Order Aaa / 839 / 2015, Of 29 Of April, By Which Is Established The Bases Regulatory Of The Award Of Awards Of Excellence To The Innovation For Women Rural.

Original Language Title: Orden AAA/839/2015, de 29 de abril, por la que se establecen las bases reguladoras de la concesión de Premios de Excelencia a la Innovación para Mujeres Rurales.

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Operated transformations, in recent decades, in the Spanish countryside, have resulted in changes in the orientation of the business strategies of rural women, who no longer consider the rural environment as a factor limiting to their professional development, but as a means of opportunities to exploraren which can develop employment and business initiatives.

The evolution of female labor strategies has contributed to that rural women have become a collective focus on the rural development programmes of community and national policies, as well as multiple programs of promotion and training for the promotion of employment in rural areas.

The introduction of the principle of equal opportunities into all policies and actions, as well as the promotion of gender equality, have been key objectives of community and national policy that has seen his reflection in the developed regulations, as well as plans to promote the equality of women and men in rural areas.

The situation of women living in rural areas has received particular attention in law 3/2007, of 22 March, for the effective equality of women and men as well as actions aimed at improving the level of education and training, has taken into account actions favoring their incorporation to the labour market and the bodies of companies and associations.

He level of preparation and them potential of them women rural, next to its capacity innovative, les allow develop formulas and projects that favor e boost its incorporation to the world labour and to the entrepreneurship in the territory, what them will allow and will favour its independence economic and personal.

The permanence and the activity of rural women are essential to the economic and social development of the territory. The awards of excellence to the innovation of women rural have constituted an of them lines of recognition of the Administration General of the State to the work, projects and career of them women rural.

The awards of excellence for rural women innovation, aims to contribute to the recognition of original and innovative of rural women, projects based on agricultural and complementary activities, as well as agricultural activities that contribute to the diversification of economic activity and promote and encourage the development of women in the territory, as well as activities or actions that recognize their work in rural areas.

He Ministry of agriculture, power and environment, has come calling these awards from its first edition in the year 2010, of form uninterrupted, as measure of promotion and recognition of projects noteworthy or innovative of them women rural, and seeks to continue with this recognition, encouraging also a participation active of associations and entities representative related with them women rural.

In the current economic situation, it is necessary to encourage the initiative of new projects, and those projects which, in the opinion of associations, federations, institutions or representative organizations, are relevant to the economy and local development in the area.

In response to new demands social and of recognition of the activity of them women in the territory, is incorporate categories of awards of «excellence to it innovation in it activity agrarian», «excellence to it innovation in diversification of the activity economic in the Middle rural», «excellence to the communication» and «award extraordinary of innovation of women rural».

In the drafting of this provision have been consulted autonomous communities and representative of the sectors concerned entities and associations and federations of rural women of State level.

By virtue, with the prior approval of the Minister of finance and public administration, have: article 1. Object.

1. the present order is to establish the regulatory bases of the concession, in competitive concurrence of awards of excellence innovation projects carried out by rural women and actions that recognize the work of rural women in the territory.

2. them awards seek distinguish projects new, excellent, original and innovative and performances that recognize the work and the role of them women in the half rural, and promote the incorporation e inclusion labour of them women in the territory.

3. the corresponding notices shall establish categories of awards, from the regulated in article 3, are promoted in the year in which they take place and will be published in the «Official Gazette».

Article 2. Definitions.

For the purpose of these regulatory bases means: 1. excellence project, the project features outstanding or notable for their originality, quality, novelty, and fitness, requiring effort and personal skill in terms of production techniques, of local or medium environmental, management and/or commercial resources undertaken or developed by rural women 2. Innovation, an idea, practice, object or medium used by rural women, and which provides the means for a new project or to change or improve another already existing. The innovation may be technological organizational or commercial. Can perform is as response to a change detected in the medium in which is develops or as medium for influence in it.

3. half rural the definition planned in it law 45 / 2007, of 13 of December, for the development sustainable of the half rural, or in the standards that it develop or replace.

4. agricultural and complementary activities, the definitions provided for in the articles 2.1 and 2.5, second paragraph, of law 19/1995, of 4 July, modernization of agricultural holdings.

Article 3. Award categories and requirements for participation.

1 are established the following categories of awards: to) «Excellence Award for innovation in agricultural activity». They will be granted to those projects that use agricultural, livestock or forestry technologies that lead to the advancement of a sustainable, efficient sector in obtaining products of quality, to respond to the demand of consumers and marketing and promotion strategies that integrate in the development of its activity.

It will be devoted to rural women who have developed a project, which carry running at least one year, counting from the date of publication of the corresponding annual public call for the awards, and the project lasting to the date of the call.

