Resolution Of April 20, 2015, Of The Directorate-General Of Employment, Which Are Recorded And Published The Salary Tables Corresponding To The Year 2013 The National Collective Agreement Of Major Colleges.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 20 de abril de 2015, de la Dirección General de Empleo, por la que se registran y publican las tablas salariales correspondientes al año 2013 del Convenio colectivo nacional de colegios mayores universitarios.

Read the untranslated law here:

Seen the text of the salary tables corresponding to the year 2014 of the national collective agreement of University (code Convention No. 99009355011995), which was signed dated 11 December 2014, on the one hand, by business associations ACADE, CECE and EyG, representing companies of the sector, and another, by trade union organizations FECC. OO., FETE-UGT, FSIE and use, on behalf of the workers, and in accordance with the provisions of article 90, paragraphs 2 and 3, of the law of the Statute of workers, revised text approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1995, of 24 March, and in Royal Decree 713/2010, 28 of may, on registration and deposit agreements and collective labour agreements , This Directorate-General of employment meets: first.

Order the registration of the above-mentioned pay review in the corresponding register of conventions and collective work agreements with operation through electronic means of this Center Directors, with notice to the Negotiating Committee.


Have its publication in the official bulletin of the State.

Madrid, April 20, 2015.-the General Director of employment, Xavier Jean Braulio Thibault Aranda.

Minutes of the negotiating table of national collective agreement VII of university higher schools in Madrid, to March 25, 2015 at 10:30 hours, gather at the headquarters of CECE, domiciled in calle Marqués de Mondéjar, 29-31, 1st plant, representations of FECCOO, FETE-UGT, FSIE and use ACADE, CECE and EyG business and trade union organizations negotiators of the VII Convention collective National University published in the «Official Gazette» day 5 of October 2012.

Assistants: CECE: Don Mariano Torija and Manuel Lobo.

ACADE: Doña Pilar table.

EyG: Doña Carmen Estevez.

USE: Don Carlos Quirós.

FECCOO: Doña Paloma Perona.

FETE-UGT: Don Jesus I. Gualix.

FSIE: Don Sivia Santos, Doña Pilar López and Carlos M. Iglesias.

CIG, having been convened on time, has not attended the meeting or justified his absence.

The meeting of the negotiating table has start.

Those attending the meeting agree, for tables 2014, pay maintenance, proceeding to the signing of the same.

It empowers the Secretary of the negotiating table, Carlos Quirós, for submission and registration of the corresponding to the year 2014 salary tables.

2014 salary tables made in 14 instalments wages - euro Triennia - euro group I. Area of educational services managers: 2.501,01 Director/a 58,02 Subdirector/a 2.209,20 58,02 head to studies or tutor 1.988,70 53,31 Group II. Educational services staff of training action: Educator 1.681,80 36,45 36,45 1.681,80 doctor psychologist 1.681,80 36,45 chaplain 1.681,80 36,45 Group III. Administration and General Services Chief Administration for controls or Secretariat 1.313,75 31,46 Mayor 1.122,18 28.03 ruler/a 1.108,88 26.64 Chief for negotiated 1.109,08 26.95 head for kitchen 1.058,11 26.64 Group IV. General technical services and administration: technical management 1.058,11 for 26,64 Cook/a 1.008,56 26.64 lifeguard 967,33 26,64 Group V. Area of administration and General Services Administration staff and services: official 26,64 1.108,88 maintenance 967,33 Concierge Assistant Cook 967,33 26.64 26,64 26,64 926,12 Administrative Assistant

Auxiliary Services General 926,12 26,64 staff services domestic 926,12 26,64 SMI trades Assistant