Order Fom/818/2015, Of April 20, Which Approves The Valuation Of The Lands Of Public Domain And Water Depth In The Area Of Service From The Port Of Vigo, Managed By The Port Authority Of Vigo.

Original Language Title: Orden FOM/818/2015, de 20 de abril, por la que se aprueba la valoración de los terrenos de dominio público y lámina de agua de la zona de servicio del puerto de Vigo, gestionado por la Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo.

Read the untranslated law here: http://www.boe.es/buscar/doc.php?id=BOE-A-2015-4984

The public entity Puertos del Estado has submitted to the Ministry of development, for its approval, the proposal of 'Valuation of the lands of public domain and water of the service area of the port of Vigo», carried out by the port authority of Vigo, which has the status of port of general interest and is exclusive competence of the General Administration of the State in accordance with article 4 and annex I of Royal Decree Legislative 2/2011, 5 September, which is approves the text revised from the law of Puertos del Estado and the merchant marine, in relation to article 149.1.20. ª of the Constitution.

The determination of the value of the land and waters of the service area of the port is required to calculate the amount of the occupation rate that accrues in favour of the port authority for the occupation of the port public domain by virtue of authorization or concession, since, pursuant to article 175 of the TRLPEMM , the base tax of the rate is the value of the good domain public occupied.

(According to it planned in the letter to) of the cited article 175 of the Real Decree legislative 2 / 2011, of 5 of September, by which is approves the text consolidated of it law of ports of the State and of the Marina merchant, the value of them land is determined on the base of criteria of market. For this purpose, the service area will be divided into functional areas, included in each land a value assigned by reference to other areas of the municipality or the next municipalities, with similar uses and conditions, in particular the qualified as of commercial, industrial or logistics, use taking into account the use that corresponds to them. Also, in the case of areas intended to terminals and other facilities of manipulation of goods is may take also in consideration the value of surfaces port that could be alternative for them traffics of said port. Also in the final assessment of the grounds of each area the degree of general urbanization of the area, the characteristics of management established in the special plan for the port, its centrality in the area of service, and its proximity, accessibility and connection with the different modes and transport infrastructure, taken into account in particular, berthing facilities and areas of warm water.

(With regard to the valuation of them waters, the letter b) of the same precept sets that the value of them spaces of water included in each an of them areas functional in that is divide the area of service of a port is will determine by reference to the value of them land of them areas of the area of service with similar purpose or use or , in his case, to the of the land more coming. In addition, this rule establishes that in assessing conditions of shelter, depth, and location of the waters, must be taken into account unless it does not exceed the value of the land of reference.

The proposed valuation of land and water made by the port authority of Vigo includes, background and necessary studies, a financial report, has been subjected to information public and informed favorably by the public ports of State Agency and without objection by the Ministry of finance and public administration.

In such proposal, them land of the area of service of the port of Vigo is have divided in areas functional, that is found in the record properly represented in them flat corresponding, of the following mode: term municipal of Vigo: Area I of Bouzas.

Located in front of the neighborhood of Bouzas, it is the most western part of the port of Vigo. Is configured as a peninsula in which approximately the half of its surface in the area north is intended to the traffic rolled (Roll-on / Roll-off), having for this of Esplanade for storage and ramps of load and download. Another area, located in the end Southeast houses various ships intended fundamentally to them activities of repair naval, complemented with springs, docks and facilities of provisioning of fleet fishing. Ships are located on the West side and offices under the franco regime, and in contact with the urban area are located spaces and buildings of dotacional use.

Within this area are the six functional areas described below.

Area I-1. Terminal of ferries.

It is used for storage of goods and operating area. It is mainly dedicated to the traffic of vehicles, containers and platforms (ro-ro traffic). Currently has with five ramps of load and download with lengths of mooring that oscillate between 150 m and 370 m and openwork between 8 m and 14 m.

Area I-2. Annexed area to ferry.

It corresponds to the areas granted in concession to the Consorcio de la Zona Franca are not in the area defined as I-1. In this area is combined with the logistic port use, that commercial activities and offices that make it an important point of logistics activities are added.

Area I-3. Spring repairs.

Area I-3a. It comprises the land backed by Coia dock and the first line of parallel to the slope ships granted in concession whose activities are mainly related to the naval construction and repair, such as carpentry, cleaning, shotblasting, painted, etc. The own slope serves to perform operations afloat repairs.