May participate holders of farms agricultural, livestock and forest (including them of ownership shared), that develop activities agricultural and forest, and whose address social is find in the average rural.

For this category can establish is up to four awards.

(b) 'Excellence Award for innovation in diversification of economic activity in rural areas '. They will be granted to those projects that diversify the economic activity of the rural environment, linked to the complementary activities, agro-food production, local resources and traditional aspects of agricultural and agri-food, activities that encourage new economic areas or generate employment in rural areas.

It will be devoted to rural women who have developed a project that bring operating at least one year, counting from the date of publication of the corresponding annual public announcement of the awards, and the project lasting to date of the call.

May participate those people physical or legal Spanish private that, because of it willing in their statutes or rules by which is govern, play your activity preferably in the half rural and whose address social is find in the half rural, whose projects meet them requirements required for this category and that develop its activity within the territory national and whose address social is find in the half rural.

For this category can establish is up to four awards.

(c) award of ' excellence to the communication '. Directed to rewarding them works of communication that recognize the work and role of them women rural in the activities described in the categories previous.

They shall be eligible for this award works published, edited or issued by any means of communication in the previous year from the date of publication of the corresponding annual public announcement of the awards, and related to the activities described in the preceding paragraphs.

Eligible media of communication, press, radio and television, which meet the requirements for this category and who develop their activity within the national territory.

(d) prize «Extraordinary innovation of rural women». It is a recognition of extraordinary character which may be granted to physical person who is female or legal person whose promoter or address corresponds to a woman or means of communication when there are outstanding or ongoing circumstances related to the dissemination and promotion of the projects and actions related to those described in the lyrics to), b), c) of this section.

The proposal of candidates for this award category will be made by the Presidency of the jury, which is regulated in article 6, outside the period for submission of candidacies and the first meeting of the jury. This candidacy will be admitted by the jury appointed, that is regulates in the article 6, and communicated to the person physical or entity interested, that should accept the proposal and present the documentation required.

2 may not elect to the categories set out in letters a) and b) of the preceding paragraph, any natural or legal person who has been punished, with a firm resolution on administrative relapse in disciplinary proceedings against it by any of the public Spanish administrations, in the two years prior to the date of submission of the bid, for infringement of the legislation in aid of the common agricultural policy (CAP).

Article 4. Presentation of nominations and proposals of candidates. Requirements, form and deadline.

1 nominations for the categories to), b), c) set out in article 3.1, you will be directed to the head of the Department and shall be submitted to the registry of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, or in any of the places referred to in article 38.4 of law 30/1992, of 26 November, legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure.

Also, is admitted it presentation electronic of the nominations through the headquarters electronic of the Department, according to it planned in the law 11 / 2007, of 22 of June, of access electronic of them citizens to them services public.

2 the candidacy will be formalized through standardized models which will appear as annex in the order of the call and whose minimum content shall be: to) data and address of the person or entity requesting.

(b) category of award to the OPTs.

(c) description of the project.

(d) address for purposes of notice.

(e) statement of the person or entity requesting have not been affected by any record of employment regulation or have been sanctioned for breach of environmental or against the public Treasury, as well as by any of the circumstances referred to in article 37 of law 38/2003 of 17 November, General subsidies.

(f) Declaration of the person or entity requesting of not be indebted by resolution of origin of returned of grants.

(g) authorizing the organ appropriate instructor to verify that the person or entity requesting is familiar with their tax obligations and Social Security.

(h) authorization to the organ instructor corresponding to check them data of identity, according to establishes the real Decree 522 / 2006, of 28 of April, by which is suppresses the contribution of photocopies of documents of identity in them procedures administrative of the Administration General of the State and of its organisms public linked or dependent. The commitment of the person or entity requesting to proceed with immediate communication to the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, and return of the badge and diploma, if you incur subsequent to the granting, in any of the assumptions above, according to the procedure laid down in article 42 of law 38/2003 of 17 November in full.

(i) application signed by the person representative of the entity.

3 the documents that must be submitted along with the application shall be: to) descriptive document of the project or work activity justifying the nomination, which will be a copy on paper or a digital copy and who may not have an extension exceeding 25 pages to single-sided, double-spaced with font Times New Roman 12.

(((b) for opt to them categories to) or b) of the article 3.1, a certification of the unit competent of the counseling responsible of its community autonomous in which is develops the project, of not be immersed in any procedure in course linked to them aid of the PAC.

(((4. may present candidacy to those awards, them people physical or legal and them media of communication participating planned in the lyrics to), b) and c) of the article 3.1.

