Resolution Of 27 April 2015, Of The Polytechnic University Of Cartagena, Which Publishes Curriculum Of Graduate In Agri-Food Engineering And Biological Systems.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 27 de abril de 2015, de la Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Graduado en Ingeniería Agroalimentaria y de Sistemas Biológicos.

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Read the untranslated law here:

Obtained the verification of the curriculum by the universities Council, following a positive report from the National Agency for quality assessment and accreditation, and agreed to the official nature of the title by the Council of Ministers on July 18, 2014, published in «Official Gazette» from August 12, 2014, by resolution of the Secretary General of universities on July 24, 2014.

In the exercise of the powers conferred it law organic 6 / 2001 of 21 of December, of universities and by the Decree 72 / 2013, of 12 of June, by which is approves the text integrated of them statutes of the University Polytechnic of Cartagena, this Rector's Office has determined publish the plan of studies conducive to the obtaining of the title official of graduated or graduated in engineering agri-food and of systems biological.

Cartagena, 27 April 2015.-the Rector, José Antonio Franco Leemhuis.

ANNEX degree in agrifood engineering and biological systems 1. Branch of knowledge to which is attached the title: engineering and architecture 2. Structure of the teachings: character subject credits ECTS training basic 60 mandatory 72 elective compulsory mention 78 optional 18 work end of grade 12 Total 240 3. Overview of the materials that constitute the degree and its distribution in ECTS.

Abbreviations: BS: basic course, B: compulsory subject, O: optional subject.

Modules subjects subjects ECTS character basic materials.

Mathematics and computer science.

Extension of mathematics.

6.0 BS mathematics and computer science.





7.5 BS chemistry.


7.5 BS company.

Economics of the agri-food company.

6.0 BS geology.

Geology, pedology and climatology.

6.0 BS biology.

Physiology plant / Plant Physiology.

6.0 BS biology.

6.0 BS expression graphic.

Graphic expression.

6.0 BS materials common to the agricultural branch.

Technology of the vegetable production bases.

Bases of the production plant.

9.0 B land valuation.

Valuation land.




Food rating.




Animal production technological bases.

Technology of production Animal/Animal Production bases.

6.0 B surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS in agronomy.

Geomatics in agronomy.

6.0 B electrical, engines and agricultural machines.

Electrical engineering, engines and agricultural machines.

10.5 B projects.

Agro-industrial projects.




Projects in horticulture and gardening.




Agricultural marketing.

Commercial food company management.




Commercial agricultural business management.






6.0 (B) calculation of structures and construction.

Calculation of structures and construction.

7.5 B science and environmental technology.

Science and environmental technology.

6.0 (B) compulsory subjects.


Applied statistics.

4.5. Environmental Physics B.

Physics environmental/Environmental Physics.

4.5 B specific mention in horticulture and gardening (M.H.J.) technologies.

Elective courses (required).

Gardening, green Areas and landscaping.

7.5 or irrigation and drainage/Irrigation and Drainage.

6.0 or genetics/Genetics.

3.0 or installations and machinery in horticulture and gardening.

7.5 or fruit.

6.0 or management and policy Medioambiental/Environmental Management and Policy.

3.0 or degradation of ecosystems and techniques of restoration.

4.5 or horticulture / Vegetable Crops.

6.0 or improves plant.

4.5 or electives of the mention in horticulture and gardening (M.H.J.).

Asignaturas Optativas (mandatory).

Technology of the production horticulture.

6.0 or protection of crops.

6.0 or diagnosis and chemical agriculture.

6.0 or floriculture.

6.0 or breeding.

6.0 or optional subjects of the mention in horticulture and gardening (M.H.J.).

Optional subjects.

Biotechnology plant/Plant Biotechnology.

3.0 or the postharvest technology.

3.0 or dynamics and residue of agrochemicals.

3.0 or agricultural business management.

3.0 or Fertigation.

4.5 or citrus.

3.0 or greenhouse technology.

4.5 or organic farming.

4.5 or Control plant.

4.5 or Genomics / Genomics.

3.0 or practices Curriculares external.

12.0 (maximum) or technology specific of the mention in industries food (M.I.A.).

Asignaturas Optativas (mandatory).

Operations of the engineering of food.

6.0 or design of industries and engineering of plants agri-food.

10.5 or quality, safety and traceability of food.

7.5 or equipment of processing and packaging of food.

6.0 or technology of the postharvest/Postharvest Technology of Fruit and Vegetables.

6.0 or agro-industrial constructions.

4.5 or cold and food process technology.

7.5 or optional mention in industries and agro (M.I.A.).

Elective courses (required).

Phytopathology and agricultural entomology.

6.0 or food/Food Microbiology Microbiology.

4.5 or agri-food biochemistry.

4.5 or technology of the canned vegetables, frozen and juice.

6.0 or technology of wine and other fermented products.

4.5 or technology of extractive industries.

4.5 or subjects elective of the mention in industries food (M.I.A.).

Asignaturas Optativas.

Treatment of the water in the industry food.

3.0 or emerging technologies of processing and Control in the food industry.

4.5 or aquaculture and derived industries.

3.0 or management and political medium environmental.

3.0 or plant pathology of the postharvest/Postharvest Pathology.

3.0 or biotechnology and additives in the industry food.

4.5 or design of refrigerating facilities of the agri-food industry.

4.5 or technology of meat products and dairy products/Technology of Meat and Dairy Products.

4.5 or crops for industry.

3.0 or agribusiness management.

3.0 or practices Curriculares external.

12.0 (maximum) or work end of grade.

Work end of grade.

Work end of grade.

12.0 B mentions: mention in horticulture and gardening (M.H.J.).

Mention in agro-alimentary industries (M.I.A.).