Area I-3b. Second line of ships mainly related to repair, farther from the cliff of this spring.

Area I-4. Equipment docks.

This area includes the docks no. 1 and no. 2 of Bouzas and repair of fishing boats in part of the Western dock. Local shipowners and offices are located in the spaces of land parallel to the cliffs. Between the docks and the free trade zone are located a number of ships engaged in industrial and commercial complementary port activities such as handling, preparation and processing of fish, workshops for port facilities and a gas station.

The docks are intended for the mooring of vessels, mostly, for maintenance, equipment and stay, understanding as such the operations of bunkering, bearing ships and crews, and maintenance and ordinary preservation of ships afloat.

Area I-4a. Includes the docks no. 1 and no. 2 and part of the spring of repairs of vessels fishing oriented towards these docks. In the spaces of land parallel to the cliffs is located local of shipowners and offices.

Area I-4b. Between the docks and the area Franca is located a series of ships dedicated to activities port complementary industrial and commercial such as manipulation, elaboration and processing of fish, provisioning of ships, workshops for facilities of services port and a petrol station.

Area I-5. Nautico-Deportiva. In the end this of the dock of repairs, is located the facilities nautical belonging to the concession of Marina Davila Sport.

Area I-6. Dotacional. At the entrance to the port area of Bouzas area two areas in which predominate in land dotacionales applications are, on each side of the access road.

Area I-6a. The area to the this of the road that links the area port of Bouzas with the Avenue of Orillamar (road general of service of the port), where is located applications related with the sport, dotacionales e institutional.

Area I-6b. Is located between them two vials of access to the area port of Bouzas that includes among others facilities a field of soccer. It extends along the promenade that runs along the breakwater of the ferry terminal.

Orillamar II area. It includes the area between Bouzas and the fishing port. The activities carried out are, on the one hand the naval service and other activities related to the fisheries sector. Be distinguished two areas distinct, Orillamar shipyards and Orillamar pontoons and refrigerators.

Area II-1. Orillamar shipyards. Includes the area of the first stretch of the Avenue of Orillamar between the roundabout of them anchors and the roundabout of the street Coruña. The activity leading in this area is the of construction and repair naval.

Is destined to shipyards and slipways for construction and repair naval, with the buildings, ships, ramps, stands and other facilities specific of this activity. Also are located in this section of the Avenue of Orillamar a factory of canned with its dock, industry cooling, and some ships with activities auxiliary to the industry naval.

Area II-1a. The current area of location of them concessions of shipyards and slipways in the first section of the avenida Orillamar.

Area II-1b. Up to their extinction, concessions of ancillary activities to the shipbuilding industry of ORB, S.A., constant Barreiro González and AISTER, located on the land of this stretch of the avenida Orillamar side.

Area II-2. Orillamar pontoons and refrigerators. It includes the second tranche of the Avenida Orillamar between la Coruña Street roundabout and the beginning of the fishing port in the lonja of height.

In this area is performed activities of provisioning and stay of the fleet fishing in them pontoons and breakwaters of the side sea, and activities complementary of the use fishing in the side land such as industries refrigeration, workshops of construction and repair mecanico-naval, stores of ammunition and repair of rigs of fishing and local of supply of effects Naval.

Area II-2a. The docks and current use fishing jetties, a space necessary for the mooring and provisioning of the fishing fleet, located between the granting of the shipyard Hijos de j. barriers next to la Coruña Street roundabout and the lonja of height located at the West end of the fishing port.

Area II-2b. The buildings of the land side of the vial Orillamar, located between la Coruña Street roundabout and the Auditorium of Congress excluded Vigo's service area.

Area III. Fishing port. It comprises the area between the coastline and the Central ludico-portuaria. Two different areas on one side of the vial of coastline are also distinguished.

Be subdivided to its time in the following areas: Area III-1. In this area there are activities related to fishing on the sea side. This area is complies in the place of the old port fishing of the Berbes, origin of the port of Vigo and to his time from the city.

On the port fishing original is configured currently a great spring in form of hammer that, together with the spring of transatlantic, defines a series of docks and docks where is carry to out basically them different activities of load, download, manipulation, auction and marketing of fishing fresh.