During the period for submission of candidacies, agricultural professional organizations (OPAs), federations of the agri-food industry, agricultural and forestry associations, confederations of cooperatives as well as partnerships and networks linked to rural development, nationwide, may propose candidates for category a) and b) of article 3(1). Each entity, organization or association, may only propose a candidacy by category.

Also the competent administrations in the field of rural development of the autonomous communities and the Institute of women of the Ministry of health, social services and equality, may propose a candidate for each of the categories referred to in the preceding paragraph.

Nominations for the category c may not occur) of article 3.1.

Nominations for candidates were carried out using the standard model which will appear as annex in the order of the call and whose minimum content shall be: to) data and address of the entity that proposed the candidacy.

(b) details of the proposed candidacy.

(c) category of award that is proposed.

5. in the event that nomination for the award is presented on the basis of the provisions in the second and third paragraph of the previous section, the organ instructor will give transfer of the proposal to the person or entity concerned, who must accept it, and submit the application along with the documentation required in the call.

6. not eligible at the awards who have obtained an award in its latest edition.

(7 nominations proposal and submission of applications, except for category d) article 3.1, that they opt for the awards must be carried out in the period that set the corresponding call, that in no case will exceed that of two months as from the day following the publication in the «Official Gazette».

Article 5. Staffing.

1. the awards referred to for each of the categories described in article 3 shall consist of a hallmark of excellence and a diploma.

2. those who have received an award may make mention of the award in its promotion and advertising actions, always referring prominently, award, editing and organizing body of the same.

3. the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, will count with the collaboration of the award-winning in the actions of promotion of projects for rural women to develop.

Article 6. Jury and selection of the awards.

1. the assessment of the applications for the different categories, and the selection of those who shall propose to the granting of the awards will be a five-member jury.

2 the composition of the jury will be the following: to) Presidency: the head of the Directorate-General of Rural development and forestry policy.

(b) members: four vowels, three elected persons, including members of the Directorate-General of Rural development or between the units of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment that can carry out activities related to matters of the awards and having level organic Deputy Director, Deputy Director and assimilated and a person of the Institute of women, the Ministry of health Social services and equality.

(c) secretariat: with voice but without vote, the owner of the unit manager of the awards of the Directorate-General of Rural development and forestry policy.

3. the jury will adjust its performance to the regime legal of them bodies collegiate regulated in the chapter II of the title II of the law 30 / 1992, of 26 of November, of regime legal of the administrations public and of the procedure administrative common.

4. in the period of 15 days since organ instructor forward them the admitted candidates, the jury will give transfer of the proposal of the awards to the competent organ to resolve, through the organ instructor.

5. the jury may propose, reasoned way, the awards are declared deserts. In exceptional cases the jury may propose a prize ex aequo.

6. the jury submitted applications and documentation, as well as actions carried out by the participants.

Each Member of the jury shall evaluate and rate separately each presented candidate projects, applying a scale from one (very) to ten or twenty (optimal) points, as expected for each of the parameters of article 7. Subsequently, the sum of the scores thus obtained will result in the total score of each project.

7. each annual Convocation shall establish the number of nominations to reward. Awards are granted in any case to the of greater total score in this call. Tie cases previously, will be resolved according to the higher partial scores obtained from the parameters (a), (c), d) and (e) of article 7.1 for projects candidates for the prizes in the categories a) and b) of article 3(1); (and attending to the greater score partial obtained starting from the parameter (to) of the article 7.2 for them work candidates to them awards expected in the mode c) of the article 3.1. If they draw, the decision shall be taken by vote of the President of the jury, and must be argued in the Act reflecting the granting of awards.

8. the jury may request to the organ instructor that seek of them communities autonomous and of the delegation or sub-delegation of the Government in which is develops the project or work candidate, a certification on the compliance of them requirements and obligations planned in this order, as well as the information required on the project, and, in its case, it checking on-site of the reality of the same.

9. the establishment and operation of the jury will take place with the personal and material resources available in the General direction of Rural development and forestry policy.

Article 7. Assessment criteria.

1 projects candidates for the prizes in the categories a) and b) of article 3.1, will be assessed by the jury, through the following criteria: to) innovation, excellence and originality of the project in the category who chooses (up to 20 points).

(b) contribution of the project to the activity economic of the territory in which it develops (to 10 points).

(c) sustainability of the project in those aspects economic, environmental and socio cultural (up to 10 points).

(d) qualitative and quantitative contribution of the project to the inclusion and employment of women in the rural environment in the activities of the category to which they choose (up to 10 points).

(e) contribution to employability to other groups at risk of social exclusion or discrimination (up to 10 points).

