible to these effects the expenses of light, water, phone, heating, email, share of payment of Internet, fax, cleaning of local, rentals of offices, photocopies, material of office and material fungible computer.

Eligible expenses will not exceed a maximum amount of 10% of the expenditure of approved funded project staff.

5. expenses related to the organisation of the event.

They are considered the Organization of the event-related expenses: rental and cleaning of premises where will carry out, rental of audiovisual material and Assembly of stands.

6. expenses for advertising and promotion of the project.

1. it shall be deemed as expenses for advertising and promotion of the project: inserts on Web pages, radio wedges, press ads, brochures, books and posters.

2. the costs of eligible advertising and promotion shall not exceed a maximum amount of 5% of the total (or annual) approved budget of the project funded.

3. not eligible costs of hosting and maintenance and updating of Web pages.

7. expenses for teaching material.

Expenditure of materials shall be deemed the delivered to the attendees at the Conference and is not within the expenditure referred to in point 6 of this annex.

The maximum eligible amount shall not exceed €5 by Wizard.

8. guarantee or bank guarantee costs.

Deemed guarantee or bank guarantee costs those derived from the granting of the same (expenses of Constitution and interests).

The subsidized costs shall not exceed the limit of 1.5 per cent of the amount of the granted advance.

II. not eligible expenditure in accordance with law 38/2003 of 17 November, in any case eligible the following expenses: to) the interests of debtor's bank accounts.

(b) the VAT and other taxes indirect when they are susceptible of recovery or compensation, i.e. If they are deductible on the tax return. The Canary General indirect tax recoverable, nor the supported by public bodies which provide services without payment or consideration of a tax nature.

(c) personal taxes or upon income or contributions to any social welfare schemes.

(d) interest, fees, coercive fines and administrative sanctions and criminal.

(e) costs of legal proceedings.

(f) the discounts made in contracts or invoices in the acquisition of goods and services and if it is for public contract payments made in the concept of rate of construction management or quality control as well as any concept involving a deposit or discount.

(g) expenditure relating to subcontracting which increase the cost of operation without added value and those held with intermediaries or consultants in which the payment consist of a percentage of the total cost of the operation, unless the beneficiary justifies such payment by reference to the actual value of the work performed or services rendered.

((h) costs prior to the request for assistance, for the activities specific, referred in the article 1.1. b).

(i) updates, upgrades and maintenance of web pages and technology platforms already subsidized or supported initially by other entities or bodies.

(j) not will be eligible those expenses that do not are referred in the paragraph I of the present annex.

((k) not eligible staff costs of the beneficiary entities in other pay categories (subordinate or Administrative Assistant) which are not included in paragraph I.1.a).

Madrid, 17 April 2015.-the Minister of agriculture, food and environment, Isabel García Tejerina.