Order Fom/817/2015, Of 13 April, Which Approves The Valuation Of The Land And Water Of The Service Area Of The Port Of Vilagarcia De Arousa And Land Affected To Aids To Navigation.

Original Language Title: Orden FOM/817/2015, de 13 de abril, por la que se aprueba la valoración de los terrenos y lámina de agua de la zona de servicio del puerto de Vilagarcía de Arousa y terrenos afectados a ayudas a la navegación.

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Read the untranslated law here: http://www.boe.es/buscar/doc.php?id=BOE-A-2015-4983

The public entity Puertos del Estado has referred to the Ministry of development, for its approval, the proposal «Valuation of the land» and water depth in the area of service from the port of Vilagarcia de Arousa and land affected to AIDS to navigation. Said port has the consideration of port of interest general and is of competition exclusive of the Administration General of the State in accordance with it willing in the article 4 and the annex I of the Real Decree legislative 2 / 2011, of 5 of September, by which is approves the text consolidated of the law of ports of the State and of the marine merchant , in relation to article 149.1.20. ª of the Constitution.

The determination of the value of them land and of them waters of it area of service of the port, as well as of them land affected to aid to it navigation, is necessary for calculate it amount of it rate of occupation that is accrues in favour of it authority port by the occupation of the domain public port under authorization or concession , since, in accordance with it established in the article 175 of the cited text consolidated of the law of ports of the State and of the marine merchant, the base taxable of the rate is the value of the well domain public occupied.

It proposed of valuation of them land and blade of water has been formulated by the authority port of Vilagarcia of Arousa, including, among them background and studies necessary, a memory financial.

As provided for in article 175 of the referred text consolidated from the law of Puertos del Estado and the merchant marine, the value of the land shall be determined on the basis of market criteria. For this purpose, the area of service is divided in areas functional, assigning to them land included in each an of them a value by reference to others land of the term municipal or of them terms municipal next, with similar uses and conditions, in particular them qualified as use logistics, commercial or industrial, taking in consideration the exploitation that them appropriate. Also, in the case of areas intended for the handling of goods, you can take also into consideration the value of port surfaces which may be alternative for the traffic of the port.

In the assessment of the grounds of each area port must also be taken into account the degree of urbanization of the area, the characteristics of management established in the special plan of the port, its centrality in the service area, and its proximity, accessibility and connection with the different modes and transport infrastructure, in particular to areas of warm water and docking facilities.

In terms of the valuation of the waters, the letter b) of the aforementioned rule sets the value of water spaces included in each of the functional areas in which splits the service area of a port to be determined by reference to the value of land in the areas of service with similar purpose or use area or , in his case, to the of the land more coming. Assessment conditions of shelter, depth, and location of the waters, should be taken into account without that it does not exceed the value of the land of reference.

The valued land have been divided into functional areas follows: land area: I. branch.

At the north end of the Harbor, among the Compostela Beach and Marina, currently dedicated to the movement of bulk solids and certain general merchandise. It also includes the area of the rail link that reaches this spring or branch from the station.

II. passenger.

Area adjoining with the housing of the city that welcomes activities not related strictly with ships and goods. Has been divided in the following subareas, differentiated by their location, uses referred to and conditions of use: IIa. Northern passenger: space North of the port area, located between the beach of Compostela to linda on the North, the railway line leading to Pier or ramp, and this spring.

IIb. Passenger Center: picks up the area of passengers not included in the rest of areas II, of equipment dotacional and area of recreation.

IIc. passengers gardens: includes A shell, Miguel Hernández Park Garden and gardens or Centennial.

IId. Southern passenger 1: located next to the urban façade, are administrative buildings in the headquarters of the Board controller of the denomination of origin mussels of Galicia, and the offices of the port authority (old Comandancia de Marina); These buildings are located on the same line than the Casa del Mar, which is outside of the current service area of the port.

IIe. Passengers South 2: included in the next Strip buildings administrative and dotacionales with respect to the city where the auditorium is located within the service area,.

IIf. Passengers South 3: strip away from these buildings for the city, which includes the offices of the port authority.

IIg. Passenger dock: includes the spring of passengers, the access to the same and the sector linked to the port sports that is located in the find of the cantil and of the access to the dock of passengers in the side of the dock number 1.

III. Cavadelo.

Zone of transition bounded by them gardens of or Centennial to the North and the area purely commercial to the South, that includes the ramp of his same name, services to boats and equipment.

IV. link.

Corresponds with the old pier of link, where is located several stores, in second line after the road of communication inside.

V. annexed commercial.

Space annexed to the spring commercial, limited by the blade of water but without docking in this alignment, and also by the areas of Cavadelo, link and Comboa.

VI. commercial.

Corresponds with the hammer in this spring's three alignments that welcomes diversity of traffic, mainly bulk solids and general merchandise.

VII. Comboa.

It includes the spaces between the commercial area and Ferrazo, mainly dedicated to frozen fish. In your dock is downloaded so much bulk as general merchandise.

VIII. South Ferrazo.

Ground surface corresponding to the spring of Ferrazo, whose main related merchandise are bulk them liquids.

IX. North Ferrazo.

Space to the North of the former area, limited to the East by the latest expansion of Ferrazo.

X large Ferrazo.

Surface reclaimed from the sea recently with the provision of a wide surface with three alignments dedicated mainly to general containerized cargo traffic.

