Resolution Of April 15, 2015, Of The Secretary Of State For Social Services And Equality, Which Publishes The Agreement Of The Council Of Ministers Of 13 June 2014, Which Is Set On June 14 As The National Day Of The L...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 15 de abril de 2015, de la Secretaría de Estado de Servicios Sociales e Igualdad, por la que se publica el Acuerdo del Consejo de Ministros de 13 de junio de 2014, por el que se establece el día 14 de junio como Día Nacional de las L...

Read the untranslated law here:

The Council of Ministers, at its meeting of June 13, 2014, has adopted an agreement by which is set on June 14 as national day of languages of Spanish signs.

For the purpose of publicizing the agreement, this Ministry of social services and equality has resolved to have the same publication in the «Official Gazette» as an annex to the present resolution.

Madrid, April 15, 2015.-the Secretary of State for social services and equality, Susana Camarero Benitez.

Annex agreement whereby establishing 14 June as national day of the Spanish sign languages with the approval of law 27/2007, of October 23, which recognizes the sign languages Spanish, as well as providing a status linguistically and culturally for these languages, the society also takes a stance clearly in favour of the promotion and protection of the same.

The history of the linguistic community using these languages, Spanish sign language and sign language Catalan, in defence of their right to use them and learn them has been quite complex, and the associative movement of deaf people has not wavered in its efforts on the importance that these linguistic rights are associated with the exercise of their citizenship. Not in vain defense of any language is, in addition to their care and proper use, the maintenance of traditions and attitudes of cultural identification, which has served to entrench a strong sense of community in the case of the Group of people who are deaf.

Legal recognition of sign language Spanish in the Spanish State and of the Catalan sign language in the territory of Catalonia, has been one of the major historical claims of the deaf community. The life of a language is not but the life of its users, people who participate in a society and interact each other through that language.

The objective of this commemoration is not only share and promote the dissemination of these long minority languages that are the best tool to build equal but also promote measures to normalize their use beyond the areas domestic, educational or social. The greater knowledge of these languages and their significance for many people who are deaf and Deafblind, will be more easily adopted attitudes of tolerance and empathy among the citizens. A chance to remind organizations and institutions that the languages of signs in Spain have developed a fundamental role for the transmission of ideas, the personal and social relationship, exchange of knowledge and for debugging strategies of participation in a society in which prevails an auditory vision of the world and that a more visual perception of things no doubt would enrich all.

The recognition of the national day of languages of Spain signs will be used to call the attention of the whole society for the deaf with hearing disability and Deafblind who freely choose to use sign language as is recognized in law 27/2007, of October 23. It will also serve to remind the necessity of joining efforts in each of the areas so that these people can exercise their rights as citizens.

Proposed date of June 14 because that same day of the year 1936 is the National Confederation of deaf people (CNSE), main catalyst of this movement towards the conquest of rights of people users of Spanish sign language and the Catalan sign language. It is a date to remember and honor the work, effort and tenacity of many who continue to ensure their language.

With such initiatives it is emulated to other countries in the European environment. Thus, Iceland adopted it on 2012 year and celebrates it on February 11, on the occasion of the creation of the Association of deaf people of Iceland, Icelandic Association of the Deaf (Félag heyrnarlausra), in 1960. Sweden book the third weekend of September to celebrate the national day of the language of signs Swedish, a proposal from the Swedish National Association of the Deaf (Sveriges Dovas Riksförbund, SDR), as well as the international day of the deaf people, founded in 1922.

In his virtue, a proposal from the Minister of health, social services and equality and of the Minister of education, culture and sport, the Council of Ministers, at its meeting of June 13, 2014 first ACUERDA.

Setting the date of June 14 as national day of languages of Spanish signs, with effect from June 14, 2014 for its annual celebration in Spain.