The fishing port is accessed through a roundabout on the road of coastline. Distinguished four docks, three of them on the East side, with the new general shebang of sale and packaging, inshore Pavilion and warehouses from shipowners. In the West zone is configured a fourth dock where slices of height and large fish are located. In the great pier outside is located a series of ships dedicated mainly to the marketing of seafood and fish fresh.

Area III-2. The buildings of the side land between the Palace of congresses and exhibitions of Vigo and the area of or Berbes where is located activities tertiary and institutional. Here are located the Institute Polytechnic maritime fishing, the Institute Social of the Marina, a station's supply of fuel and some local for offices of companies linked to the activity port.

Area IV. Central Ludico-portuaria. Is located between the areas functional of the port fishing and of them Springs commercial, from the dock No. 2 of the port fishing until the spring of trade. Includes ocean liner, A Laxe, port dock Dock sports, one of which came as local shipowners to South of dock No. 2 of the Berbes, recently raised to hosting other uses as a continuation of the central area, gardens and street Montero Ríos, the gardens of Arenal public spaces, institutional of the Plaza de la Estrella buildings and new trade Pier cruise terminal.

As a result of the action «Open Vigo to the sea», an important part of the port area of this zone is intended uses citizens that incorporate green areas and open spaces, dotacionales, commercial, administrative buildings, underground parking, etc.

It is divided into the following areas: Area IV-1. Transatlantic dock is mainly destined to tourist cruise traffic, in addition to being used for the mooring of warships, scientific ships and tall ships. Here lies the ancient seaport that is currently bound to different service activities of the port such as search and rescue, harbourmaster, foreign health center of control and security, practical port, exhibitions and cultural events among others. Also located in this spring an old warehouse of cable operators vessels, now in disuse, and a concession to a ship chandlers.

Area IV-2. It includes the area of sports dock that ground of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo facilities are located.

Area IV-3. Includes areas not included in the other subareas of central ludico-portuaria, including the ship East of the fishing port formerly of shipowners, maritime station of ria, the gardens of Elduayen (Montero Ríos), the environment of the square of the star, where the building of the port authority, customs, the Comandancia de Marina, the building society of loading and unloading of the port a dotacional building of cafeteria-restaurantes and the building of the Xunta de Galicia currently excluded from the service area of the port, and the gardens of el Arenal.

Area IV-4. Old stores of the dock of trade whose conditioning for the use as terminal of cruises and others is began recently by its closeness to the Center urban, next to the Plaza of the star.

Area V. Springs commercial. Is the area comprised between the port sports of the area central ludico-portuaria and the concession of the shipyard Vulcan in the area of to Lagoa. Includes basically them spaces of land defined between the alignments of them Springs commercial and the lines railway of contact with the area of service of the port. The activities main that is developed in this area are them of load, download, deposit and storage of goods general and to bulk. Be distinguished those springs of trade, cross, Arenal and Guixar. Included in assessing enlargement already advanced Transversal and Arenal Springs, which embed alignments North and East of the cross and which were the first and second alignments of the pier of the Arenal, keeping the third line.

It is divided into the following areas: Area V-1. It includes the Transversal dock on its West side, aimed primarily at the loading and unloading of granite, along with the Strip closest to the sea from the pier of Commerce, whose length of berth has been expanded with the installation of a Duke of alba which allows you to receive older ships.

Area V-2. Which in turn is subdivided: Area V-2a. Space that includes extensions to the northeast of the transverse spring and the expansion of the springs of Arenal. She is come inactive ships at the head of the Transversal Dock docking, performing operations for the loading and unloading of different general merchandise such as timber, mineral and salt on its East side, and devoting the first two alignments of the Arenal to general merchandise.

Area V-2b. It includes ships in its innermost Strip, mainly devoted to the storage of goods.

Area V-2 c. It includes deposits and special facilities for storage, silos of cement and asphalt and tank for fuel supply to vessels, in alignment with dock of Arenal which will not be affected by the enlargement works.

Area V-3. Dock Guixar, located at the East end of the commercial docks, with a length of 769 m and 17 m of depth. It goes to tank container (traffic recently extended also to the northern part of the Pier).

Area VI to A Lagoa. Discontinuous zone between Guixar dock north end and A guide point. In it is located the concession to a shipyard and to a port sports; in the middle is located the beach of Espiñeiro (excluded of the area of service of the port of Vigo).