(f) contribution to gender equality in sectors or bodies of Government and decision making with scant presence of women (up to 10 points).

(g) support from local institutions or the autonomous community that support the candidacy (up to 10 points).

Order a project candidate pass to be considered in the corresponding category, must reach at least 10 points in the criterion to) of this article, and exceeded this criterion, should at least reach a total of 40 points in the assessment phase. You will get the award project candidate with highest score.

2 for work candidates to the award under the category c) of article 3(1), the jury valued, the following criteria: to) contribution to the enhancement of the work and the role of rural women in agricultural activity or the diversification of economic activity in rural areas (up to 10 points).

(b) contribution to the gender equality in rural areas and to the promotion of the role of women in rural areas (up to 10 points).

The award under the category c) article 3.1, will be awarded to the most voted by the jury work.

(3. is exempt of the application of the criteria provided in this article the award extraordinary planned in category d) of the article 3.1, of this order.

Article 8. Statement and resolution.

1. the instruction of the procedure is held by the Subdirectorate General charge of it management of them awards, of it address General of development Rural and political forest, in them terms expected by them articles 22 and 24 of the law 38 / 2003, of 17 of November. Set up the call and grant award, as well as the resolution of the procedure corresponds to the titular person of the Department.

2. If a candidate does not meet all the requirements in the call for proposals, organ instructor will require the applicant so that, within a period of ten days, he repaired them, in accordance with article 71.1 of the law 30/1992, of 26 November, legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure.

3 examined the documentation submitted by applicants in their candidacy and found that they meet all the requirements, works will be referred to the jury intended in article 6, so appropriate to your study and assessment.

4. the jury will examine and assess nominations submitted to the award categories for rural women, and will issue a report specifying the result of the evaluation.

5. the organ instructor, to the view of the record e reports of the jury, will formulate the proposal of resolution, and it rise, with his report, to the holder of the Department.

6. the decision of granting of awards, which puts an end to the administrative procedure, corresponds to the head of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment.

7. the decision shall be notified to the winners. The awardees shall communicate to turn to the head of the Department the acceptance or waiver of the prize.

In case of resignation by the corresponding participant to the award, this is granted to the candidacy immediately following in order of score, whenever this is had considered enough for the jury, what will motivate a new resolution.

8. the resolution with the winners will be published in the «Official Gazette» and shall be notified individually to the laureates in the terms foreseen in law 30/1992, of 26 November.

Article 9. Duration of the procedure.

The term maximum to resolve and to notify the resolution of the procedure may not exceed six months from the date of publication of the order of call for proposals, in accordance with article 25.4 of law 38/2003 of 17 November. This period will be calculated starting from the publication of the corresponding call. Within this period without that had relapsed express resolution, is can understand rejected the candidature presented by administrative silence.

Article 10. Compatibility.

The granting of any award will be compatible with other aid received by beneficiaries from different Spanish public administrations or public entities affiliated or dependent of such authorities, as well as other awards granted by national and international agencies.

Article 11. Delivery of prizes.

The awards ceremony will take place at a public ceremony, convened for the purpose, which will be provided appropriate solemnity and transcendence.

Article 12. Publication of projects and award-winning works.

1. the projects and winning works may be informative publication by the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, on the terms and deadlines established in the relevant calls.

2. the mere presentation to the calls will mean that the applicant authorizes the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment to publish in any medium of communication such projects without right to economic consideration, without prejudice to the rights that correspond to them in subsequent editions in application of the provisions of articles 14 and 17 of the revised text of the law of intellectual property , approved by Royal Decree legislative 1 / 1996, of 12 of April, by which is approves the text consolidated of the law of property intellectual, regularizing, clarifying and harmonizing them provisions legal force on the matter.

Article 13. Return of non-winning works and projects.

The documentation submitted by the participants, les will be returned on request of the same.

Article 14. Advertising awards.

Since the award of the prize, in all the activities associated with the project or award-winning stocks, the official logo of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment must be visibly.

Sole additional provision. Legal regime.

In matters not provided for in the present regulatory bases shall apply the provisions in the law 38/2003, 17 November, and in Royal Decree 887/2006, of 21 July, which approves the regulation.

Sole repeal provision. Repeal legislation.

Is repeals the order ARM / 405 / 2010, of 23 of February by which is set them bases regulatory for the concession of them awards of excellence to the innovation of women rural, as well as the order AAA / 700 / 2013, of 18 of April, that it modifies.

Available end only. Entry in force.

The present order will enter in force the day following to the of your publication in the «Bulletin official of the State».

Madrid, 29 of April of 2015.-the Minister of agriculture, food and environment, Isabel García Tejerina.