Resolution Of April 20, 2015, At Ie University, Which Published Master's Plans.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 20 de abril de 2015, de IE Universidad, por la que se publican planes de estudios de Máster.

Read the untranslated law here:

In compliance of it willing in the article 35.4 of the law organic 6 / 2001, of 21 of December, of universities and in the article 13 of the Royal Decree 861 / 2010, of 2 of July, that modifies the article 26 of the Real Decree 1393 / 2007, of 30 of October, by which is sets the management of them teachings University official; Once verifying curricula by the universities Council on July 25, 2014, previous positive reports of the Agency for the quality of the system University of Castilla y León and established the official nature of the title by agreement of the Council of Ministers of February 20, 2015 by which establishes the official nature of certain titles of Master and its registration in the register of universities , Centers and titles (published in the «BOE» of 18 of March of 2015), this Rector's Office has determined order the publication, in the «newsletter official of the State» and in the «newsletter official of the community of Castilla and Leon», of them plans of studies leading to the obtaining of them following titles official: Master University in relations International / Master in International Relations.

Master's degree in analytics and data governance / Master in Business Analytics and Big Data.

The plans of study to which is concerns the present resolution will be structured as figure in them annexes of the same.

Segovia, 20 April 2015.-El Rector, Salvador Carmona Moreno.

ANNEX I PLAN OF STUDIES LEADING to THE OFFICIAL TITLE OF MASTER DEGREE IN RELATIONS INTERNATIONAL / MASTER IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BY IE UNIVERSITY branch of knowledge: social science and legal general distribution of curriculum in ECTS credits, by subject: subject credits ECTS obligatory 54 work dissertation 6 Total credits 60 Plan of studies summarized by modules and key materials : OB-subject compulsory and TFM-work end of Master.

Module subject ECTS character development skills 11 ECTS.

Quantitative methods.

5 OB strategy.

OB 2 management of projects.

OB 4 ECTS 12 international business and economics.

Economic theory.

3 OB Global economy.

OB 6 international business.

OB 3 studies advanced of them relations international 19 ECTS.

Studies of security.

OB 6 comparative political systems.

OB 3 history of the international relations.

OB 3 international institutions.

7 OB contemporary international society 12 ECTS.

Regional studies.

OB 12 thesis Master 6 ECTS.

Master thesis.

TFM 6 Total credits 60 ANNEX II PLAN OF STUDIES LEADING to THE TITLE OFFICIAL MASTER UNIVERSITARIO IN ANALYTICS OF BUSINESS and MANAGEMENT OF DATA / MASTER IN BUSINESS ANALYTICS AND BIG DATA BY IE UNIVERSITY branch of knowledge: social science and legal general distribution of curriculum in ects credits, by subject: subject credits ECTS obligatory 54 work end of 6 Total credits 60 curriculum Master summed up by modules and key materials : OB - compulsory subject and TFM - Master's work.

Commodity character ECTS 4 ECTS business analytic transformation module.

Impact of the analysis of data in the new digital economy.

OB 9 the new organization focused on business analytics.

OB 5 14 ECTS information management technologies.

Fundamentals of information management.

OB 5 new technologies for the treatment mass of data.

OB 9 14 ECTS data science.

Foundations scientific of the analytic of business.

OB 9 applied methods of treatment and analysis of data.

OB 5 leadership and professional skills 6 ECTS.

Interpersonal skills.

OB 3 professional skills.

OB 3 projects 12 ECTS.

Applied projects.

OB 6 work end of master.

TFM 6 Total credits 60