Is divided into the following areas: Area VI-1. The current facilities of the astillero-varadero Factorias Vulcano Area VI-2. The grounds of the award of Regenasa.

Area VI-3. Includes the land of the area of the port sports of to Lagoa.

Area VII of rivers. TEIs. Area comprised between the facilities of the old ETEA until the beach of Arealonga in the limit with the term municipal of Redondela. On the grounds of the part closest to the ETEA shipyards and slipways (naval construction and repair) are located, and toward the other end, stores refrigerators.

Term municipal de Redondela. The area of this term municipal is called Area VIII and is described below: Area VIII. Area belonging to this term municipal, comprised between the beach of Arealonga until Punta Portela, excluding the beach of Rande. The docks are private and are dedicated fundamentally to refrigerators and activity commercial (stone). Includes also a loading of ore out of use, recovered by the PAV.

Term municipal of Vilaboa. The area of this term municipal is called Area IX and is described below: Area IX. The area of this term municipal. Is an area with little activity port, where is located springs of small importance.

Municipality of Moaña. The area of this term municipal is called Area X and is described below: Area X. The area of service is divided in two sections: Domaio, that hosts activities of construction naval and a refrigerator of great capacity, and Meira, where is located other shipyards and slipways.

Term municipal de Cangas. The area of this term municipal is called Area XI and is described below: Area XI. He section of the zone of service in Cangas is situated between the port of Cangas and punta Borneira. The dock particular existing in the area is exploited by a company cold storage.

Them spaces of water of the area of service of the port is have divided equally in areas functional, duly represented in the record in the corresponding flat, of the following mode: Area to.

It Area to, included in the area I or inside of them waters port, is divided to its time in the following areas: Area to-1. It includes the waters that bathe the terminal Roro ramps.

Area A-2. Corresponds with them waters sheltered of them docks 1 and 2 of Bouzas, excluded them pontoons of the Liceo Marítimo of Bouzas.

Area A-3. Includes the waters sheltered from the dock of Bouzas, except for the area to-2.

Area A-4. Includes the waters of those pontoons fishing of Orillamar.

Area A-5. Includes the waters of activity nautico-deportiva of Marina Davila Sport.

Area A-6. Waters included in the dock 4 of the fishing port.

Area A-7. Includes the docks 1, 2 and 3 of the port fishing.

Area A-8. Comprises the waters mainly sportive enclosed in the docks central and at Laxe.

Area A-9. The waters towards the outside of the fishing port of the Berbes.

Area A-10. The waters towards the outside of the spring of transatlantic.

Area A-11. The waters that bathe the spring trade and alignment West of the transverse spring.

Area A-12. It covers waters from the rest of the commercial docks.

Area A-13. It includes A Lagoa area waters up to the limit of zone I of waters, except those of the A-15 area.

Area A-14. It includes the waters of the Marina to Lagoa.

Area B. The rest of the waters belonging to the service area of the port of Vigo, mainly belonging to zone II or outside of port waters.

The proposal of estimation has been made and processed in accordance with the provisions of articles 175 and 177 of the text revised from the law of Puertos del Estado and the merchant marine, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 2/2011, 5 September, having been subjected to the process of public information and reports from the Ministry of finance and public administration and the public ports of State Agency.

In his virtue, a proposal the President of Puertos del Estado, with the agreement of the Secretary of State for infrastructure, transport and housing, and the port authority of Vigo, fulfilled the formalities required by the legislation in force, I have: first. Approval of the assessment.

Approves 'Valuation of the lands of public domain and water of the service area of the port of Vigo'.

Will be deposited an exemplary of the document original duly visa in the Ministry of promotion, another in the body public ports of the State and a third in the authority port of Vigo.

Second. Values of the land and sheet of water.

Them values of each an of the areas functional in that is has divided the area of service of the port are the following: Area functional value €/ m2 land I-1 135,36 I-2 74,78 I-3a 106,79 I-3b 81,43 I-4a 106,33 I-4b 99,71 I-5 59,33 I-6a 61,07 I-6b 61,07 II-1a 55,56 II-1b 53,93 II-2a 75,51 II-2b 63,45 III-1 88,61 III-2 68,74 IV-1 153, 30
































































Tercero. Publication.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, April 20, 2015.-the Minister of public works, Ana María Pastor Julián.