Maritime service area: A. Dock No. 1.

Sports dock bounded by the lands of the ramp area, passenger area and prolongation of the outer breakwater from the passenger Pier northwards, the existing branch dock ramp.

B. Dock No. 2.

Located to the South of the dock No. 1, it delimit the land of the area of passengers, the ramp of the Cavadelo and the closing as extension of these limits.

C. spring of passengers.

Area of eighty metres of width toward the outside of the spring of passengers.

D. Dock No. 3.

Related with the area of Cavadelo, limited by them land of the area of Cavadelo, the wall of Ribera, the extension of the breakwater of the dock of passengers toward the South and the breakwater of separation between Cavadelo and the dock No. 2.

E. trade this.

Related to the commercial dock, bounded by the grounds of the pier, the Riverside wall, the same extension of the outer breakwater from the pier of passengers to the South which separates it from the previous area, and the union from the end of the jetty with the North-East tip of the commercial Pier.

F dock No. 4.

Limited by the grounds of the commercial dock, Pier Comboa, the Ferrazo Pier, its expansion, and the imaginary line that connects the tip South-East of the enlargement of the Ferrazo dock with the North-West tip of the commercial Pier.

G rest artificial shelter.

Surface of inner port water bounded by imaginary line joining end points of the Ferrazo and the ramp dock, dock excluded the former areas.

H. rest area I.

Surface water in the area I of inland from the port, excluding the former areas.

J zone II.

Zone II of outer harbour water water surface.

Land affected to aid to the Navigation: them land isolated that harbor them signals maritime, that are object of valuation, is are delimited in them flat that form part of the Plan of use of them spaces port and are assigned to them areas functional that is described below, with expression of its location and buildings existing: SM1. Punta Insua.

Land located in the municipality of Carnota, to which is accessed by a deviation that part of the road C-550, whose core of population more close is Larino. In them is found a tower hex of Ashlar, dome of aluminium and building of housing.

SM2. Monte Louro.

Land located in the municipality of walls, to which is accessed by a via secondary, whose core of population more close is Louro. In them is located a tower hex of Ashlar masonry of little height and a House white of low dimension.

SM3. Rebordiño.

Land located in Punta or Cape, in the municipality of walls, which can be accessed by the road C-550. The nearest population Center is walls. Therein lies a White House with two floors, in the form of U, stately appearance and white tower that scarcely rises above the height of the building.

SM4. Corrubedo.

Land located in the municipality of Ribeira, which is accessed by the road C-330, whose nearest population centre is Corrubedo. They are in a circular tower and a building of low dimension.

SM5. Sálvora.

The land is located on the island of Salvora. A via connecting the lighthouse and the small spring. In them is a white octagonal tower with red band of 12 meters of height and a wide from a single height rectangular building.

SM6. Rúa.

Land located in Rua Island (island of about four hectares), which is a cylindrical tower of masonry and a one story home.

SM7. Punta Cabalo.

Land located in the island of Arousa, near to the nucleus of population of the island, to which is enter through the bridge of the PO-307. Therein lies a low-rise tower and a building on rocky terrain.

The proposal of estimation has been made and processed in accordance with the provisions in the existing article 177 the text revised from the law of Puertos del Estado and the merchant marine, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 2/2011, 5 September, having been subjected to the process of public information and to the reports of the Ministry of finance and public administration and the public ports of State Agency.

In its virtue, to proposed of the authority port of Vilagarcía of Arousa, and of the President of ports of the State, with the conformity of the Secretary of State of infrastructure, transport and housing, met them procedures required by the legislation existing, have: first. Approval of the assessment.

Approves the 'valuation of the land and sheet of water of the area of service from the port of Vilagarcia de Arousa and land affected to AIDS to navigation'. Will be deposited an exemplary of the document original duly visa in the Ministry of promotion, another in the body public ports of the State and a third in the authority port of Vilagarcia of Arousa.

Second. Values of the land and sheet of water.

The assigned values are as follows: land of service area: functional Area value €/ m2 I branch.

67,99 IIa North passengers.

98,22 IIb passenger Center.

65,69 IIc passengers gardens.

45,22 IId passenger South 1.

98,67 IIe passengers South 2.

86,62 IIf passengers South 3.

96,61 IIg passenger dock.

70,25 III Cavadelo.

63,71 IV link.

66,15 v annexed commercial.

79,48 SAW commercial.

94,95 VII Comboa.

118,92 VIII Ferrazo South.

107,39 IX Ferrazo North.

106,02 x Ferrazo large.

113,78 sheet of water: functional Area value €/ m2 to dock No. 1.

31,35 B dock No. 2.

31.35 c water dock passengers.

25,38 d dock No. 3 Cavadelo.

25.72 e commercial East.

45.10 F dock No. 4.

57,61 g rest artificial shelter.

44,70 h rest area I.

24.58 j zone II.

16.72 land affected aid to navigation: Area functional value €/ m2 SM1 Punta Insua.

73.43 SM2 Monte Louro.

73.43 SM3 Rebordiño.

77,10 SM4 Corrubedo.

44,88 SM5 Sálvora.




25.82 SM7 Punta Cabalo.

58,28 third. Publication.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, April 13, 2015.-the Minister of public works, Ana María Pastor Julián.